Friday, November 16, 2018

Friday Favorites

It's been a while since a Friday Favorites has graced the blog!!! But life has been good to us lately - with lots of little excitements and the energy of impending holidays. I have a lot of favorites lately!!


Take Your Wife to Work Fridays
I've been spending the time that my littlest guy is at preschool on Fridays at work with my husband. We share cups of tea, and I sit in the cozy chair in the corner of his office to write while he works (though I scoot to the room next door if he has a meeting on the phone), and it has come to feel like such an indulgent time. It gives us quiet, it gives us more time together, and it gives us a great practice in productivity. I've loved adding this to my weekly life (though it doesn't necessarily work out every single week).

Target's Christmas One Spot
I can't get enough! And even in saying that, my obsession and actual purchase of what's in there is about 1/15th of the crazy ladies in my bullseye's playground group on FB. (And yes, I know it's actually called that now, but I still hear employees call it the one spot so there!) The Christmas stuff has been legit, and I stalked it for a good 5 days before finally hitting the jackpot. And I may or may not have been back multiple times. At multiple Targets.

The Fall Clearance Is Pretty Bomb, Too.
My Target tends to not only be 2-3 weeks behind the rest of the country in switching out its seasonal stuff, but it's also the last one in our area. So while I was searching and searching for Christmas to hit the shelves, I made out pretty well on left over fall + Halloween stuff. I got this super cute pumpkin sign for $.10 - TEN CENTS! The set of bubbles was $.50, and I'll pass them out in Kindy next year, the little pumpkins were $.10...I mean, the cuuutest stuff for just dimes.

New Stockings (FINALLY!)
I've been hunting for new stockings for three Christmases now!! Our collection of them was actually handed down to us, and they were just spare cheapo and felt ones that had gotten stained and worn out over the years. For whatever reason, I couldn't justify the cost, or couldn't find the ones I wanted from year to year, and I just didn't get them! One day on a Christmas one spot hunt, though, I noticed that they had all of our letters there, and they were 20% off that day. If it were truly truly up to me, I probably would have gone with trendier buffalo check ones or some of the adorable Hearth & Hand ones, but everyone else loved these and I was cool with them. (This was just a test run, these aren't actually up yet!)

thank you, next
OH my gosh this song. I am so in love! The first time I listened to it I actually teared up (at the part about her walking down the aisle holding hands with her mama - wahhh), and by the second listen I  thought...this is the best anthem ever! For breakups, for relationships that are no more, for growing, for learning, for seeing the lessons in life. It's so good. SO GOOD! If you don't have it yet, what are you waiting for?!?!

Matilda Jane Finns
'Tis the season to wear your fanciest lounge wear! I all but live in leggings during the cold months, but lately I've been enjoying the comfort and color options of my finn collection! If you don't know, finns are like fancy yoga pants. They are the coziest around-the-house pants ever, and they come in basic black (in 2 lengths), and great matchable colors that release every season. There are 4 types available right now (plus one for girls) - see them HERE!

Starbucks Reusable Cups + Holiday Drinks
Did you get your free reusable holiday cup?? A couple weeks ago Starbucks gave these out when you ordered a holiday drink, and when you bring it back you get money off your drink! Yayy for that! Plus, I'm into these reusable cups as it is (I got a set around my birthday this year that I love!). And three cheers for Peppermint Mochas! On a shopping trip last week I overheard the barista say that grande holiday drinks were only $3 and it was snowing of course I had to!

Friendly Odin
This one is kind of bittersweet, but ever since we lost our Edward, Odin has been exceptionally friendly. I think he was getting a lot of his affection and cuddles from Ed so he had asked for it a lot less from us over the years. He used to be all over us constantly - it's been a lot more like that lately. While we enjoy it a lot, I feel like he must really be missing having a buddy all day. It's been nice when he jumps in our laps anytime we sit still for more than a few minutes, though!

Coffee From My Guy
On election day, Luke was up early so he was excited to go vote with Matt before school. They were up SO early, that I was still sleeping! I woke up as Luke was sneaking out of my room, and I found a fresh cup of coffee with a sweet note on it from him. It was such a sweet way to wake up!!

