Friday, March 23, 2018

Friday Favorites

Let's all cheer for the first Friday of Spring! Fresh air, leaves on trees, happy birds....I'm so excited that they're all on their way!

While I wait (not-so-patiently) for spring to arrive, here are some of my favorite things lately!

+ Rae Dunn Mugs

I realize that I am WAY late to the party, but because I've got 3 rowdy boys and like, zero storage, I didn't think Rae Dunn was really for me. Until one day, on a Home Goods outing, I spotted a mug that spoke to me (the Bliss one), and well.....hooked forever. I make a Home Goods trip like once a week now to see what else they've got! (The thrill of the chase, amiright?) I have gotten a few other things...a platter, a bowl, a planter. But for the most part, I'm into the mugs because they make me happy on the daily!

+ Sagey Green

I am obsessed with color, so I often have color phases. Regardless of the fact that they are always changing, they all tend to have the same kind of smokey/dusty feel to them, and I lean towards pastels or jewels. I was in a blue phase for most of 2017, and right now I'm in a green phase. I just kind of get drawn to the same color over and over and I can't even tell you why that happens. Lately it's been this dusty/sagey green. Maybe it's a sign that my soul is just desperately seeking spring? Probably ;)

+ Alba Cleansers

SO after struggling with my skin for a while, I did some research and discovered that my all-natural cleanser had GLUTEN in it. Gluten, you guys. I've been gluten free since the summer of 2016, and though I do not have celiac disease, I react to it when I have it. HELLO, I was washing my face with it?! No wonder!!! So I did some more research and discovered all of these awesome Alba washes, and I am already totally in love with them! They are wonderful, and all rated super low on - not to mention they smell like dessert! Totally a favorite.

+ Paperless Post Cards

Confession: though I love snail mail and always intend to send people actual cards, I am terrible at remembering to actually do it! I found a site called Paperless Post recently that makes SERIOUSLY pretty virtual cards for all occasions. It's super easy to pick a beautiful style, add your own sentiments to it, pack it in a virtual envelope and a pretty liner, and email it to your recipient. You can even send the same card to many people at once (like Christmas cards or party invitations) and they all receive an email with a virtual envelope addressed to them! When they click on it, it takes them to their card with a cute little animation of their envelope being opened, and they can even respond to your card right on the site! It's super cool, especially if you need an RSVP. Check them out!! They're for sure a new favorite!

+ Healthy Treats

Just because I eat a gluten and dairy free diet doesn't mean that I can't indulge in some health-ified treats!! Lately I've been really enjoying these protein cookies (they're so quick and easy to make), and I made a batch of scones for our weekend fika and they were amazing. Even better cooled off!

+ Sharing Truffles

A not-so-healthy favorite is truffles from Rocky Mountain! Matt had to travel for work again last week, and he brought us a box of truffles to share when he got home. I love sampling the different flavors with him and ranking our favorites! It's an extravagant treat (especially since I'm positive they had some dairy in them), but it's not one we indulge in very often, so it's a favorite!

+ Chubby Time-Hop Henry

I think I am probably sometimes annoying to my Facebook friends because I share SO MANY of my time hop pictures over and over again. I just can't get over how cute my boys were when they were teeny tiny! Henry in particular had that doll-baby look that you just cannot ever get sick of seeing! What I wouldn't give to kiss those little cheekies and see those chubby arms again!

+ Edible Art

We had dinner at Matt's parent's house one night recently, and I mistakenly opened a snow pea thinking it was the kind you open and eat the peas out of. Then one of the kids dropped a piece of carrot on the floor, and I put the two together just to gather them up to throw them out. Someone commented on how it looked like a canoe, and so they made oars for it, and by the end of the night, most of the family had added their own contributions to it. It was too funny to not snap a picture of! It's my favorite that everyone kept adding onto it!

+ Essie's Bon Boy-Age

I told you this green is lighting me up lately! This shade is perfect for spring, and it goes on so smoothly and easily. It's totally my favorite right now! The blue shade on my nails is my other favorite - Essie's As If.

I'm linking up with Friday Favorites today! Here, here, and here.

What are your favorite almost-spring things right now? Help me get excited about warm seems hopeless here right now! lol

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Saturday Exploring: Spiritually Rooted Spiritual Shops

A couple of weekends ago, I went for a little outing with my mom & sister. It was the first weekend after being flu-free, and I was desperate for a fun, calm, high-vibey moment to myself. The Spiritually Rooted store in North Tonawanda (one of their two locations) was the perfect place to go!

