Friday, June 21, 2019

Summer Bucket List 2019

Happy Summer!

We've been waiting 100 years for this day to arrive here in Buffalo. All I'm saying better deliver, Summer!

The sun might finally be shining, but my kids are STILL not done with school. They still have Monday & Tuesday to get through before they begin vacation, and then I think they end up with less than 70 days off this year. That's a bit on the short side compared to recent years, and an extra bummer because we're all a little extra-stressed about middle school AND kindergarten happening at the same time with a 3rd grader in between.

summer bucket list 2019

Let's not get ahead of ourselves, though. Right now, I'm celebrating the summer solstice with my summer bucket list. I like to keep it short, sweet and attainable - ambitious is not really my summer mode of operations. I like to make memories for sure, but this is also the time for kicking back and reading towering stacks of books.

1. Write in our "blurb-a-day" summer journal every night.
2. Host a tie dye play date.
3. Paint + hide Sweet Buffalo Rocks.
4. Make Reese Witherspoon's frozen fruit salad.
5. Do the Mood Readathon 6/14-6/17.
6. Go blueberry picking.
7. Make mint ting a ling pie.
8. Go bowling at least 5x.
9. Do the Summerathon 6/21-6/27.
10. Try a matcha drink at Starbucks.
11. Make lemonade popsicles.
12. Take 4th of July pictures with the boys.
13. Plan a downtown Buffalo day.
14. Make GF cake pops with the boys.
15. Do the Reading Rush 7/22-7/28.
16. Go to the attic treasures sale (maybe more than once!)
17. Make soap curls for Jake.
18. Use Flylady.
19. Cook breakfast outside.
20. Have a stargazing date night with Matt.
21. Help make a family party happen in August.
22. Update the main bathroom.

Ambitious bonus: host a family baseball bbq. I have it in my head that it would be really fun to invite a lot of people over, organize a casual game of backyard baseball, grill some hot dogs and serve some potato salad. We'll see, though. You know me and ambitious.

Whatcha up to this summer?

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