Wednesday, July 31, 2019

All the things I haven't posted about this Summer.

I could keep this reeeal short & sweet and just say - everything. All of it.
(We all know I'm not gonna do that, though.)

My last "life" post was about my kids being done with school, and I haven't really said much of anything since then. Which is wild, because there's been A LOT.

Like for starters - did you know we added to the family? x2? If you follow me on IG then there's no way you didn't know (sorry lol), but the heck did I not introduce these two?! I still feel like they deserve their own post, so I'll just give you the cliff notes.

We brought home this brother & sister duo on June 5th, and within a few days settled on their names - Kaiju Porkchop & Arya Amelia. Before you think we're weirdos for double-naming our cats, I should tell you that we have a common practice of keeping our pets' foster names as their middle name (if they come with one). It makes for some creative names, for sure. (Our dog is Gallifrey Joplin.)

They were born on March 27th, making them 18 weeks today. I'll share more about them (and their names) in their own post, but they have become quick Rych Fam fixtures, for sure.

Peony season came and went - somehow. I had terrible allergies around this time because of the Cottonwood trees, and I was suffering so much I was afraid to sniff these as much as I would have liked to! My mother-in-law has an awesome peony bush (I have one too, but it's a fraction of the size and usually only gives me 1-2 blooms a year), and she lets me take an enormous bouquet at the start of each summer.

We hosted a tie-dye party and had family over to make fun tee shirts and pillow cases. We ate snacks and colored everything in sight while the kids played in the yard after finishing their own shirts. We LOVE how they turned out, and have been wearing them lots!

We made use of my mom's pool, which makes Henry the happiest kid in the world. He's for sure the swimmer of the family - by a long shot. He was mad at me for making him wear a life jacket the whole time...he is a strong swimmer without one, but my mom's pool is deep and there were so many people in and out that I was a stickler about it. I told him later in the summer when it's just us...he's been asking constantly. ;)

He wasn't able to get back in the pool for a bit, because a couple days later he took his first trip to the ER. It was a loooong, exhausting, stressful night. During a sleepover at his Grandparent's, he was being chased around their ping pong table and tried to climb on it to get away and the corner caught his leg and tore it open. Was that graphic? Sorry lol. I was trying to keep it as detail-free as I could, but make it clear enough that it was a large enough cut to require stitches. He got 8 stitches that kept him out of the water for a couple weeks, and out of everything - that is what he was the most upset about.

We took a trip to the lake while our family from Arizona was in town. Here's some of the highlights...

Jake caught his first fish! His reaction was the cutest!!

I got some awesome reading time in.

We checked out the cutest little coffee place in downtown Penn Yan and I LOVED it there! The coffee was amazing, and it was such a perfect mixture of quaint small town and trendy hipster that I immediately conjured up dreams of setting up shop at one of their window tables to write. Seriously, though - look at the pictures !

We took our now-annual family dabbing picture at Oak Hill. (You can see last year's here.)

The night we came back from the lake, we went out for dinner at Clarence Pizza. They have a great patio to eat on and the weather was so perfect for a dinner outside. We had the whole thing ourselves. And it was SO. GOOD. Our favorite Gluten Free bakery supplies their GF pizza crust - it was probably the best pizza we've had since going gluten free!

It cracked me up how they were all sitting similarly while we were there - everyone was so tired after a few days on the lake!

Jake went through a "crude tools" phase. Eh, I don't think he's really out of it just yet, but he hasn't been quite as obsessive the past couple weeks. He talked non-stop about how he was going to fashion an axe or a pickaxe or a bow out of misc materials. He'd even look up videos on how to do it and then swear he knew how. With a little help, he did have a few (sort of) successes. I mean, they got built...but they didn't exactly perform, haha.

My niece taught me how to rainbow loom, and I have become obsessed - even learning new bracelet styles and working on them whenever I'm sitting still. Can't stop won't stop.

We've been to the drive-in to see movies. Like, A LOT. I think we've been 4 times already? That sounds right. The last time we went, we coordinated with a bunch of family and we all went together to see Toy Story 4. The weather was gorgeous, the movie was cute, and we had so much fun all being together. Loved this night! (I'm in the middle of the 2 vans with Jake in my lap - can you spot my cousin's daughter that looks like my mini-me? She's always looked like my child!)

On the 4th, we had some simple celebrations - just the 5 of us. Everyone was either out of town or had other plans, and while I don't mind that...I did wish we had a little more togetherness. We made the best of it! We had a great lunch of chicken sausage with peppers and pasta salad in the heat (my goodness it was hottttt), shared a flag cake, and then had a great time at the fireworks.

We had family over for dinner one night, and I'm sharing only because the kebabs were SO pretty. The color alone was delicious!

Our nephew ended up staying overnight that night, actually.

Matt and the boys camped in the backyard with him while I (happily) stayed inside with the air conditioning and, ya know, the mattress. I did come out and join them for breakfast, though - in fact it was me that slaved over the hot fire to make pancakes and sausage for everyone. I kept thinking, why am I not making this inside on my perfectly good stove? haha

We went and got our free slurpees on 7/11!

We've spent a lot of time reading in the mornings, and Luke has started to join us (which makes my nerdy, bookish heart SO happy!)

Our H turned 8! I try to always write out a whole post to them on their birthdays and I feel so bad that I didn't (for posterity's sake), but man, this Summer has just been so full.

I had a hard time getting good photos, but I just loooved Henry's little smirk and sweet, genuine reactions while he was opening his gifts. He was so, so cute and just so happy to be celebrated.

The day after Henry's birthday, Matt had to go out of town for work. We tried to keep busy to pass the time! The boys have been taking golf lessons on Mondays, and we babysit my niece & nephew on Tuesdays while my sister teaches summer school. On Wednesday of that week, we went on a guided insect walk with my friend, Joy, and her daughter Claire. It was hot, but super cool to learn about insects from an actual expert!

That weekend, we hosted a pizza-themed party in the backyard for H. We had a bounce house and a bunch of his friends over on one of the hottest days of the year so far. So yes, what you're seeing on Henry is just sweat. Gross!! There were a lot of red cheeks and dripping hair do's! It was a very tiring day, but he had so much fun, and that's all that matters. :)

The following Monday, Luke & H both started their archery lessons. They have been enjoying them so much! This is Luke's second year taking the lessons and Henry's first. How cool is the flying arrow I caught in the second picture?? I was trying to document Henry's first bullseye and didn't realize there was one in the air, too!

Matt did The Reading Rush with me!!! This just ended on Sunday, and I enjoyed it soooo much. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, this is the read-a-thon I did last summer also that used to be called Booktube-a-thon. I didn't mention it on this blog because....

Reading and Writing Rych blog |

I started a new blog! And no, I'm not moving there or quitting this one or anything like that. I have just decided to tackle a little bit of a personal challenge this next year (from Sept-Sept) and wanted a place to chronicle my progress and write out my thoughts. It's all writing and reading based, so if you're interested in books, writing, or following a life-long dream, I'd love to have you over there!!

And, you guys......I think I'm caught up!

We're now heading into August...the last month of summer vacation (wah), but also the month of my anniversary & birthday (yay!). Thanks for sticking with me for this loooong post, and I hope you've all had fun, exciting summers! I promise it won't be this long before you hear from me again! ;)

- - -

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