Clothes, you guys.

I didn't grow up being taught to love them the way I do. In fact, for most of my early adulthood I was perfectly content with wearing only second-hand leftovers and shopping for basic tees and jeans once a year.

My system was simple - update my wadrobe at tax return time (in Feb/March) and my birthday weekend (labor day).

That lasted until my kids started their school years, and I found myself out in public every day of the week. Suddenly, I not only cared to look more put together, but I had fun doing it. I became obsessed with shopping Target clearance racks and every last one of Matilda Jane's Good Luck Trunks. I went buckwild on Instagram resale boutiques. I scooped up Gap sales like my life depended on it. I hunted down treasures in thrift stores and joined mailing lists for all of the popular fashion websites so I'd know about their sales.

And now? I'm a professional.

HA! No I'm not.

What I mean is...I am an employed fashion consultant. Well, self-employed. And...totally winging it.

But my point is that it's now literally MY JOB to play with, style, share and sell clothes every day of the week. Constantly. All the time.

And I freaking love it.

I would love it if you'd let me be your stylist for Matilda Jane, of course, but I'm happy with you just following along with my posts. And in case you're into real life mom style, too, here's some stats:

In My Closet: Matilda Jane, Target, Old Navy, Gap, Simply Sage Market, Mindy Mae's Market

Height: 5'5"

Size: 4-6, Small (some XS or Medium depending on brands)

Shoes: 9

Fav Colors To Wear
: Black, Grey, Blue, Pink, Purple, Dark Green

Colors I Avoid: Red, Some Yellows, Light Greens

Fav Patterns: Solids, Florals, Polka Dots, Some Stripes

Fav Fashion Posts
-Matilda Jane
-Shopping Jenn
-Style September


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