This Christmas Sweater
I mean, obviously, right? It's so perfect!! I love love love the yoga reference, and tree pose is my favorite! My sister is hosting an Ugly Christmas Sweater party next month and I'm so readdyyyy! (You'll never guess where it's from! lol)

Thanksgiving Party Supplies
I've been co-hosting Thanksgiving since the very first year Matt and I started dating. Since we moved back to Buffalo, I'd cook most of the dinner and get things to dress up our table with like centerpieces or coloring table cloths for the kids, and I'd bring it to my mom's house for our celebrations. Last year was the first year I hosted at my house, and while I LOVE putting Thanksgiving together and cooking all the yummy things - doing dishes afterwards is not my idea of a good time. Especially when there's so much Christmas shopping to do!! So while I love the idea of nice china for a holiday, I bought disposable everything and it was SO GREAT!!! I did the same thing for this year and I'm super excited about all the cute things Target had to offer! (I swear this post is not sponsored by Target, I just live there part time, lol!)

Oval Plates (I have this kind, too) | Gobble Gobble Plates | Turkey Gobble Plates | Gold Cutlery
Gobble Napkins | Leaf Dessert/Beverage Napkins | Coloring Placemats (we used these last year)

Everything else is is from the one spot! I'm gonna run the chalkboard paper down the center of the table and have chalk out for everyone to write what they're thankful for :)

BTW - I highly recommend the big oval plates!! They are both big enough and sturdy enough to handle a full Thanksgiving plate!

I'm linking up with the usual suspects for Friday Favorites today! Have an amazing weekend!!!! I'll have a really fun gift guide next week to give you some shopping ideas - be sure to come back for that on Wednesday! <3

This post contains a few affiliate links at no cost to you! Thank you so much for supporting me and my blog!! xo

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Rych Fam Halloween 2018

Halloween was about as good as it could be this year. And I know that's a very sunshine-and-roses thing to say, but it's true. Leading up to it, the forecast looked a little dismal, and not only did that turn out okay, all of our celebrations were a lot of fun.

This year, the boys decided to be characters from Halo (a video game - that they don't even play, but they thought the guys looked cool). Their costumes arrived a week or so before the big day, and Jake + Henry especially wore them daily.

Halloween started super early, with the packing of their festive lunches. Don't be fooled....their daily lunches are full of packaged things that get thrown together quickly. I don't get enough sleep to Pinterest their lunches more than major holidays ;)

We got the big boys off to school, and then took Jake in for his school party. He was pretty amazed that he was allowed to wear his costume (that he'd already been wearing constantly for a solid week) to school.

The celebrations at Jake's school start with a quick costume parade through the church, and then they gather onto the altar to sing us a few Halloween songs. He was so cute walking in and looking for us on his way into the church...and then he noticed us and totally hammed it up. ;)

Their songs were so cute, and I loved the way Jake kept looking over and smirking at us ;)

After their little presentation, the parents all gathered in the lobby and we stood in a giant circle for the kids to walk around and trick or treat to us. They were all super cute, and Jake was so interested in what was in his treat bag and what fun was waiting for him in the classroom that he barely had time to say goodbye to us. Sugar is apparently more important! lol

I had to rush off to the next celebration anyway - which was Henry's class party. I'm not a room parent for him this year (but I was the last 2 years), and he was a little disappointed that I wouldn't be there. Thankfully, one of the room parents asked me to come in and help out, and I was so happy to be there.

I was in charge of the class pictures since I'd brought my camera along - I didn't want to post many since there's lots of littles I don't have permission to share, but they were all being very silly and of course, doing all the Fortnite dances they could.

They read a Halloween story, had Halloween snacks, and started playing some games, but I had to take off to go to...yes, the third celebration of the day! I actually AM a room parent for Luke this year, so I had to be there to help run his party. There we played Halloween Bingo, had some Halloween themed game centers, and passed out Halloween snacks.

Don't be fooled by his face, he was being intentionally serious ;)

I didn't totally blur this one out because I know their moms well - these are Luke's 2 best buds. He's been in class with them every single year!! And he's been along for the ride with one of them since preschool, when they were 3! They all turn 10 in 2019...I'm not sure how that happened!!!

This is their last year of really being together - they all go to middle school next year, and one of them is going to a different middle school. Of course, regardless, they switch classes all day and have a totally different school experience, so we were all a little sad snapping this photo! (And yes, Luke is much shorter than them! lol They are both quite tall, but Luke is also still catching up from being sick all those years!)

