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Happier Podcast Challenge

If you haven't already gotten the hint, I'm a bit of a Gretchen Rubin superfan, and the Happier podcast is a tool that has already brought a lot to my life. I never set out to actually follow the advice given, though, and I thought starting a new year with new, pretty goals would be the perfect time to make a challenge out of it.

Below I've documented all of the "Try this at home" tips, "Happiness Hacks" and "Know Yourself" questions mentioned on all of the Happier podcast episodes. The goal is to work through them one by one, in order, with the exception of those that need to jump ahead in line because of a special circumstance (like a vacation or a holiday.)

As I complete them, I'll post about my experience and link them here. Join me? :)

Try This At Home
1. Try the 1 minute rule. (episode 1)
Complete any task that can be finished in under a minute.
2. Set an alarm to help you get to bed on time. (episode 2)
3. Make your bed. (episode 3)
4. Keep a one sentence journal. (episode 4)
5. Embrace good smells. (episode 5)
6. Try a weekly power hour. (episode 6)
Schedule an hour to take care of nagging tasks that have no clear timing.
7. Treat yourself like a toddler. (episode 7)
8. Give warm hellos and good-byes. (episode 8)
9. Treat Yo'Self. (episode 9)
10. Make the positive argument. (episode 11)
11. Indulge in a modest splurge. (episode 12)
12. Stop reading a book if you don't enjoy it. (episode 13)
13. Cultivate a shrine. (episode 14)
14. Be a tourist in your own city. (episode 15)
15. Imitate a spiritual master. (episode 16)
16. Have an exact place for everything. (episode 17)
17. Buy an experience. (episode 18)
18. Enjoy the fun of failure. (episode 19)
19. Make a Friend Happier. (episode 20)
Share the podcast.
20. Join or start a group. (episode 21)
21. Save string. (episode 22)
Find a place to keep all the little pieces of your ideas.
22. Choose an office or family TV show. (episode 23)
23. Take photos of everyday life. (episode 24)
24. Stand up straight. (episode 25)
25. Brainstorm for fifteen minutes a day. (episode 25)
26. Use sustainable honesty. (episode 25)
27. Eat from the fridge, not the pantry. (episode 25)
28. Pick a one-word theme for the year. (episode 26)
29. Choose the bigger life. (episode 27)
30. Don’t interview for pain. (episode 28)
Reframe questions in the positive - use suggestive wording. "Did you feel good today?" "Is your headache better?"
31. Lower the bar. In other words — cribbing from Voltaire — don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. (episode 29)
32. Give yourself a mission when you have free time. (episode 30)
33. Stalk yourself on Facebook. (episode 30)
34. Observe a threshold ritual. (episode 31)
35. Raise the bar. (episode 32)
36. Try a boot camp for yourself. (episode 33)
37. Have an uncomfortable conversation. (episode 34)
38. Take the Four Tendencies quiz. (episode 35)
39. Think about a few people in your life, identify their Tendencies, and try to put that knowledge to use. (episode 36)
40. Say “yes” to something that makes you uncomfortable. (episode 36)
41. Help an Obliger to figure out a system of outer accountability so the Obliger can meet an inner expectation. (episode 37)
42. Come up with a motto for your Tendency. (episode 38)
43. Get fired. (episode 39)
44. What’s your Try This at Home for staying happier, healthier, and more productive over the holidays? (episode 40)
45. Take one thing with you. (episode 41)
46. Act the way you want to feel. (episode 42)
47. Reach out to other members of your Tendency. (episode 43)
48. Have an end-of-the-year ritual. (episode 44)
49. Write letters to your children. (episode 44)
50. Identify your special places. (episode 45)
51. Don’t get organized. (Get rid of it.) (episode 46)
52. Control your exit. (episode 47)
Have an escape/leaving plan.
53. Create a temporary photo gallery in your house. (episode 48)
54. Travel without tears. (episode 49)
55. Burn or burn. (episode 49)
Set up a punishment system for not completing a task (his is burning money for not going to the gym)
56. Turn off the internet. (episode 49)
57. Ask for a favor. (episode 50)
58. Disguise the fact that you can’t remember something important about someone. (episode 51)
59. What would happen if I ignore this? (episode 52)
60. Put the word “meditation” after any activity you’re finding dull. (episode 53)
61. Have a system for switching bags. (episode 55)
62. Schedule time to worry. (episode 56)
63. Choose a mantra for the day. (episode 57)
64. Find your “area of refuge.” (episode 58)
65. Find your lucky charm. (episode 59)
66. Let people do their job. (episode 60)
67. Stop apologizing. (episode 61)
Use thank you statements instead.
68. Don’t accumulate excessive amounts of things. (episode 62)
69. Have a password strategy. (episode 63)
70. Go slow to go fast. (episode 64)
71. Enjoy your home’s special features. (episode 65)
72. Only give advice when it’s asked for. (episode 66)
73. Design your summer. (episode 67)
74. Show up on time. (episode 68)
75. Give someone a surprise treat. (episode 69)
76. Remember to ask for advice. (episode 70)
77. Choose a signature color. (episode 71)
78. Have room of your own. (episode 72)
79. Get rid of something as soon as it becomes useless. (episode 73)
80. Pick your “yearbook quote. (episode 74)
81. Develop a minor expertise. (episode 75)
82. Write your own manifesto. (episode 76)
83. Go on an errand date. (episode 77)
84. Seek out silence. (episode 78)
85. Revive a dormant friendship. (episode 79)
86. Give people something specific to talk about. (episode 81)
87. Make a to-do list, or a could-do list. (episode 82)
88. Read three magazines that you don’t usually read. (episode 83)
89. It’s often easier to do something every day than to do it some days. (episode 84)
90. Have something to look forward to. (episode 85)
91. Be the bearer of good news (at least sometimes). (episode 86)
92. Identify your “Happiness 911” song. (episode 87)
93. Celebrate a holiday breakfast. (episode 88)
94. Control the cubicle in your pocket. (episode 89)
95. Figure out what you’d do using the Essential Seven, to make your life happier, healthier, more productive, or more creative: Eat & drink more healthfully, exercise regularly, save spend and earn wisely, rest relax and enjoy, stop procrastinating make consistent progress, simplify clear and organize, engage more deeply with other people, God, yourself, and the world. (episode 90)
96. Delete or disable soul-sucking, productivity-depleting, creativity-sapping apps. (episode 91)
97. Leave something unsaid. (episode 92)
98. When you’re feeling blue, find something to admire. (episode 93)
99. Don’t treat yourself. (episode 94)
100. Practice mise-en-place. (episode 95)
101. Set your holiday intention; in other words, figure out what you intend to get from your holiday experience. (episode 96)
102. Start your own happiness project. (episode 97)