It's a gem (full of gems, literally!) for anyone with any sort of spiritual interest or a slight woo-woo side. The place is quiet and calm and crawling with cats (literal live cats), and full of things that instantly uplift your spirits. Just being there is a comfort, but in a uniquely exciting way.

We were there for the crystals, and they did not disappoint!

There were SO many to see and touch and read about. We spent a lot of time sorting through all of the crystals, and we could have spent hours more!

I didn't have the time I would have liked to explore all of their books, decks, oils, jewelry, meditation aids, and so much more!! I was all about the crystals and they stole all of my attention! But this store has everything imaginable for the spiritualist.

I loved how the crystals had little cards with their names and descriptions on them. I took photos of them as I chose crystals so I could refer to them later.

The staff was knowledgeable and friendly, and their kitty assistants made the place feel like home. Price wise, I felt like it was pretty reasonable. Some things seemed a little more expensive than other crystal shops I've used, while others were a great deal, so it all evened out.

Here's what I came home with:

My favorite might be the green aventurine worry stone. It's just so comfortable to keep with you. Also, I have always been mostly attracted to raw crystals because of their more intense energy, but I am shocked by how much I truly enjoy the tumbled crystals I bought that day (and most of them were.) They are so calming to hold and keep your hands busy with, and their size and smoothness actually makes them wonderful to keep on you.

Here's a secret: I sometimes keep crystals in my bra. It's just a convenient place to have them on me, haha! And the tumbled crystals are great for that.

The store also holds meditation events and offers readings and therapies of all kinds. I really loved it, if only for the crystals, but I'll certainly be back for much of what they offer! Also good to know - they have a rewards program. If you spend $100 in one month, they give you a $10 coupon.

If you're local to Buffalo, check them out! Here they are on Facebook: Spiritually Rooted

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Friday, March 16, 2018

What's In My Purse?

It's been a while since I've written a Just Jenn post (random posts that tell you a little more about me and my family), and today I thought I'd revisit something I haven't shared in almost 5 years! Because you're all dying to know what's in my bag. ;)

Things have changed quite a bit since my last post in 2013, which you can see here. But a few things haven't changed at all! So as of right's what's in my purse!

What's In My Purse?

I usually carry this black crossbody from Kate Spade (thought I sometimes switch it one of two other Kate favorite!) I try to keep the contents light, but I usually end up with a few old grocery lists, anyway!

Inside is....

+ My wallet. I love the bigger zip-around wallet, but I usually use the smaller pink one because it fits my little beige crossbody - makes swapping purses easier. I switch it up sometimes, though!

+ This is a medium zip pouch from Gussy Sews that I keep my sunglasses in. So cute, right? It's a different one than my last post, but keeping this in my purse hasn't changed in 5 years!! My sunglasses are from Target.

+ Lavender sachet. I made this little cutie with some lilac fabric and filled it with dried lavender. My friends and I made a bunch of these as dream pillows on craft night once, and I made this one to fit the inside pockets in my purse perfectly. It makes the whole thing smell like lavender which is like, a dream come true.

+ Necessities: pens, chapsticks, hair ties. I am neurotic, and always have two of each in case I misplace one. Not even joking lol (The pens are from Matilda Jane!)

+ Hand sanitizer & lotion. I cannot function without these on a daily basis. I'm constantly cleaning my hands this time of year, and I hate the way my hands feel after I wash them (#weirdfactsaboutme) so I always lotion them immediately after washing. (I told you I was neurotic! lol)

+ A nail file, because I hate having a chipped nail and being caught without one!

+ A Made Good bar just in case (they're gluten + dairy free and made with veggies!) and gum. This kind is my fav.

+ Crystals, because I'm woo-woo like that. I usually have smaller ones with me, but almost always selenite...I'm always drawn to selenite! The one on the left is apophyllite and I love it not only for its beauty, but its properties. It enhances sensitivity and intuition, which are things I really value!

+ Stacks of business cards. You never know!

+ And the funniest thing: bookmarks. Yes, I realize one of them is a Blockbuster card from 100 years ago and the other is covered in laser cats, but I'm usually reading 2-3 books at a time and I will use anything as a bookmark. Sometimes when I'm returning library books I notice that my bookmark is still in them, so I'll stash them in my purse. They tend to collect there, lol.

