Friday, May 31, 2019

Currently May

Current Book(s)
Just Friends by Tiffany Pitcock
The Brain by David Eagleman
#famous by Jilly Gagnon
Life Will Be The Death of Me by Chelsea Handler
Whiskey In A Teacup by Reese Witherspoon
You Think It, I'll Say It by Curtis Sittenfeld
Serious Moonlight by Jenn Bennett (currently reading)

Current Music
I haven't been wooed away from Ari yet :)

Current Focuses
Doing more of what lights me up.
Working out every day, being creative every day.

Current Random Happenings
Jake lost tooth #4. He got a haircut the same day and he looks like he aged 2 years!
Henry had just lost the same tooth around Easter, so now they have the very same Jack-o-lantern smile. So super cute.

Current Guilty Pleasure
Rewatching shows I've seen endless times while I do chores.
Comedy specials on Netflix. Lime LaCroix.

Current Celebrity Crush
John Krasinski, just 'cause he's in town and, duh Jim
(He's filming the sequel to A Quite Place in WNY!)

Current Nail Color
Essie's Take The Lead
I didn't realize this was a semi-matte shade (not a fan of matte polishes), so I just put Essie's No Chips Ahead top coat on to make it glossy and I love it!

Current Outfit
I mentioned that I've been working out every day...so the first half of the day I'm making great use of my athleisure and it's been a total fave lately. Sturdy leggings, pretty sports bras, strappy tanks, black Nikes, sporty sweatshirts, high pony tails. Fave fave fave.

Current Slang
As in "I'm having a moment" or "The color Blue and I are having a real moment right now."

Current Drink
Lime LaCroix, Ice cold water, Sun Tea, and all the coffee
(Starbucks Verona & Espresso Roasts are my jam, if you're wondering which type)

Current Food
Fruit. It's finally starting to come around & be delicious again (yay for summer!), and I can't get enough of it lately. All kinds.

Current TV Show
The Office (yeahh again), Netflix Comedy Specials

Current App
Instagram (it's been super fun lately), and Sanctuary

Current Pastime
Mostly reading, spending time outside, making Summer plans

Current Wish List
These leggings
These joggers
This jacket
This sweatshirt
These slippers
This sports bra, and this one (both in black)
These fun cropped leggings (also in black)
This hat
This choker
This lace tee
Bow scrunchies, like this and this

Current Needs
A summer planner. Like a full-on planner with just months May-Sept for planning summer activities, sports, trips, etc. Right now, there's only academic planners for sale anywhere, so May & June would be in one planner and Aug & Sept in another. Annoying! I feel like this is an untapped market for moms.

Current Bane of My Existence
Rain & cloudy skies. Any temp under 70.
We've had some great days lately, but I'm getting greedy for summer.

Current Quote
Do What You Know.
Use What You Have.
Finish What You Started.
- Myquillin Smith, The Nester

Current Picture

Henry picked this bouquet for me and I LOVE it!

Current Blessing
Having some sunshine and fresh air back in our lives lately.
(I just want more of it!)

Current Excitement
Summer! It's shaping up to be a gooood one.

Current Mood

This post contains some affiliate links, which means that if you click on or shop from them, I may make a teeny tiny commission. Small as it may be (like, pennies) it still makes me SO happy, so thank you so, so much!

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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Tutti Fruity Muffins (Gluten Free)

I adore sitting down for an afternoon fika on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, sipping on hot roasty coffee, chatting with Matt, and snacking on something sweet. I used to do this more formally, but it works better now when there's no set time, no set recipe, and no formality whatsoever. I like to just pick something that sounds delicious during a lull in our weekend, and we make it happen.

Gluten Free Tutti Fruity Berry Muffins | www.enrychment.com #glutenfree #gfbaking

Last weekend I threw a recipe together for what I'm calling Tutti Fruity Muffins. There's 3 fruits in here, which I think qualifies it as "fruity". They are Gluten Free, and easily made Dairy Free as well. With Strawberry & Blueberry seasons upon us, we'll be whipping these up many more times, I'm sure!