Happiness Hacks
1. Get a toile paper stand. (episode 64)
2. Try using TimeHop. (episode 75)
3. Bring your own condiments. (episode 76)
4. Use bins to organize shared space. (episode 77)
5. Park at the far end of the parking lot. (episode 81)
6. If you often run out of something, grab it whenenver you're out. (episode 82)
7. Make use of the iphone reminders app. (episode 83)
8. Keep a garbage bag in the car. (episode 84)
9. Use a "bowl of requirement" when traveling. (episode 85)
10. During or after a vacation, read books set in your vacation location. (episode 86)
11. Buy a journal for each member of your house in which to keep medical notes. (episode 88)
12. Mail an actual invitation to a family gathering. (episode 89)
13. Make homemade place-cards for a holiday. (episode 91)
14. If it’s important to someone that you eat a lot when you’re eating at this person’s house, take a tiny first portion so you can take “seconds.” (episode 92)
15. Wash your face as soon as you put your kids to bed. (episode 93)
16. If you travel, put something unforgettable in the safe so you don't forget things. (episode 94)
17. Pack a canvas tote bag in your suitcase. (episode 95)
18. Build a graham cracker house. (episode 96)
19. To deal with unloading the dryer, I tell myself I only have to fold five items. That gets me started. (episode 97)

Know yourself
1. Are you a satisficer or a maximizer? (episode 1)
2. Are you an “abstainer” or a “moderator” when it comes to resisting a strong temptation? (episode 2)
3. Are you a Marathoner or a Sprinter, when working? (episode 4)
4. Ask yourself the uncomfortable question, “Whom do I envy?” (episode 6)
5. What did you do for fun when you were ten years old? (episode 8)
6. Are you a simplicity-lover or an abundance-lover? (episode 11)
7. Do you prefer to savor or spree when you’re enjoying certain pleasures? (episode 23)
8. What’s your “tell?” (episode 27)
9. What are your personal symbols? (episode 31)
10. Would you like to have more time to spend with friends, or more time in solitude — or both? (episode 39)
11. What’s the thing that’s the essential element of the holiday for you? (episode 40)
12. Is there a New Year’s resolution that you’ve made over and over? (episode 45)
13. Do you prefer to cooperate or compete? (episode 50)
14. Do you prefer to discuss difficult subjects at length — or do you prefer to keep it short? (episode 55)
15. Do you prefer variety or familiarity? (episode 61)
16. What do you lie about? (episode 64)
17. Are you an alchemist or a leopard?  (episode 71)
18. Do you feel pulled more toward work, or toward leisure? (episode 78)
19. Are you a hedgehog or a fox? (episode 83)
20. Have you ever been made angry or upset by a well-intentioned gift? (episode 85)
21. If the people around you could change one of your habits, what would they change? (episode 89)
22. What’s your activity level? Some people like a faster pace, some people like a slower pace. (episode 93)

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