Monday, July 29, 2019

Currently July

Current Book(s)
The Spirit Almanac by Emma Loewe
Educated by Tara Westover
Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty
Evidence of the Affair by Taylor Jenkins Reid
The Rest of the Story by Sarah Dessen
If I'm Being Honest by Emily Wibberly
The Upside of Falling Down by Rebekah Crane
The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee
Hope and Other Punchlines by Julie Buxbaum
Hot Dog Girl by Jennifer Dugan
Poke The Box by Seth Godin
Wild Blue Wonder by Carlie Sorosiak
The Deal of a Lifetime by Fredrik Backman
The Flatshare by Beth O'Leary
The Magic Path of Intuition by Florence Scovell Shinn
The Story of the Beauty and the Beast by Gabrielle de Villenueve
The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren
Better Off Friends by Elizabeth Eulberg (currently reading)

It's been a busy month ;)

Current Music
Bad Guy by Billie Eilish, Truth Hurts by Lizzo, Wow by Post Malone

Current Focuses
SO much. I mean technically I guess shopping & Nordstrom sales lately, but now I'm trying to milk every ounce of summer from here on out. Getting things organized & enjoying our time in a good balance.

Current Random Happenings
We moved the kids bedrooms around and it was a PRODUCTION. But I'm really excited about it.

Jake lost his 6th tooth and he hasn't even started Kindergarten yet. It's insane. Granted, we held him back a year (his birthday is late in the year and we wanted him to have more of an advantage), but still. He's not even 6 yet. He's lost more teeth than he his years old. What the heck.

Current Guilty Pleasure
YA romances. Really any book with a romance element. Oh, and making Rainbow Loom bracelets 'cause it's supposed to be for like, tween girls, but I'm obsessed.

Current Celebrity Crush
I don't really have one at the moment. Maybe John Krasinski, still, because I'm still watching through The Office (for about the 6th time) while I do chores, and he's in town filming his movie and locals bump into him all the time and WHEN IS IT MY TURN.

Current Nail Color
Essie's Bikini So Teeny. Is it even summer if I don't have a phase with it? I'd argue that it's their best color of all time. I think many would agree with me.

Current Outfit
Okay so, I'm in pj's...leggings, and a blush trapeeze tank from Gap. But overall, I've been doing this wear it all challenge and documenting it over on my Instagram so that I actually wear ALL of my clothes instead of the same 10 things. And I'm having a total blast with it. I'm wearing alllll kinds of stuff lately.

Current Slang
Hmm, nothing right now.

Current Drink
Coffee, Lime LaCroix, Water, sometimes Sun Tea. Not much else.

Current Food
Well...I'm doing Weight Watchers. This is my 4th time on the program, which may sound like I'm a failure? lol But I don't see it that way. I like to try and stay within a healthy weight range, but I also like to not think too hard about food every single day of my life - especially around holidays and birthdays. Their program has always worked better than anything for me to keep me in check - I have to loose weight with food first, and THEN add exercise, or I'll screw it up because working out makes me HANGRY!

So anyway...I've only been doing it for 2 weeks and I'm just about to dip into my happy range, so it's going really well! I'd like to loose about 10 more pounds, so I'll likely be doing this for another month or so. And with their new system, I eat a ton of everything that's 0 points. So I've been hoovering eggs, bananas, berries, bell peppers, green beans, broccoli, carrots, garbanzo beans, and drinking lime lacroix because it feels like a treat.

Current TV Show
The Office...just watching through it during chores.

Current App
WW, Eufy, Wizards Unite

Current Pastime
Reading, watching Booktube videos, making rainbow loom anklets, playing with clothes/outfits

Current Wish List
-a nice chambray shirt for fall outfits (i just requested one from stitch fix, we shall see!)
-stitch fix cash money ;)

Current Needs
A maid.

Current Bane of My Existence
Keeping the house clean with all the kids at home alllll the tiiiiime.

Current Quote
"Human nature is to need a map. If you're brave enough to draw one, people will follow." -Seth Godin

Current Picture

She's just so freaking cute. I should probably blog about who she is... ;)

Current Blessing
Summertime in general. I just love the warm days, allll the sunshine, how green everything is, the late nights with no worries of having places to be early in the morning, the extra-fun stuff we've been up to, the time to read, the space for projects to get done. Sigh. Love you, summer.

Current Excitement
The Attic Treasures sale is this weekend and I'm SO EXCITED! I can't wait to get a bunch of books and look for some cute cute tchotchkes.

Current Mood
Happy, Motivated, Energized, Content

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