I recommend making these early in the morning before the sun gets too hot - otherwise you may bake yourselves silly. ;)

You Need:
1 Cup GF Rolled Oats (I like Bob's Red Mill)
1-1/4 Cups GF Flour (I like King Arthur's Measure for Measure, or Bob's Red Mill 1 to 1)
1/3 Cup Sugar
1 Tbspn Baking Powder
1/2 Tspn Salt
3/4 Cup Almond Milk (I usually use reduced sugar original)
1 Mashed Banana (or about 1/3 - 1/2 cup)
1 Egg
1/4 Cup Melted Butter (use coconut oil or vegetable oil to make them DF)
1 Tspn Vanilla
1 Cup - 1-1/2 Cups Berries (I used Blueberries & Chopped Strawberries)

Mix all the dry ingredients together.

If you're fancy and don't mind extra dishes, mix all the wet ingredients together in a separate bowl before adding to the dry. Personally, I add the almond milk to the dry ingredients first to start soaking the oats, and then I just add all the others one at a time. You do you, friend!

Then, fold in your berries carefully so you don't manhandle them too much. How much you add really depends on the muffin-to-fruit ratio you enjoy. (PS, you can sub out the berries for chocolate chips if you prefer. I did this for one muffin for Henry, who hates berries, and he LOVED it!)

Scoop batter into cupcake liners sprayed with nonstick spray (I like Trader Joe's coconut oil spray). Bake for 20-23 minutes at 425.

Tutti Fruity Muffin Recipe - Gluten Free

They're amazing as is, but they're also great with a little butter. They're a perfect summertime breakfast, dessert, or afternoon treat! Coffee or tea highly recommended.

Let me know if you try them! ENJOY!!

- - -

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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Cinco De Mayo Celebration!

Here's something you might not know about me: I took 7 years of Spanish classes. And while I have almost nothing to show for it, I always think back to the class parties we had where we tried flan and talked about culturally significant holidays and traditions. And, ya know, once in a while a word comes to me. (Don't ask me to correctly conjugate a verb, though...forget about it.)

I usually make tacos for dinner every year on Cinco de Mayo, but I thought we'd take it a step further this year and turn it into a little cultural exploration (with some really good food).

Target's Bullseyes Playground foodie paper goods

Target nudged me by having some of the most adorable taco paper goods in history in bullseye's playground. I don't think this was planned for the holiday, though - they have a whole "foodie" line with pizzas, donuts, ice cream, beer, burgers, and fries. (I grabbed a bunch of the pizza stuff for Henry's birthday this summer!)

glittery avocado wrapping paper home goods

And then, because I was knee-deep in a theme, I grabbed this glittery avocado wrapping paper from Home Goods to join in the fun. No turning back now!

In the morning, I tried my hand at making flan. In all the times I'd tried it in Spanish class, I never really liked it. I am for sure a..."if I'm gonna commit to the calories there better be chocolate" kinda girl. But in the name of celebration and sharing with the boys, I decided it was worth it. I used THIS recipe, and then popped it in the fridge to chill until dessert.

cinco de mayo coloring pages for kids

This was such a last minute celebration that I didn't have a lot of time to get any books or plan a craft or anything (like we did when we studied Canada over the summer), but I did look up a kid-friendly YouTube video to explain to the kids what the holiday was all about. Most Americans don't know, aside from eating tacos and drinking beer. ;)

Then we sat down with some coloring pages and crossword (that I found here) to spend a little more time on the topic and make some easy decor for dinner. We told Alexa to play some Cinco De Mayo music while we worked and she found a whole playlist that we listened to all day! The kids got a kick out of it. Henry, however, was a little moody about the tacos I was making because they were chicken...can you tell he doesn't like chicken tacos? lol ;)

We spent a lot of the day cleaning up and getting ready for the week ahead, and then I got dinner going in the crock pot. I made verde chicken tacos and yellow rice (my kids won't eat Mexican or Spanish rice, really, so this was sort of a compromise) to have with chips, guac and salsa con queso. I dressed up the table for our little celebration while I waited for dinner to finish up. It was not fancy! lol

It wouldn't be cinco de mayo without margaritas, so I made a pitcher of those, too, and then got the taco fixings together to get ready for some serious eating! I set everything out on the hutch for everyone to build their tacos.

Dinner. was. so. good!!!

