Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Adventure Begins March Jane Parade!

Matilda Jane's The Adventure Begins March Jane Parade Release 2 IRLs The Adventure Begins March Release Girls Pieces
So, it's mid-March, and I never showed you my IRLs from the second MJ release! Mostly because the pictures I took were bad. The lighting was even worse than normal, and my mirror-selfies were looking awfully shabby. I suddenly decided I didn't care, and I'd like to show you ;)

Stay tuned until the end, though, because my little models, however, look adorable in my fav girls' pieces.

All Women's items are available in XS - XL, and you can find them all by shopping my website, HERE! I am 5'5" and typically wear a size 4-6, or a small in Matilda Jane.

Some of the biggest hype this release revolved around this green maxi:

Matilda Jane Down in the Valley Dress

Gorgeous, Grecian looking dress - the best part being the lace cut out at the bottom, I think. The only warning here, is that this is very long, and suited best for tall ladies, especially since the lace cut out makes for tricky hemming. I think it also looks best belted. Here's a picture of my mom in it (matching my cute little niece in her coordinating Backyard Oasis Dress):

There's for sure a lot of fabric there, and also - this sample was a Medium so my mom and I both had it pinned and it was still a little large.

Find it here: Down in the Valley Dress

My personal favorite from this release is this cozy, lace-trimmed sweater:

Matilda Jane Classic with a Twist Top

The detail in the lace is so gorgeous! I decided to order mine a size larger than I usually would because I wanted it to fit a little loose and cozy. I think it runs slightly on the small size, anyway.

Classic with a Twist Top's lace detailing

Isn't it beautiful?? I love all of the lace detailing so much!!

Find it here: Classic with a Twist Top

My next favorite piece was a pleasant surprise - I don't normally grab for this style of top, but I loved it immediately, and could tell that its coloring would work on virtually any skin tone. My mom has much lighter features, than me, and she looked great in it, too.

Matilda Jane Delicate Topiary Top

MJ Delicate Topiary

So pretty, right? It looks great with jeans, dark dress pants, and even our leggings. It's a perfect halfway-dressy Easter top if a dress isn't really your thing!

Find it here: Delicate Topiary Top

This next top was also a bit of a surprise. It didn't seem very grown up to me when I first saw it in the lookbook, but when I got to try it on, I realized that the cuts looked really slimming and flattering, and I loved the girly, springy feel to it.

Matilda Jane Gentle Breeze Top

Find it here: Gentle Breeze Top

The final top from this release matches the tween top from February, but its hem ruffle is made from the same material as the In Full Bloom Dress. It's a very silky, light, comfy top, and looks really cute paired with the tween top!

Matilda Jane Run the World Tee

Find it here: Run the World Tee

Next up is a vest! I didn't match this as well as I could have in the short amount of time I had for this little Jane Parade, but for the sake of the picture, I paired it with the Kettle Tee from last season.


It's a simple, marled-looking sage green vest that will pair with a lot for spring!

Find it here: Out the Door Vest

And finally, the Easter dresses! This first one's fabric is gorgeous - I love these pink and orange roses SO much! It has a really interesting neckline, with almost a built-in choker for a collar.

Matilda Jane Sunday Best Dress

To give this dress more shape, most people have been belting it. I'd also suggest wearing our Spoonful of Sugar Dress Extender under this one to make it a little more modest.

Find it here: Sunday Best Dress

Finally, was this dress...and I'm showing it to you simply because it was pretty beautiful, but it's actually already sold out! It went really quickly, along with the tween sizing of the same dress. I DO still have my sample available (which is a Large), so if you happen to be interested in that, do let me know!

Matilda Jane Where the Grass Grows Dress

I can't direct you to it since it has sold out, but it is called the Where the Grass Grows Dress, and I do have my Large available if you'd like it!

To give you an idea of all of the Easter pieces put together, here's a group shot of my pretty models:


I love how it all goes together so gorgeously! Check out this little sweetie pie on her full-on Easter get up! How cute is she??

