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Making Weight Watchers Feel Easy

Make Weight Watchers Feel Totally Easy with These 6 Simple Tips | I've mentioned it here and there - sprinkled in other posts - but I'm currently using Weight Watchers. This is my 4th time with WW (though the first time on this newest plan - I think I've been on all of them in the last decade). Weight Watchers is the way I get back on track with my health and fitness goals when I feel them slipping - it works for me. I am not a health nut. I am not athletic. I just like to stay within a healthy 10-pound range because that's where I feel the most ME and when I exceed it...this is how I get back to my happy place.

How I make Weight Watchers feel SO easy! |

It's been a little over a month since I signed up, and I'm already back into my happy range - I'm going to keep it up for another month or so until I hit my ultimate goal. And, maybe it's because I've used this system enough to get familiar with what works and what doesn't, but I've found that there are some little "bonus" rules or guidelines that make it feel like a total breeze.

Everyone's needs and experiences are different, of course, but I thought I'd share these little tips with you just in case you're stuck in a rut or aren't seeing the results you want.

Just a quick and obvious reminder: I'm NOT a medical professional, nutritionist, weight watchers employee, health coach, or anything other than a person using a diet plan with some tips to pass along to you. Please don't take anything I have to say as a rule or instruction - these are just tips that are working for me! And of course, you're beautiful no matter what. The only thing that is important is that YOU feel GOOD!

Intermittent Fasting
I'm not a total stickler about this, but I set a really simple rule for myself - no eating within 12 hours of the last thing I ate the previous day. Normally intermittent fasting is 12-16 hours of not eating, and the longer periods of time tend to be more helpful to women. 12-14 hours seems to be perfect for me. So if the last thing I ate for the day was at 7pm, I can't have breakfast until at least 7am. This is easy for me in summer - I usually don't eat until 9 or'll be a little trickier during the school year.

This is more than just a fad! There's something special about a cold carbonated drink when you have to turn down a lot of other things. I have one Lime LaCroix every day (either with my lunch or dinner), and it feels like such an indulgence even though it's 0 points. Pick your favorite flavor and ration yourself one every day.

Eat The Same Things
I get so overwhelmed by meal planning (there's just so many factors to picky tastes, budget, special diet factors) and whatever I can do to minimize the amount of energy required to decide what to eat is very welcome. One of the easiest ways I do this is by plotting out just 2 different breakfasts to rotate between for a few weeks. The ease it offers me in never thinking about breakfast is well worth the lack of variety. For lunch, I usually pick 1-2 things for the week, plus dinner leftovers (that are already WW approved). Plus, this way, if your breakfasts and lunches look nearly the same every day, you always have a good idea of how many points you have left to spend on your dinners.

Overdo It with Protein + Fat
If you're ever just STARVING or need a really fast snack on the go, pick a protein or a fat. So, there's the obvious: cheese, hard boiled eggs, nuts, avocados. But even on your plate at meal times: if you just feel like you need more, only let yourself "over do it" with the proteins and fats. (I mean, veggies are always safe, too, of course! But if you're starving and feeling like your stomach is on E that's probably not going to sound as appealing.) Be the most diligent about portion sizes and measuring with your carbs, starches, and fruits. The places to allow a little flexibility (because if you're a rebel like me, you need those outlets) are veggies, proteins, and fats.

Edy's Slow Churned Ice Cream
I am a chocoholic, and I cannot go very many days in a row without chocolate in my life. Also, I often find myself loading up 0-point foods for most of the day and ending up with 5-10 daily points left. It's important to eat almost all (if not all) of your daily points (I don't usually eat my weekly points but if you don't get enough daily, your body might hang out in starvation mode and not let go of some weight). So the way I get my chocolate fix, use up some daily points, and treat myself without going overboard is with Edy's Slow Churned Ice Cream. Depending on how many points are left in your day you can likely have 1/2-3/4 cup, and it is SO GOOD. It's lower fat than most ice creams yet still incredibly creamy. I almost always go for the chocolate, but the mint chocolate is also really good. (Also - when it comes to naughty treats, I always lean towards ice cream over other things - I'd rather have a higher fat treat then a fluffy, carby thing like cake or cookies.)

Plan Your Allowances
It's always good to have an escape plan for your cravings - and I don't mean keeping crates of baby carrots stocked in the house. Figure out where your chocolate fix is going to come from. Declare that you're allowed a second cup of black coffee if you feel sluggish (it's 0 points!). Plan to make a batch of healthy oatmeal breakfast cookies for your Sunday breakfast and look forward to it. If you're invited to a party where there will be cake, eat 0 point foods (there are SO many now!) all day so you can have a slice without second guessing or feeling any guilt at all.

Is there anything else you do to help you get through a diet without feeling like you're totally restricted? That's why I like WW, by the way - I feel like I can still live my life and enjoy myself even while I'm paying very close attention to what I'm eating!

Let me know if you have any other pointers or if you give any of these a try and they work for you!

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