+ When I leave the house, my phone and keys join in, of course. I have way, WAY too many discount card thingys on my keys. Many of them are from stores in Charlotte that we don't even have here!!

I might also have a Home Goods receipt of some kind in there at all times. ;)

Sooo let's see it! What's in your bag??

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Monday, March 5, 2018

Camp MJC March Jane Parade

Happy Almost-Spring!

I'm certainly ready for a thaw, and while my hometown likely won't get much in the way of warm weather very soon, we have a family vacation to Florida on the horizon and the March release of Camp MJC has me totally outfitted for a wildly pretty and cozy trip!

Pieces have been flying off the shelves, so there's actually a women's tank I'm skipping in my Jane Parade this month because it's almost completely sold out! And you should know that many sizes of these styles are also gone or about to be gone, so you have to act QUICKLY if you want anything!!!!

For reference, I'm 5'5" and typically wear a size 4/6 or a small/sometimes xs in Matilda Jane. Onto the pretties!!!

Matilda Jane No End Dress Maxi

This maxi, the No End Dress, is going to be a staple in both my Florida attire and my summer wardrobe! It will get oooodles of wear...with it's flowy, flattering style, it's functional pockets, and it's adorable tie-back peek a boo detail. It's on the shorter side for MJ's typical maxi length, but it's pretty perfect for my height and below. (Sorry, taller ladies!!)

This one is SUCH a hit - not only for its style and beautiful print, but for how it coordinates with dresses from both our girls and baby lines, so it is almost gone! There are only smalls and mediums left, and the smalls are about to disappear! RUN!! It runs true to size other than the shorter length. I'm wearing a small above.

Matilda Jane Women's Swim

Go on, ask me if I ever thought I'd post a picture of myself on the internet wearing a two-piece bathing suit. NEVER, IN A MILLION YEARS!!! But the beauty and modesty of this gorgeous new addition to MJ's swim line is so perfect that I can share without any hesitation at all!! I know these bright florals are not everyone's cup of tea, but they are sooooo mine, and I'm so in love with this suit!

The swim is running small. I'm wearing a medium in the top and the bottom, but I have...uh, assets? ;) So if you don't have oodles in that arena, you might be okay in your typical size. All swim is sold out in XL & XXL, and low in XS & L. There is also a one-piece, but believe it or not, it's not as modest as the two piece! So you'll have to click through to see the Bathing Beauty suit :)

Finishing up women's swim, here's the cover-up and beach bag:

Matilda Jane Swim Coverup

So cute, right? I've seen people pairing the cover up with jeans or shorts and a hat, and it looks SO CUTE! I totally love it. It has pretty flexible sizing....I would probably enjoy the the small better, but the medium (my sample size) works perfectly fine with the strings tightened, and I feel like I get a little more coverage in sizing up, too. (Click HERE for the Cool Shade Cover Up and HERE for the Gather It Up Bag)

By the way, there's a wildly beautiful beach towel, too, but I didn't end up working it into the photos. Go see it!!! (HERE)

Easter arrives shortly after our Florida trip, so I've been thinking about that, too. MJ has some super cute women's Easter dresses this month! First, there's a re-make from one of last year's Easter dresses in darker shades and newer fabrics.

Matilda Jane Women's Easter Dress

It's called the Light Rising Dress, and I much prefer this shade of green to last year's green! I think it runs pretty true to size...I'm wearing the Large sample in the photos and it's been pinned and belted, so I'm just guessing, but it seems that way!

I reeeeeeally love this next dress for Easter, the Come Away With Me Dress.

Matilda Jane Come Away With Me Dress

It's springy and flowy with just the right amount of frill along the hemline, but my favorite part is that you can wear it either off the shoulder, or with cute little cap sleeves. Isn't it so sweetly springy?? I'm wearing the XS in these pictures and it fits well, so I think this one runs just a little big.

So let's talk tops! There are two in the women's line, and another to share from the tween line.

Matilda Jane women's navy stripe top

I love this one - the Navigator Top from the women's line - because it's like a total neutral staple you'd find in popular stores, but with that special MJ flair. The colors are great for carrying you right into the summer months! It runs big - big enough to size down. I'm wearing the small above and had to pin it for the picture! I'm exchanging it for the XS.

Matilda Jane Women's flowy butterfly top

The other women's top is the Fly By Top, and it has a very romantic, gardeny feel to it. It's sheer and super flowy, so this one would be great for a super warm day! It's also one of those tops that can be warn casually, or with a little dressiness to it. I'd say this one is pretty tts - I'm wearing the medium above, but have it pinned for photos.