Maybe not EVERYONE agreed with me - haha. And yes, he wore a helmet to dinner...what you can't see is that he's also wearing roller blades. I interrupted his hockey game with dinner, thus the 'tude.

We jumped right into flan after dinner so the boys could get back to their game. I'm not even going to pretend that I did a good job with the flan. I'm not really sure how I failed, but I did. It was the weirdest texture, and it was not at all pretty!! The flavor was good, though. I had the leftovers with my coffee the next day and it was yum!

The boys went back outside to continue their hockey game as soon as we were done. They always pick a team name and draw their symbol on their "center ice" in the driveway, but today they kept the cinco de mayo theme going!

Meanwhile, I sat out back with my festive little cup...soaking up the very last of the sunshine and reading my book.

We had such a yummy, sunny, fun spring day! And I'm not mad about the leftovers ;)

- - -

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Monday, May 6, 2019

MJC's Brilliant Daydream Double Release Jane Parade (April + May)

Matilda Jane Brilliant Daydream April + May double release try-on! | www.enrychment.com #matildajane #realmomstyle
MAN, do I have the Matilda Jane post to share with you!

Matilda Jane April and May Double Release (April + May) Women's IRL photos and sizing notes | www.enrychment.com

I was on vacation when the April MJ was released, and then time got away from me so quickly that it ran right into May's release! And so, here I am...combining two months of gorgeous beauties for you to feast your eyes on. Most of April is still completely available, so I hope this monster post still helps you with your spring shopping!

Because, let's chat about THIS DRESS! What!

matilda jane pink polka dot some moxi dress

This is the most adorable, 1950's inspired little beauty that I've seen in a long time! The style is so flattering and appealing to me - it's just so easy to wear and feel good about yourself in! I'm wearing the small, and I'll say that it's a little bit roomy/flouncy in the chest but it's perfect everywhere else so I'm dealing with it! So stinking cute.

matilda jane green strappy everyday fave tween tank

I'm hopping around here, but my next favorite piece from this release was the green tween tank. The older I get, the more I'm feeling the solids, and green is towards the top of my list of favs. The little keyhole cutout and the straps on the back give it that typical MJC interest while still keeping it simple, and I just adore it! I squeezed into the 10 here, and it's not even that bad. So I'm getting the 14 for myself and I expect it to still be a bit roomy. I think a 12 might be a bit tight in the pits.

matilda jane tween lemon on the sunny side shorts

And, while we're here, I thought I'd show you how cute this tank is with the lemon shorts. I'm thinking that these are bit young for me but I would have loved these back in the day. I'm in the 16's I think, and they were a tad on the tight side....but I have a booty. And if you make any jokes about how my legs are the same color as the shorts we are fighting. :)

matilda jane floral and stripe in the mix tee

Next on my list is this mix print tee! It's so cute, and there's some back interest going on that I didn't get a photo of. It's also one of those addictively soft MJ tops that make you want to never take it off. I don't remember now if this was a L or XL but I pinned it for photos and you can tell it's still a bit too roomy, so I think I'll go with an XS.

matilda jane brown floral tank on a whim top

This.tank.is.so.cute! This was an XL that I pinned (poorly) but it still felt roomy so I'd do XS in this also. I love this style, though! And the floral is so cute. In the right size, this top is an extremely wearable and flattering piece. This was one of the first things that stood out to me on release day.

matilda jane blue flutter sleeve sit back and relax top

This blue top is a really simple staple with just a bit of MJC flair in the ruffled sleeves. It's a good quality cotton that will make it just a really easy top to throw on with jeans or shorts this summer. I'm wearing a pinned XL here, but I think I'd do a small.

matilda jane tween grey stripe bit of a twist top

I really really liked this striped tie detail top from the tween line! It's buttery soft and just a really easy top. I already have like 3 grey and white striped MJ tops so it felt unnecessary to add another, but I still have my eye on this! I'm wearing the 16 here and it was perfect!

matilda jane floral and lace pajamas peaceful dreams sleep top and ease of mind sleep shorts