Matilda Jane Tiddlywinks Dress

Matilda Jane Neighborhood Garden Socks

She's wearing the Tiddlywinks Dress and diaper cover with the Neighborhood Garden Socks.

My very favorite girls piece from this release is the Simon Says Tank. It's one of those versatile pieces that can start as a dress, and grow into a tunic, and eventually, the tank it's meant to be. It has already started to sell out in the bigger sizes, but there's plenty left for little ones - a 4 or 6 will grow with your toddler for years!

Matilda Jane Simon Says Tank

She's wearing a size 2 as a dress - how cute, right?? This also looks adorable with white tights, or with our Start Here Straightees.

This is another one of my favorite girls''s so springy, so cute, and a little bit vintage looking!

Matilda Jane Front Porch Top

This was such a popular outfit, that the top is almost totally sold out! It's called the Front Porch Top and it's now only available in a 2, 12, or 14. The pants are our Skipping Along Leggings, and the matching headband is the Follow Your Heart Headband.

Along those same mod lines, are these adorable polka dot bennys:


I LOVE the lacy layers on these bennys! And they match the jacket from February, which makes this really retro looking outfit. They look just as adorable with a simple pink or white top, though, and that combo is another fav of mine from this line!

Find them here: Balance Beam Bennys

If you're already familiar with Matilda Jane and love a good classic MJ piece, this pearl is so gorgeous! We paired it with the Leapfrog Shorties (I LOVE the color combo on those!) and the Heritage Rose Headband for the cutest little outfit!

Matilda Jane Riding Bikes Pearl

Find it here: Riding Bikes Pearl

And finally, the sweetest little knot-toppy overalls, trimmed with lace on the hems and the bib pocket:

Matilda Jane Playground Romper

It looked so perfectly adorable with just a pink little tee! You can dress these up or down, and they look adorable either way! Another fav piece!

Find it here: Playground Romper

Let me know if there's anything you love-love-love and I can help you get your hands on it! There's a promo going on this month as well - you get a FREE MJ blanket if you spend $175! It's been such a popular promo that the blankets have actually been back ordered! So you'll still get the blanket, it'll just show up later than your clothes.

Also to note - Good Luck Trunk will be up and running tomorrow, March 20th, 2017! There will be leftover pieces from Happy and Free and they're all 50% off! Shop it here: Good Luck Trunk Sale! Be sure to use TK #3626 at checkout! 

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Monday, February 27, 2017

Wake Up With Peace

What you need to have the most peaceful morning wake-up ever!

Last year, Matt and I overhauled our bedroom a little bit to act as more of a personal sanctuary where we could relax and recharge. Honestly - it still becomes the dumping grounds for the clutter-without-a-home, but after a good clean-up, it's still one of the best places to be. One of my favorite spaces ever-ever.

I decided to take the experience a step further after being reminded (often) by my yoga instructor that waking up to a blaring alarm clock sets off the flight or fight response in our root chakra, which starts us off on the wrong foot every day. When I decided to start meditating in the morning, I wanted to make actual progress - not just spend that time undoing the damage of my alarm clock. What would be the point of all that, right?

So I set out in search of some alternatives, and ended up with this lovely little routine:

Ingredients for a peaceful morning wakeup

1. I set the sun to rise from 5:20 - 6am with my tiny personal sun.

2. My birdsong alarm clock starts going off at 6am - it starts slowly and softly, and gradually gets louder. (This is simple to set with the Bedtime function on your iPhone's alarm app. Birdsong is my jam!)

3. If I need more motivation to wake up, I turn on my salt lamp + rosette lights for some more soft lighting, sometimes my bedside fountain, and I use some invigorating essential oil sprays (like grapefruit).

4. I greet the day by opening the curtains (the window, too, if it's warm out) and taking a moment there.

5. I grab my softest blanket, and head out to the house to grab coffee and start my morning study. I try to give myself at least an hour before the kids get up to journal, read something inspiring, and do yoga.

I know what you're thinking - I'm still using an alarm clock. BUT, the soft nature-based sounds of birds that fade in the same way it happens outside my window as birds wake each morning is anything but jarring. The sunrise is not enough to wake me up, so this addition was a calm way to add to it. (By the way, the sunrise clock comes with nature sounds to choose from - I just happen to like the specific sound on the iPhone!)