Next order of business was picking Jake up for school, stopping at home for a quick lunch, and then heading back out to pick up the big boys from school. Then we packed up costumes and some chilly weather clothes (even though it was warmer than we expected!), and made a gluten free pizza to bring with us to our friends' house. We borrow their neighborhood every year because we don't have any sidewalks or many kids in ours!

She made some awesome treats to round out our dinner!!

After we ate, we forced the kids to pose for some pictures for us, and then we were off to trick or treat!

The kids' highlight of Halloween every year seems to be trading candy and then playing at our friends' house after. We don't even have to stay out trick or treating very long!! This year, though, we FLEW through it!! We were kind of amazed at how quickly we made our way up and down the street and over to the next one - I guess that's what happens when you don't have any toddlers left!

We played for as long as we could allow, and then we had to wrangle the kids together to get home. It's a bummer when Halloween lands on a school night! But in every other way, Halloween was a total success this year!

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Monday, November 12, 2018

2 Cakes for Jake

I'm still catching up over here, but I'm trying!! Busy weeks make this a labor of love, but I swear I'll get there ;)

A couple weeks ago, our Jakey Roo turned 5! It was kind of surreal - realizing that I no longer had any kids under 5. Such a milestone! All of the care-intensive years of raising littles are now behind us, which is so incredibly bittersweet.

Jake was, however, perfectly ready to hit this milestone. He is independent, strong-willed, and TALL! I mean - huge. It's so unfair that my baby is my giant!!

On the morning of his birthday, we let Jake pick one gift to open while he had his breakfast. He chose Fruity Pebbles for his birthday, which was not a shocker. This kid loooves cereal! And anything goes on a birthday - even the sugariest!

If you didn't know this about our Jake, he is OBSESSED with airplanes. His un-ending love for all things aviation started when he was just 2 years old on our family trip to Florida. He is particularly obsessed with Southwest, but he's taken to studying and identifying all types of airplanes and airlines, so for this birthday we got him a bunch of different ones. He was SO EXCITED to get a Spirit Airlines plane! lol

We had a relaxed morning after the boys were off to school, and then Jake and I made plans to have lunch at our favorite gluten free restaurant with my sister and nephew. While I was choosing something to wear, Jake noticed one of my shirts in my closet and exclaimed, "MOM! Wear that one, it matches my new Spirit airplane!" Hahaha...had to oblige the birthday boy :)

At the restaurant, Jake and Cole (my nephew) drew pictures, played with Jake's airplane, and ran back and forth to check out the treats in the bakery. Jake drew a runway for his airplane - so cute! He was so excited and silly all day...he loved being the Birthday boy!

After lunch, we picked up the boys from school, and then came home to make cupcakes for our guy. After Matt got home, we had dinner, Facetimed with his Grandparents while he opened gifts (including some that they had sent him), and then we gathered back around the table to sing and have cake.

I just love him!! :)

A few days later, we had some family over for cake and ice cream. It was a really small, simple gathering, and I don't have many photos from it, but he loved having everyone over and playing with his cousins.

He got lots of airplanes and sugar to celebrate - I think it's safe to say he enjoyed celebrating his 5th year! And he's certainly done a fantastic job of being our cute little caboose...even if he is growing way ahead of schedule!!!

Here are posts from Jake's birthdays over the years:

1st Birthday
2nd Birthday
3rd Birthday
4th Birthday

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Friday, November 2, 2018

Matilda Jane Oct & Nov 2018 Jane Parade!

Get ready for a big one, friends!

I was waiting for what felt like an eternity to get some of my October pieces so I kept putting off my Jane Parade for that month. I seriously just got one of the back ordered pieces the same day I got my November trunk! lol

Matilda Jane Choose Your Own Path October + November Women and Tween pieces |

So that means you get a combo this month....October and November together! October has some amazing Fall pieces you'll LOVE, and November is full of cozy winter holiday pieces. I will say - the women's line isn't nearly has "holiday" as last year's was. Which makes for more winter versatility, but might not really expand your holiday wardrobe much.

There's A LOT to cover so let's dig in with October :)

(BTW, I'm sorry for the even worse than usual photo quality...the dreary fall lighting does my already dark house no favors!!!)

