Monday, December 23, 2019

Holiday Happenings 2019

I'm not sure how Christmas is only two days away, but here we are.
This has been a seriously fast season! And we've been up to a lot lately.

It can get pretty tiring, but I know that this busy phase of life only exists when my littles are little, so I try to enjoy every minute of it! And I love to craft ways for us to spend time together and make memories while we still can.

It's hard to say where our season started! We like to start celebrating early, and our tree goes up the weekend before Thanksgiving to make that holiday weekend simpler. I think that our first real celebration may have been our annual North Pole Breakfast!

It's one of our favorite traditions - the boys' elf (Snowflake Little Bear) brings a big, sugary breakfast to share with the boys over the first weekend of December. Our first year with the elf was all the way back in 2011 when Henry was a baby, and he's been carrying on the tradition ever since! (So cute seeing little Luke back then!)

Matt and I went for our annual shopping day out, and it was a snowy winter wonderland! It's so nice to get out by ourselves, share some Starbucks and lunch between stops to pick out gifts together. It's one of my very favorite holiday traditions! I was so thankful that the weather cooperated and gave us a perfectly Christmasy day for it!!

Our day off was on a Wednesday, and that Friday we went to pick out the tree for my in-law's house. They are snow bunnies and spend the majority of their winter months in Florida so they don't have tons of time to get their house ready for the holiday when they travel back. We help them out by getting their tree, and it gives us the "real tree" experience since we us a fake tree in our house. I love that the boys get to grow up with both! It was a slushy, cold night, but we found a perfectly shaped tree and warmed up with hot cocoa and a fire.

Over the next week, I attended all 3 of the boys' holiday parties at school. I was terrible at taking pictures, though! I'm a room mom in Jake's class and was too busy helping all the kids to stop for photos, and Luke's party was pretty chaotic. So I only have some shots from Henry's party. I feel bad that I didn't document the others, but oh well!

We've had some awesome, cozy moments at home...just watching movies and reading books!

We made cookies this weekend - baked cutouts Friday evening and decorated them Saturday morning. We also made peanut butter kisses. I kept it simple with just those two types this year - I didn't feel like marathon baking this year with everything else going on, and I felt like we could all use a little cut-back on the sugar intake!

That didn't stop us from making a gingerbread house, though. I put this together for them Sunday morning and then let them go at it without any guidance. Uh...they went for maximum coverage over appearance, clearly...haha.

Today we're just relaxing around the house, mostly, cleaning up here and there, and finishing the rest of the wrapping before all of the festivities begin! We have 4 main celebrations over the next two days, followed by a family outing day...all of which should make it to our yearly Christmas video. I can't wait to share it - we added something new this year that I really love! :)

I hope your holiday season has been full of fun and memories, and that you're all looking forward to an amazing Christmas (or Hanukkah currently, or anything else you may celebrate)!!!

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