Let know if you give these a try and it makes a difference for your mornings! They make a great idea for Mother's Day requests if you'd like to pass this link along ;)

*This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting enrychment, and in turn, my little family. Hugs!

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Friday, February 24, 2017

How Pens, Birds & Seaweed Might Be Your Energetic Match

How pens became my symbol of manifesting success

I first learned of the power of manifestation almost five years ago now, but I'm still just a novice at it - likely because I'm not exactly awesome at controlling my emotions. #rebel

I get the concept and the feel of it all, enough to share this awesome story with you, but I have yet to come anywhere close to mastering it. So I hope you see this as a "I'm working on this with you" tale of motivation rather than confidently instructional. I'm no pro, but this is cool nonetheless.

Be an energetic match: the pen story

SO, I started this year with my Happiness Manifesto, got super clear on my plans for 2017, and then started a little morning study routine based on growth, spirituality, and feeling good.

And the thing about being clear on your desires and then actively pursuing them is that this process naturally raises your vibes. I mention the magic of The Desire Map all the time, and when I'm working with the book or the ideas from it, I get this high vibe buzzing that runs into all that I do.

Manifesting gurus talk about this all the time, but the way I've heard it phrased that speaks to me the most is "you need to be an energetic match for what you want." Something about that makes me pay more attention to my head space and ignites a desire to check myself. Think about how good and amazing the thing is that you want, and realize that you have to feel the same way in order to welcome it into your life. Like attracts like.

So I've been high-vibe-ing lately thanks to The Desire Map, yoga, and the excitement and promise of things coming my way. The other morning, I was looking for my favorite pen to Desire Map with. I know this sounds silly, but I have a pen that is perfectly inky and I'm obsessed with it, but it's a nothing special, run of the mill pen you can get anywhere. Still, I've started my morning with it every day for weeks and I couldn't imagine not using it! I couldn't find it when I sat down to journal, and I wasn't upset but I was determined to find it! After a little searching, I found it, and I was outrageously grateful despite it just being a little pen.

I mean, it's a pen. One that probably cost me $.20 in a bulk box of them. But I can't help it, I love those things. And you know what? As that day went on I found two more of the exact pen lying around my house! I was an energetic match for what I wanted (simple as it was) and they started jumping at me!

I went to Yoga that morning, and I was sifting through my purse for some chapstick after class - I found another one of those pens.

Manifesting lots of something small could mean that something much bigger is on the way!
ps, if you're wondering, they are, in fact, these pens ;) 

Later on, I found TWO MORE on my nightstand.

The next morning, Matt was up early doing his Miracle Morning, and he, too has specific pens he uses for the process (different pens, though). He is notorious for losing pens, but particularly his miracle morning pens, so he's re-purchased them a few times. I told him of my pen phenomenon and we'd marveled over how silly and cool it was together. So on this morning he said to me, "Are you manifesting my pens, too? You can probably stop now!" He had found four of them over the past day!

It was wild, and the moral of this story is two-fold for me.

One, it's the truth - when you get excited and grateful and high-vibey over something, you attract more of it into your life. I love those stupid pens! So they all want to hang out with me, apparently.

Two, this experience was a confirmation of sorts. Matt and I both joked about why I couldn't manifest cash quite as flawlessly, and it's partially because there's a lot more complicated emotions tied up in money, right? There's stress and worry and guilt at times. So that certainly complicates things. But the pen story can also be seen as a hint that you're on the right track. Maybe it's just, quite literally, pens flooding at both of us - but who's to say it won't be dollar bills if we keep it up?

Here is a story from The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn:

Before Columbus reached America, he saw birds and twigs which showed him land was near. So it is with a demonstration; but often the student mistakes it for the demonstration itself, and is disappointed. 
A woman had "spoken the word" for a set of dishes. Not long afterwards a friend gave her a dish which was old and cracked. 
She came to me and said, "Well, I asked for a set of dishes, and all I got was a cracked plate." 
I replied, "The plate was only signs of land. It shows your dishes are coming - look upon it as birds and seaweed," and not long afterwards the dishes came.