First up - the Warm Sunset Poncho & Wind Song Tee.

kettle tee redo with scarf

matilda jane orange poncho

Eek, these are so grainy - sorry! SO the Wind Song Tee is a remake of everyone's favorite Kettle Tee, but it's slightly re-done in the shoulders and oodles more TTS than the original. I'm wearing the small here and I'm happy with it! The poncho only comes in One Size, and as you can probably tell it's a bit big on me! BUT...for its purpose (maximum coziness), I don't mind that. And I love me a good blanket scarf, so the versatility of this piece makes me a happy camper!

Since we're sort of in the realm of outerwear, let's chat about this coat! I mean...

Matilda Jane Women's Floral CoatMJC break the ice coat thumbholes

OH yes - those are thumbholes! On a coat!! Through sherpa lining!!! And I gotta say - I wore this coat to our homecoming game and it was COLD out...this thing kept me toasty!!! It's super cozy and beautiful and wonderful! I ordered the medium so that it would fit well over sweaters and such, and while it's a bit wide (I'm sure I would have been fine in the small), I kind of like it being a little extra big.

Next up in October cozy is this gorgeous layering sweater!

matilda jane forge ahead sweater

Excuse these teeeeerible photos but I remembered that I forgot to get pictures of this one once it was already dark and I didn't want to leave it out! It's too comfy!!! As you can probably tell, this one runs LARGE. I'm wearing the XS believe it or not!!! And it's barely smaller than the Medium sample was. I love its coziness (and it looks pretty cute belted!) so I kinda love layering with it, but know that it's big!! So big that both XS & S are already sold out.

October had another pretty sweater...

matilda jane blue floral sweater

I just love this floral pattern - so much that I had to have it on both the coat and this sweater :) This one runs pretty much exactly the same as the Come On Over Cardigan (and all of its new color remakes). The style is basically identical, just without the fringe and buttons. So overall, the body shape is pretty roomy and giving, but the sleeves are tighter. I'm wearing the small here and it's good, but the arms are snug enough to make me wonder if I might want to keep my medium sample instead. Both work well!

As if that weren't enough cozy cuteness, I stole yet another sweater from the tween line and made it my own ;)

matilda jane grey ruffle tween sweater on an adult

So cute, right? I ordered it in the 14 and it's perfect! It's so so cozy and soft, and I loved the simplicity of the solid color with just a touch of interest in the subtle ruffles. It's such a cute, easy to wear piece - I'm crazy about it!!

Okay, finally in the October ultra-cozy department...jaaaaammies! And these are the softest, smoothest, most comfy pj's on planet earth and I HIGHLY recommend them!

matilda jane women's holiday pajamas

The top runs...I don't know if I'd say smallish, but maybe smallish? I'm wearing the medium here and I love it at this size. I like my pj's a bit big and flowy, though. The pants, on the other hand, are quite large - as you can probably tell. The waist has a drawstring so it fits well there and is a little bit flexible, but clearly the legs are (intentionally) roomy. I'm wearing the small here and I probably could have done the XS, but I'm happy with these. Oh, and btw - the pants are low in XS & S.

I wouldn't exactly say that the jammies for everyone else in the family match or coordinate, but the colors do work together well and will make for super cute holiday pictures! I got a set of the boys' pajamas for each of my guys and a pair of the men's pants for my husband and they are all fans!

matilda jane boys christmas pajamas

I love when I can get my boys in on the MJ action!!

Okay, time to let the dresses join the party. This wrap dress is a favorite!

matilda jane reunion wrap dress blue wrap dress

There's just something about it that makes me feel like one of the duchesses and their easy fashion-ability. I love that it's long sleeved and comfy and will make for a great Thanksgiving outfit! I'm wearing the small here and it's perfect!

There was one more dress in October and it's made of the prettiest fall colors!

matilda jane womens orange and yellow shift dress

I'm wearing a Medium here that I pinned for photos and also belted (obviously), and I felt like it was quite big for a medium. I know it's meant to be intentionally flowy, but it still felt a bit on the big side to me. I love the way it looks with the belt!

The last piece from October is a flowy, festive top that is perfect for Thanksgiving...

matilda jane women's orange thanksgiving top

I'm wearing a Large here that's pinned....but the pins were even hard to keep in place because it's such a silky fabric. I would want it to be much more fitted in the ribs, personally, so I think I'd do the XS in this one. There's a really pretty navy bow at the top in the back - super cute!