Matilda Jane white tween top

Finally, there's a top from the tween line - the Field Games Top. (There was a tank, also, but it has sold out of the adult-worthy sizes, so I didn't photo it!) This top is sheer and flowy, and uses a familiar fabric from Make Believe, but with spring updates. It's super cute and simple - I love it with dark jeans! I'm wearing the 16 above...I feel like it works, but I might prefer the 14.

So long as we're chatting tween, let me sneak this cutie of a dress in here!

matilda jane yellow stripe tween dress

This is the Sunshiny Days Dress, and isn't SO stinking cute? It reminds me of a little 1950's waitress outfit. I totally dig it. I'm wearing the 14 in the photos, which fits me well...except that it's a liiiiittle too short for my taste. I worry that if I size up for length, it'll be less fitted, so I'm not sure I'll keep this one, but I ADORE the style!

There's also a "jacket" from the women's line this month.

matilda jane womens spring jacket

I put it in quotes like that, because it's wildly thin - almost gauzy. It certainly covers your arms and shoulders for a breezy day, but it has the warmth of a light pashmina rather than an actual jacket. Also, I apologize for looking like I'm about to fly away with my new wings lol...even with pinning, this looks pretty silly on me in the large sample. So I would say this is for sure tts, possibly a little big. (Find it HERE)

And finally...pants!

matilda jane green joggers

There are a pair of green joggers in both the women and tween lines, and as far as I can tell, their style is identical. There may be a slightly different cut to them, but I'm not sure. They sent me an XL in the women's I resorted to trying on the tween version! I'm wearing a 14 in the photo, and I FOR SURE would need the 16. They are intended to be a bit more relaxed than this, so the fitted look is not on purpose! haha I've heard that in general, they are running a bit big, so for the women's version, I would maybe size down once. (HERE's the women's, and HERE's the tween)

matilda jane yellow womens big ruffles

And finally - big ruffles! These pants are wildly comfortable (a favorite of mine for spring and summer!), and March's version pairs really well with the Starstruck Tee from Cozy Town! The yellow on the collar (and there are straps inside the sleeves for cuffing) make for the coziest loungey or running errands outfit of all time!

And that's it for March, friends!!

Remember - our 2018 inventory plan is very different from 2017's, and we're experiencing lots of sell-outs! If there's something you love, grab it ASAP!! If you have any questions on fit, sizing, matching, pairing, etc....reach out! Comment below, or find me on Facebook at!

SO - what's your favorite piece this month?? Mine is the maxi ;)

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

18 for 2018

Maybe the end of February is an off time to share a list of goals for the year, but I've been carefully crafting this list since the year started.

I have my word for 2018, and set my goals for January, and I've baby-stepped my way towards Veganism by dropping dairy. And really....that's already a whole lot of ambition. But then I heard a recent episode of Happier with Gretchen Rubin & Elizabeth Craft and was totally inspired by their happiness hack of setting 18 goals for 2018.

18 goals for 2018

The idea of this list felt a little more solid and substantial, full of happy actionables that made me feel excited for the year to come. They feel more like adventures rather than goals, to me.

It was surprisingly hard to complete, though. Attempting to pick 18 actual actions - things that I could cross off definitively and with joy was quite a task. But I feel totally sparkly and thrilled with what I came up with.

I've already completed a few, but I'm going to leave the list intact and exciting for now so I can share how it all went by the end of the year.

Here's to a lovely 18!

1. Quit dairy.
2. Grow sage (+ dry and bundle it for smuding.)
3. Host a full moon party (or two.)
4. Get a new camera or better lens(es).
5. Make at least one small craft a month (something I can fully complete.)
6. Host a silly Christmas in July party.
7. Do the mom ab DVD program.
8. Complete a fun challenge (photos, outfits, hairdos, etc.)
9. Host a tea party.
10. Get the basement's s**t together.
11. Paint allthetrim.
12. Make a vision board for the year.
13. Get a little black dress.
14. Plant a little wellness + tea garden and include: lavender, chamomile, lemon balm + peppermint.
15. Make a "bliss list" to carry out every day.
16. Read 40 books.
17. Visit Lily Dale.
18. Be more hygge - add a few new house plants, take time to make the house feel happy, strive for cozy, focus on feels, fall in love with tea, + prioritize intention and mindfulness. (Make things special!)

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