Look up on it as birds and Seaweed: seeing small gifts as manifestation success stories

My pens are themselves a gift, but maybe they are also the birds and seaweed to my financial freedom?

Do you have any "pens" happening in your life? Could they, too be your birds and seaweed? Can you think of something small and simple like a pen to exercise your manifesting muscles?

I wish you love & high vibes! xo

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Matilda Jane Baby Shower & Vault Items!

If you haven't already seen, I wanted to tell you that Matilda Jane has released TWO bonus lines between the February & March trunks! I don't want you to miss out - because,'s all gorgeous.

The first is a set of Vault items in low quantities - they've held out longer than expected, but word on the street is that inventory is shrinking, so they are likely to disappear soon!

Here's how some of my sister TKs have matched the vault items with other The Adventure Begins pieces and MJ from previous seasons:

Vault Emilia
PINK DRESS // MJC Vault Gentle Heart Emilia
BOW LEGGINGS // MJC Ready to Go Leggings

Vault Emilia with petal faster leggings
PINK DRESS // MJC Vault Gentle Heart Emilia
GIRLS RUFFLE LEGGINGS // MJC Pedal Faster Leggings
BUTTERFLY TOP // MJC Playtime in the Sun Top

PINAFORE TOP // MJC One Moment Knot Top
RUFFLE PANTS // MJC Vault Easy Peasy Big Ruffles

Matilda Jane Vault Ruffles
BUTTERFLY TOP // MJC Butterfly Kisses Tunic
RUFFLE PANTS // MJC Vault Easy Peasy Big Ruffles

Vault Emilia Dress
PINK DRESS // MJC Vault Gentle Heart Emilia
BOW LEGGINGS // MJC Ready to Go Leggings
RUFFLE LEGGINGS // MJC Busy Bee Leggings
FLORAL TUNIC // MJC Dancing Away Top

Vault Yellow Lap Dress
MJC Vault Good Vibes Lap Dress

So, so cute, right? I love both Vault dresses and the pink striped ruffles so much - like, a lot a lot. If I only had a little girl!

Speaking of little girls...the other mini-line is designed to outfit a baby shower!

It's full of goodies that can help you craft gorgeous tea parties and garden parties and Easter brunch in addition to the sweetest baby sprinkle there ever was! I want this table runner just to keep in my dining room all the time!

Matilda Jane Vibrant Bouquet Table Runner

MJ Table Runners

The diaper bag (which is coated on the outside for easy wiping, and outfitted with pockets and zippers galore) is made from the same gorgeous fabrics as the runner above.

Do you think if I left the changing pad at home, I could get away with just using it as a messenger bag? ;)

Matilda Jane Diaper Bag

The Adventure Begins Baby Bag

Matilda Jane Crossbody Baby Bag

There's a tote, too, made from similarly gorgeous patterns, and this could totally pass for just a gorgeous spring tote - with or without baby in tow.

MJC Baby Shower Tote

The Adventure Begins tote inside

Also in the baby line? A gorgeous baby blanket, a fun pennant bunting, and another beautiful table runner.

What's your fav? If you had to choose between the bags, which one would you go with? (I'm a bag hoarder, so....I'd personally say both - ha.)

You can see everything HERE if you'd like a big-picture view of it all, and if there's anything you love-love-love and want help ordering, let me know! I'd looooove to help you outfit your decor for spring, or help you plan a springy gathering!

PS - to keep up to date on all of MJC's releases, as well as the rest of my posts, pop your email into the link below & get my newsletter delivered to your inbox! xo

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Friday, February 17, 2017

5 (non-English) Soul Words To Live By

5 Words for Your Soul: positive guiding ideas for your daily life

I read a lot - could you have guessed? ;)

In my literary exploration, I often come across words and quotes and phrases that speak to me or intrigue me, and I jot them down. I tend to gather lots of them from self-help and spiritual books, but I've even picked them up through fiction.