My favorites from October? Probably a tie between the coat and the jammies! Though I really love all the sweaters and that wrap dress, too!

Ready for November? ;)

I am SO ready to share November, because I'm OBSESSED with this vest!

mjc women's plaid vest

SO GOOD! It's incredible - seriously. I've never worn a comfier or warmer vest! AND it's reversible, with pockets on both sides. I'm wearing the Medium here and I liked it, but ended up ordering the small for myself. It's a great price point for a vest, too!!

Another favorite-favorite from November is this gorgeous dress...

matilda jane purple swiss dot charlie dress

I LOVE the deep purple color, but I also love how flowy and fun it feels to wear! I'm wearing the medium sample that I pinned in the back to fit, and I ordered the XS for myself.

Check out these gorgeous details...

mjc festive fancy dress

So, heading back to cozy here....check out this sweater...

matilda jane silent night cardigan big white womens cable knit sweater

Obsessed! I'm wearing the medium here, and it runs BIG! It's supposed to be big and ultra-cozy, but I can sometimes pull off medium sweaters and there was just no way with this one!! I ordered the small for myself and while it's still really big, it's much more manageable and cozy in all the right ways!

Did you happen to notice the 3rd clairvoyant re-do under that gorg sweater??

matilda jane winter blooms top black floral clairvoyant

If you've been following my Jane Parades for a while, then you know that I am a sucker for the clairvoyant style! It's so flattering and feminine, but also SO incredibly comfortable. I lost it when I realized we were getting a black floral one this release! I'm wearing the medium sample here but ordered a small for myself. It's so gorgeous in person!

Everyone loved the holiday shirt dress last year, so MJ brought it back!

matilda jane fa la la dress holiday shirt dress

I'm wearing the small here, and I do think it's a bit big on me. I'm not sure how intentional that is supposed to be....but I will probably just keep this one rather than sizing down. It's actually quite easy to wear with some leggings or sweater tights for holiday gatherings, and it coordinates really well with some of the girls and baby pieces from this month if you're hoping for a family outfit!

Next up is a top that I liked more than I expected to!

matilda jane carol top sheer holiday top

I would never guess that the style of the Carol Top would suit me, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that this top was so flattering! I'm wearing a small here over a tank (it's completely sheer), and I do think it's just a touch big so I think I'd prefer the XS.

I think you can tell in my photos, but the red color is kind of a cranberry. On MJ's site it looks more orangey, but it's not. It actually pairs perfectly with one of the sweaters from a couple months ago...

matilda jane a stitch in time maroon knit sweater

So cute, right? I loved this combo. And really, I love this sweater in general!

Okay, almost done! lol I stole a couple of tween pieces worth sharing.....

This baseball style tee is a perfect casual top for fun, casual outings during the holidays - perfect for running around with my busy boys!

matilda jane jingle bell rock tween holiday baseball tee

I'm wearing this in the 12 sample, and it was quite snug, so I went up to the 16. I don't have it yet so I'm not quite sure on the fit yet, but since I usually get 14's and one size up didn't feel like enough, I'm assuming the 16 was the way to go! Scooping this up in the adult sizes would be another great option for coordinating with the smaller lines if you're not into the shirt dress!

The other tween piece I grabbed off my rack was this pretty yet casual sweatshirt.

matilda jane frosty days sweatshirt grey tween sweatshirt

I'm wearing the 14 here and I feel like it works well. I really like the sleeve interest (kind of hard to see but it's got a subtle poof to it), and it's realllly comfortable! I'm a little on the fence about whether it's a little too youthful or not....but it definitely works!

Okay, ONE MORE thing before I wrap up this monster post! But you cannot miss out on this promo blanket!! I have a lot of MJ blankets, you guys, and this one is one of my very very favorites!

matilda jane holiday promo blanketmjc blanket

It has the prettiest fleecy floral, a satiny holiday trim, and the coziest white sherpa on the back! It is SO warm and peeeerfect for the holidays! Cozy nights by the tree, trips in the car to look at lights, to wake up with on Christmas morning - eeee! So happy to have this!

It's just like most promos...$25 when you spend $175 or get it for free as a Jane with an $800 show :)

Find me on Facebook if you have any questions, would like to see the girls and baby photos, or need help placing an order! I'm happy to!!!

And of course, before you go - tell me your favorites!!!! :)

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