Friday, June 28, 2019

School's Out 2019! FINALLY!

Why, yes, we ARE the last people on planet Earth to finish the school year!

This year is particularly late, but it's FINALLY HERE! You know, the arguments drive me up a wall, but I'm just as excited as my kids are to be on summer break. No lunch packing, no homework agony, no volunteering obligations, no strict bedtimes. And most importantly: summer weather. We have to wait forever and ever for that around here, too, thankyouverymuch.

Anyway, here's how the end of our school year went down.

Jake wrapped up his year a couple weeks before the boys did, and when he did, it also ended our era of preschool. I now have only school-aged kids, and I had to say goodbye to the women that helped prepare my babies for the scary world of Kindergarten. I a lot. No I mean A LOT.

Ugh, look how mature he looks compared to last fall! (sob.)

The morning started early with a rush to get the whole fam out of the house. We kept the big boys home from school for the morning so they could attend and be there to say our final goodbyes. We got there super early and landed front row seats to watch our big guy receive his preschool diploma and perform songs and skits for us. So cute!

There was a reception afterwards where we had some treats, said goodbye to friends, and gave gifts to our incredible teachers. We got a super special photo of the three of them with our three boys, and I am so thankful to have it!

I spent the rest of the afternoon crying on and off, and then one of his teachers sent me a very sweet message and I cried even more. It was so heartbreaking to say goodbye. We've spent 7 years in that classroom with our babies...they felt like family.

Jake has been totally happy to sleep in, laze around, and log some Minecraft time without having to fight his brothers for controllers. It's been a great little break for him. Poor guy has a rude awakening coming fall!!

Over the next couple of weeks, the boys each had their class picnics which Jake and I attended. I didn't take many photos at either of them, but they involved playground time, picnic food, and yearbook signing.

FINALLY, their last day arrived this past Tuesday.

There was a special ceremony for the 4th graders since they were moving onto middle school (ahh). It was cute, though when the teachers spoke with their inspirational quotes and sweet words about the kids, it got a little emotional. There's a whole lot of endings and new beginnings for us this's been getting to me, gah.

It was hard to say goodbye (again), though it's not really goodbye since I still have another 5 years there with my little guys. We went back to Luke's classroom for some photos and goodbyes with his teacher, and a lot of the kids went home early with their parents. It was a half day, and they still had an hour to spare after their ceremony but Luke asked if he could stay with his few friends that stayed for the final hour. It was really cute how they wanted to just enjoy their last hour as elementary schoolers. They decided as a group to go around the school and say goodbye to all of their teachers from all the so sweet!

Jake and I left as they finished their goodbyes and we ran into Henry and his class on the playground. I got to chat with his teacher for a few minutes, which was nice, and then we pulled the van up to the pickup line to wait for the kids to get dismissed. We took our traditional last day of school picture with Luke's best friend (who looks huge in this photo, but it's further exaggerated by how little Luke is)!

We hung out for the goodbye bus wave (which is my favorite tradition!) where the buses circle around and around honking their horns while all the staff waves and cheers and blows bubbles. It was extra sad this time...Luke's best friend (above) is the youngest in his family so they are done at the elementary school. His mom is a friend, and together we've been bringing these boys to the playground after school every day while we chat about life and books and clothes and it was so sad to say goodbye to that tradition. They're going to the same middle school, so it's not's just the end of an era. So many endings, gahh!

With the school year officially behind us, though, we set out on our yearly last day of school field trip! First stop: playground. This year, one of the other playground moms brought a cooler of freezy pops so we kicked off our adventure with a little extra sugar.

Next stop was a picnic lunch. We usually take it to a nearby playground but it was closed for construction, so we decided to make use of the lawn at the library instead.

It was sunny and breezy and warm and the kids were so happy to be freeee for the summer. I read their report cards and looked at the summer stuff they send home every year while we ate, and the boys ran around and tried climbing nearby trees. When we were finished eating, we packed up all our things and then went inside the library. The boys all took a quick bathroom break, and then we went in to get their summer reading passports stamped and check out some books. They do this raffle every summer where you get a ticket for every 5 kids books you check out and then you can enter to win a bike, so we entered that, too while we were there. And of course, the kids had fun on the library computers. Because there's something extra fun about playing games on a computer that's not yours? lol

Armed with a huge stack of books we set off for our next adventure: ice cream! No start of school celebration is complete without ice cream.

We ate on the patio at our local ice cream place, and then set out for home for a rest. The boys each got 45 minutes of screens, and I took some time on my own with a book before making our traditional last day of school pizza. Sometimes it's takeout and sometimes I make it, but it's always pizza!

We ate quickly because we had another stop to make...bowling with family!

We hadn't been bowling in way too long, and the kids had so much fun with it! The adults did, too, although I was seriously rusty!

I don't think I have an actual static picture of it (just an IG story), but after bowling we got into pj's and watched the 90's animated Aladdin and ate fudgsicles ('cause ya know we didn't have enough treats yet!) before calling it a night.

And now we're home free!

Summer vacation is off to an interesting start...I'll have to share more in another post, but man it's already been an interesting week. We have a lot of plans and hopes for the next 2 months, but I'm hoping it's not all quite as jam-packed as its started out. My mama heart has been through the ringer this June! Here's to peace and freedom! :)

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