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A Summer Day In The Life

Summer is quickly wrapping up - along with its free-flowing days with my boys at home. It's truly unfair how fast August flies, and how much I miss my guys when they're not all at home with me every day. Sigh.

So I thought it was time for a Day In The Life post before we hit the school year and our days completely change yet again! The day I followed was Friday, August 2nd.

A Summer Day In The Life DITL |

Summer and I are strange. I either sleep in until 9 or I'm up at 6, and for whatever reason I had an early streak going this week. We do have 2 early days each week (Monday and Tuesday) for golf lessons and babysitting my niece & nephew, but I wasn't up for any reason this day.

Boyfriend by Ariana Grande and Social House

Since it was so early, I played around on my phone for a bit and that of course included getting Ariana's new song that came out while I was sleeping.

kitten snuggles

While I was just messing around on my phone, Arya came to get me. She does this often...insists on attention very early in the morning, meowing loudly the whole time. She is the chattiest, most insistent cat I've ever known! I'm not complaining, she is the sweetest.

Happier Podcast by Gretchen Rubin and Elizabeth Craft

After waking up slowly and spending quality kitten time, I got up and opened the bedroom windows, made my side of the bed, then went to the bathroom for my morning routine (teeth, hair, face). Then I put on a podcast (I often do in the mornings) while I got a few things done.

Cuisinart coffee maker

I'm rarely up before Matt in the summer, but whoever gets up first has to make the coffee!

kittens waiting for breakfast

The natives were getting restless, so while the coffee brewed it was time to feed their tiny faces. They circle like sharks at meal time and their meows get louder and louder as you prep their food. Savages!!

mason jars as water glasses

With the babies fed, I let Galli out post-breakfast (she likes to go out before and after) and got my glass of water. I don't do it every morning, but I always at least try to have a glass of water before I even have my coffee.

The Bride Test by Helen Hoang

Coffee was done, so I sat down with a cup and my current book to read while the house was still quiet. Matt was up at this point, but all of the boys were still sleeping (bless!) Also, as I'm writing this, this book was 3 books ago already...this has been quite a bookish summer!

Passenger side of Dodge Grand Caravan

Matt was taking the van in this morning to get looked at for some problems it had been having lately. He asked me to help him clean it up quickly, so we went out and cleared out a bunch of stuff.

Chelsea Palmer on YouTube

Back in the house, I put on a bookish video while I made breakfast. I was still on my post-The Reading Rush book kick and watching everyone's wrap ups and hauls. This screen shot is of Chelsea Palmer.

easy weight watchers breakfast

I sat down to eat breakfast & refilled my coffee. My kids were starting to wake up around now so I'd made some extra eggs and they sat with me while we ate and we chatted about the day ahead.

Instacart Grocery Pickup through Tops

We needed some groceries pretty badly, so next I sat down to come up with a meal plan and then I placed a grocery order for us to pick up after archery.

Essie Bikini So Teeny

Groceries ordered and a little time to spare, I decided to repaint my nails. The kids were still sleepy and relaxing to cartoons and I knew this was probably the last quiet part of my day so it was a good time.

reading buddy

I read my book some more while I waited for my nails to dry, and my relentless buddy joined me. She's the sweetest ever.

Bad Guy by Billie Eilish

Shower time. I probably should have started getting ready sooner, but between waiting for my nails to dry and getting into my book, I was a little behind (as usual). I always put Pandora on for some music while I'm getting ready...this song is a favorite lately!

Showered, dressed, makeup on...I pulled some clothes from the boys' dressers for them to get dressed while I finished with my hair.

In the van and ready to go! (Which, I didn't mention, but Matt had brought the van back to us after it was looked at in the morning.) I didn't take any pictures of it, but they all ate a light lunch before we left, was party day at archery which is full of snacks, so they just ate sandwiches - Henry brought his to go.

Simply Cheetos white cheddar

We arrived at archery bearing cheetos. I forgot to take a picture because we did it SO fast, but we stopped at Rite Aid on the way to grab these.

Archery lessons for 8-12 year olds

Just hanging out at archery. The boys liked to dig while Luke did his thing (Henry actually had lessons the previous week, but this was the next level up that only Luke participated in). I usually brought a book to read, and I was trying to finish mine so I could drop it off and pick up some other holds that had come in at the library.

Curbside Grocery Pickup

I totally spaced on taking an actual photo so I just grabbed a screenshot as we were leaving, but we picked up our groceries right after archery.

library time in the summer

Next up was the library. I had to do my book swap, but we also just hung out and spent a little time there to get out of the house for a little while. The boys played giant connect 4 and Luke sat and read with me.

Back at home, I put all the groceries away and then gave the boys the all-clear for video games while I got some cleaning done. I still had a ton of sorting and organizing to do after swapping the boys rooms around the weekend before. We've had what I've been calling "the great displacement" where a lot of newness has created the need to find homes for things that have since lost their previous homes. Long story, but it involves a lot of weeding out the junk and creating new spaces for things. It's taking forever to get through!

loading the dishwasher the right way

I moved to the kitchen to take care of somethings in there and of course, needed something fun to get me through it.

I did dishes and got dinner moving. We had grilled tuna steaks, brown rice & green beans (which, I clearly forgot to photo).

attic treasures used book sale

Around 6, my littlest sister came to my house & then we drove together to a local fair called Summerfest with the singular goal of shopping for books - our shared passion. We spent nearly all of our time rifling through all of these boxes and making a few ridiculous maneuvers to get our hands on the good stuff. (Matt was at home playing with the boys so they weren't all bored to death by my extended book browsing!)

Buffalo Bills pin

I wasn't limited to books, though. I shop their whole sale (called Attic Treasures) to scour for cute holiday decorations and cool frames or kitchy pieces of art, and sometimes....something hilarious. I didn't get this, but I joked with my mom that I was going to get it for her. She loves obnoxious Bills paraphernalia. I DID however get her a beaded Bills necklace with a football helmet "charm" on it, and I went to give it to her down at the beer tent. She was there with my aunt watching the band.

She put it on right away and wore it the rest of the night - haha!

summerfest at st. christopher's 2019

Gabbie (my little sister) and I hung out with them for a while and lost our voices over the incredibly loud music. Seriously - that's not me being a crotchety old lady about live music, it was louder than a concert...impossible to hear each other talk!! We were also enlisted to go and buy food for them, and we ran into some family on our way.

My other sister showed up and insisted we re-take our group selfie!

And this is where my day sort of unravels in that I forgot to take more pictures! Gabbie and I drove back to my house and she came in to visit for a few and discuss locations for our upcoming book club meeting. I showed my stack of book finds to Matt, Gabbie went home, and then we got the boys ready for bed and tucked in.

Truly Madly Royally by Debbie Rigaud

This was the next time it dawned on me to take a photo, and I was already post-bedtime routine and reading myself to sleep (a new book - I'd finished the other one at the library earlier in the day).

I sufficiently tired myself out, and it was time to sleep!

We've had such a full, fun summer...I can't believe we only have a few weeks left (sob!)

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I love seeing how they change over time! :)

PS - I'm looking for a co-host or two that would like to feature seasonal Day In The Life posts with me. Let me know if you'd be interested! Shoot me an email at Jenn(at)enrychment(dot)com

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