Yoga has broadened my horizons, too - to not only a more peaceful life, but to a new language, a new way of thinking, and lots of ancient wisdom.

It's also probably no giant secret that I am simply a lover of words, and a big proponent of The Desire Map and unearthing your core desired feelings.

And so, I collect words. Words from other languages and dialects intrigue me most of all.

Here are five that I've been loving lately, and a few ways you can bring them into your home.

Five unique words to help guide you in life.

Irie (pronounced eye-ree)
A Rastafarian greeting used in Jamaica meaning "alright". It's also described as positive, powerful, good vibes, pleasing, and feeling great. When I found this term, it was through a character in a novel and she was discussing how its origins are spiritual - a deeper meaning of being alright with the world, with the Universe, with God - being in a alignment with the greatest good. I like to see it as the state of manifesting, and I feel it as a carefree deep breath on a sunny day. (PS, it's also a baby name.)

Irie Welcome Mat by One Summer Lifestyle on Etsy
Irie Welcome Mat, $25 - One Summer Lifestyle

Irie Print by Mango and Design on Etsy
Feeling Irie Print, $5.49 - Mango and Design

Hygee (pronounced hue-gah)
A Danish word that represents a pleasurable feeling you get by living intentionally through trivial, every day moments in an attempt to make them more beautiful or meaningful. Hygee is simply domestic mindfulness. Think candles, blankets, hot cups of tea, fireside nooks. It's kind of a trendy craze at the moment, though I haven't dove very deeply into it - I recieved a book on it for Christmas that I have yet to crack but I'm going to this month! There's a special emphasis on hygge during the winter months, so it's a great time to explore it. (I won't lie to you though, I pronounce it hi-ge every time I see it.)

Chunky Knit Throw by The Knit Therapy on Etsy
Chunky Knit Throw, $80+ - The Knit Therapy

Hygge Mug by Suzy Hackett UK on Etsy
Hygge Mug, $12.73 - Suzy Hackett UK

Hygge Sweatshirt by Little Pancake Co on Etsy
Hygge Sweatshirt, $48.37 - Little Pancake Co

Santosha (pronounced san-toe-shuh)
A Sanskrit word, also one of Yoga's Niyamas, meaning completely content. It, too, is a word that represents mindfulness, but it's more specifically about showing up to every moment with all that you are. It's not looking over the fence, it's not always seeking "someday," it's not multitasking. This is a quote from one of my morning study books, The Yamas & Niyamas:

"Santosha invites us into contentment by taking refuge in a calm center, opening our hearts in gratitude for what we do have, and practicing the paradox of 'not seeking.' "

Santosha Bracelet by Indo Love on Etsy
Santosha Bracelet, $18+ - Indo Love

Santosha Necklace by Uniquely Yours 703 on Etsy
Santosha Necklace, $85 - Uniquely Yours 703

Ahimsa (pronounced uh-him-suh)
Also Sanskrit and the first of Yoga's Yamas meaning non-harming or nonviolence. It works both outwardly and inwardly - a reminder to not carry a harmful presence through the world, but also in the treatment of yourself. Even in yoga classes, my instructor reminds us to practice ahimsa if a pose is too difficult for us. The same goes for your daily life and how you treat yourself despite responsibilities and a full schedule.

Ahimsa Sign by Mandalas by Ariell on Etsy
Ahimsa Sign, $20 - Mandalas by Ariell

Ahimsa Ring by Love Libby X on Etsy
Ahimsa Ring, $11.58 - Love LibbyX

Runa (pronounced roo-nuh)
A Kichwa word meaning fully alive. Roughly translated, it means living human being, but some have adapted the more spiritual feel of the word. Being fully alive would likely suggest being fully present as well - our awareness creates our reality, right? I guess I am attracted to words of mindfulness!

Runa Pendant by Svens Wire Names on Etsy
Runa Pendant, $19.95 - Svens Wire Names

Which is your favorite? They are all heart words for me - I feel as though I carry them around with me every day like a security blanket. (Word nerd.)

Tell me what spoke to you, and what you'd add? :)

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