Monday, December 16, 2019

Fall Trip to Penn Yan

I was the actual worst at documenting Fall.

I had so many fun, juicy things to share, but I was super busy for a stupid long time, and then spent most of November sick. SO before I jump into the holidays here, I wanted to at least squeak in one fall-ish moment that I'd like to hang onto for the future. And that is - our mostly-annual fall trip to the lake.

It's my favorite trip to the lake all year. I just love the colors on the trees, the warm cozy fires, the comfort foods, the inaugural viewing of Elf. Happy, happy, happy.

This year, we left home on the evening of November 1st so we could wake up there Saturday morning and have the full day to enjoy. We played Mad Libs on the way, which the kids (especially Luke) really loved, and stopped for the traditional road trip fast food dinner.

In the morning, we made a quick breakfast and then got ready to head into town. I LOVE the little village of Penn Yan. It's quaint, but it has a mixture of old timey-ness and indie hipster trends, arts, and charitable non-profit shops and destinations. We never find enough time to hang out there when we visit, so I was determined to make it there this year. Small town Main Street in fall? Such a vibe.

Our first stop was to a thrift shop that donates all of their income to local charities. It was on multiple floors, room after room of goodies, and I wish I had more time to browse!

Next we stopped for coffee at a shop we discovered over the summer and loved called Amity.

My mom and I got delicious lattes (did I mention my mom came with us? haha) and the boys got chocolate milk. I loved sitting in these windows and watching Main Street go by!

After enjoying our drinks, we stopped in some other stores and I had so much fun just soaking in the small town vibes. My mom bought some gluten free mini quiche's for us to have for lunch from Milly's Pantry. They're a nonprofit shop and cafe that uses their income to feed kids on the weekends when they don't have access to school food, and gifts them with all the school supplies they need to start each new school year. They had a lot of really beautiful artwork - I loved the stone lake pictures!

The boys were getting cold and we were ready to move onto something new, so we decided to go to The Windmill. It's sort of an outdoor market/vendor fair and a lot of it is shut down in the off season (which it was). But we strolled around anyway, and Jake was thrilled to find a crystal shop where they sifted for gems. We also had a gorgeous view on our way home!

Back at the cottage, we got a fire going and spent some time just getting cozy. I sat right next to the fireplace to read, and it was the besssst!

As the day faded into evening (and it was a BEAUTIFUL, sunny day), we made chili and cornbread for dinner. With our bellies over-filled, we snuggled up together and watched Elf next to the fire. It was so great!

Daylight savings time ended while we slept overnight, which gave us an extra hour of sleep before packing up, cleaning, and hitting the road for home. It's always a quick trip, but I love it and look forward to it every year.

To see more pics and some video of our time at the lake in November, visit my Instagram and tap on my "The Lake" highlight. You'll have to tap through some of our previous trips (though those were fun, too!), but it's a beautiful place to lay your eyes on for a few minutes!

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