How GORGEOUS are these jammies?! My gosh. That rose print with that lace! It's like wearing a tea party to bed, and I'm here for it. The sizing is a bit wonky, though. I would do an XS in the top and a M in the shorts. I know! So strange. The elastic on the shorts is TIGHT, and the straps on the top are almost humorously long. When I tried on the medium top it was obscene, lol. I pinned the straps sort of halter-style for these photos so that they were safe for the internet - haha! I have the medium on in both pieces here, and I think the shorts are perfect! Also, I know this top is going to show up as a regular top so I threw on a pair of jeans with it so you could see what it'll look like.

matilda jane tween aqua floral go with the flow top

The final top from April is this aqua tween top that has some really cute sleeve detail! It's a flouncy, flared sleeve with a slit going down most of it. I love the floral and lace details, too. My only issue with it is the length - it was super short. Granted, I'm wearing a 12 I believe and so I'd go up to a 14 anyway. It just seemed a bit short and I'm not sure if one size up would fix that enough for my liking. (Two sizes up might make the shirt too boxy.)

matilda jane women's stripe set sail maxi some shade hat what a catch kimono

In the dress department, the maxi was my fav! It was just, one of the most comfortable things I've ever ever had on my body. I could live in it!! I'm actually wearing the Large here, unpinned, and I was surprised that it didn't swallow me whole. However, I've heard others say that it runs big and to size down. I really think it depends on how flouncy and flowy you want it...I think I'd stick with my normal size, though, and get a small. The kimono was the M/L and enormous...I think the smaller one would still be too big. Loved that hat more than I thought I would, though!! I'm not really a hat person, but I thought it was pretty cute!

matilda jane tween yellow floral let's begin dress

This tween dress was so cute and wearable! I'm wearing the 16 here and I think I'd go down to the 14 - it's pretty loose in the ribs. I like this one more than the women's version, honestly. The handkerchief hem and the tank style top make this really fun and easy to wear.

womens yellow floral hooked on a feeling dress

The women's dress is still pretty - it has kind of a flamenco dress vibe to it. I wasn't a big fan of the waistband, though. Of course, I'm wearing a pinned XL, so it might feel more wearable in my normal size.

And that brings us to May!

womens floral be bold romper

My favorite piece of this release was for sure the women's romper. It was hard to get a real feel for it because I was working with an XL sample (and I hear that it runs a bit roomy to begin with), but I think I'd probably go with the XS. It's super soft, cozy, and wearable, and the floral is gorgeous. I love this!!

matilda jane off shoulder tops everything i see top floaty and free top

I'm a big fan of off the shoulder tops. Is it weird to say that I think my shoulders are some of my better assets? Like who's into shoulders? hahaha But it's true. (Also, fun fact: I'm not ticklish, but my shoulders are! Am I a freak of nature? Probably.) Annnnyway! The orange top on the left is from the women's line, and it's nearly identical in all but color to the yellow top from last year (fast lane, I think it was called?). I love that yellow top, so I easily loved this one, too! I'd get this in the small (this is a pinned XL). The white one on the right is from the tween line, and I'm wearing it in a 14 here but would size up to a 16 both for length and some extra give in the elastic.

matilda jane blue stripe sincerely me tee

This blue stripe top is super smooth and cozy, but I had a hard time figuring out my size with this sample. I think I'd probably go with the XS, it seems extra flowy and flouncy! It's a cute, easy to wear top for summer, for sure.

matilda jane tween blue floral out for a run legging tween blue stripe achieving goals tank

I loved this little tween outfit as some cute workout attire! How stinking cute are the florals and the strappy details on the back of the tank and the calf of the leggings? I'm wearing a 14 in both the leggings and the tank, and I would for sure size up to a 16 in both. The leggings were a little see-through, but I'm thinking that would  be resolved at the right size - they seem pretty thick and sturdy!

navy true blue ruffle leggings

Of all the new leggings this month, these navy ruffle leggings were my favorite. They are so simple and cozy, but the little ruffle detail gives them a little something extra. I think these are perfect for wearing around the house or to do yoga. I'm thinking these fit similarly to the sandy pants, so I would get these in a medium. (I think I'm wearing an XL that I pinned above.)

matilda jane blue follow the path leggings

This next pair of leggings were super comfy but fit a bit differently than sandy pants. I'd get these in a small (I think the pair I have on is a L). They coordinate with white so well, and I like their 7/8ths length!

matilda jane orange patterned big heart legging white idealist sweatshirt tee

Finally, this pair of leggings were soooo incredibly comfy. I think the blue ones above would be the same in the correct size, they just didn't have the same soft snug feel because they were too big. These I had on in a small, and they were like a silky, smooth, dream to have against my skin! Their pattern is a bit loud and a little too lularoe for my taste, so I don't think I'll be rushing to get these ones, but they are off the charts for comfort!!

