Meet The Fam


Age: 34

Job(s): Stay at Home Mom, Blogger, Professional Coffee Drinker.

Favorite Things: Coffee, Books, Clothes, Chocolate, Harry Potter, Flowers, Nail Polish, Target, Holidays, Crafting, Storms, Yoga, Lavender, Disney World, Thrifting.

Not-so-favorite-things: Cardio, Bad Grammar, School Pickup Line Jerks, Being Called Jennifer.

When I Grow Up I want to be: A Writer


Age: 38

Job(s): Computer Nerd with a side of legal stuff

Favorite Things: Cars, Tae Kwon Do, Anything With a Motor, The Outdoors, Sports, Any Movie or Show That Takes Place in Space or Middle Earth 

Not-so-favorite-things: Slow walkers, country music

When I Grow Up I want to be: A Business Owner


Age: 10

Grade: 5th

Favorite Things: Pokemon, YouTube, Minecraft, Holidays and Celebrations, Babies

Not-so-favorite-things: Mondays, Doctors Appointments

When I Grow Up I want to be: A Youtuber


Age: 8

Grade: 3rd

Favorite Things: Godzilla, Mommy, Pizza, Grandmas, Pikachu, Climbing, Puppies

Not-so-favorite-things: Soup

When I Grow Up I want To Be: A Daddy


Age: 5

Grade: Kindergarten

Favorite Things: Airplanes, Food (all of it!), Animals, His Brothers, Galli

Not-so-favorite-things: Strangers, Bees

When I Grow Up I Want To Be: A Pilot


Age: 4

Breed: German Shepphard, Weimaraner, Shar Pei

Favorite Things: Tennis Balls, Her Cheeseburger Toy, Walks, Treats, Playing With Her Family, Other Dogs, Nana

Not-so-favorite-things: Being alone

About Her Name: Gallifrey is the planet that the doctor is from on Doctor Who. Her middle name is Joplin, which was her name in her foster home as a puppy. We most often call her Galli.

White Kitty

Ages: 15

Favorites: Cuddles, Pets, Kitty Toys, Being Alone

Not-so-Favorites: Galli

RIP, Edward...we miss you.

Our Wedding Day: August 11, 2007