The top has "sweatshirt" in its name, and I'm not really sure why! It's heavier than a normal tee for sure, but not sweatshirt material. It's very soft and flowy and a great staple piece to have in your closet. However, it runs HUGE! I'm wearing the medium above and it felt like a L or XL. I would for sure get this in an XS and still expect a lot of flowy room.

matilda jane yellow golden hour top

This next top is not normally my style as-is (all buttoned up), but open and worn kimono style is super cute! I love the sunshiney yellow and its contrast with jeans. I'm wearing the medium here and it was really quite big...I would go right for the XS, but perhaps a S to keep some of the flowy kimono look. It depends on whether you'd wear it open or closed and how flow you like it!

matilda jane tween daily aspirations dress as a tunic

One of my favorite little MJ tricks is to wear tween dresses as tunics. I'm not totally sure this one would work for most (including myself), but if you are smaller chested this is a cute idea! I'm wearing a 12 here, and the chest/ribs was really too tight. I would probably have to go all the way to a 16 to be comfortable there, but there's so much fabric on this one that I'd probably be swimming in it at that size. A 14 would probably be ideal if I were smaller chested.

matilda jane tween ready set go backpack

And since I sneaked it a little, here's the cute tween backpack! It's a perfect purse size for the summer, and it's super lightweight so it's not going to make you all sweaty when you carry it!

matilda jane cooler backpack may promo

Since we're talking bags here, take a look at this month's promo. It's a cooler backpack! It's adorable, obviously, but it's such a great piece to have for summer! It's a great size - it looks like it can fit a full picnic lunch for a family, but it's not too-too big. It has backpack straps making it easy to carry on a hike or even a bike ride, and even a luggage strap on the back to make it a great insulated carry-on. I love this beauty...I'm trying to figure out how to get my hands on it myself!!

matilda jane blue floral perfectly polished dress

So, I'm nearing the end here, and I have to throw out what I think is a completely unfortunate piece. It's got a pretty, subtly patriotic floral pattern on a vivd blue (which is so cute), but that's kind of where its redeeming qualities end. There's no way to sugar coat this....this dress is a mumu with some fancy straps on the back. Nothing makes me look stumpier than a baggy style midi-length dress. I think this may have been a medium sample, and it was super big and revealing. I would get this in the XS, but even at that size I don't think it would suit me...this one is for sure meant for the super-tall.

matilda jane womens blue cool breeze shorts

My photos of these shorts are not accurate and should be considered "best I can do" (haha), but these are a really comfy pair to have around for the summer! They are very similar to last summer's Joanna Gaines shorts, which I love, and I wear in a small so I consider this style to be a flowy TTS. The photo above is a pinned, XL, though so don't take this photo's word for it!

matilda jane womens orange in the breeze maxi

And FINALLY, another maxi dress to get you through your summer parties! As with all MJ's maxi's, this one is made of a silky, smooth, soft fabric that makes you want to live in it!! I love the empress inspired style with the rope-tied empire waist and the free-flowing pleats. This one is a truly easy-to-wear beauty! I would get the small in this for myself, and I'd for sure go with the regular full length. I'm wearing a full length large above (pinned) with a very flat sandal (the same pair I have on in the photos of the yellow kimono-style shirt for reference) and I wouldn't want this dress to be any shorter! I'm 5'5" and a little extra and I like my dresses long, so I wouldn't go petite unless you're shorter than me.

And that, friends, is finally it! SO much to love! So tell me - what's your favorite? What are you hunting down, or what have you already gotten? Share, share!!

There's only one month left in this pretty season, and I'm having a trunk show on June 1st to celebrate! If you're local and want to swing by, I'd love to have you! If you're not and you'd like to shop remotely...well, I'd still love to have you!! :) Here's the invite: Jenn's "It's finally warm enough" trunk show!

- - -

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