Friday, May 3, 2019

Springy Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, and yay for May! The weather has not been super cooperative, but I'm getting in the spring vibe lately, anyway. Here's what I'm loving lately....

Blue & Yellow
Color is one of my favorite things in the world, and maybe that's a broad statement to make, but I'm for sure drawn to the bright and colorful. Contrasting colors especially catch my eye, and I've always been a big fan of yellow and blue paired together. It's been a bit of a theme for me this spring - I can't get enough of this combo.

Old Photos
While we've been cleaning and decluttering for the possibility of a move in our near future, I've come across many, many old photos. I have tons of myself from the 80's and 90's, and lots of my Grandparents from the 50's & 60's. I love to sit and sort through these...I want to think of some creative ways to use all of these photos now that my scrapbooking days are mostly behind me. Any ideas?

that's me on the left!

my grandparents at Christmas either '57 or '58

Love Notes
When my boys went back to school after Easter break, the love notes came pouring in. They always leave me sweet little messages in their folders and pants pockets, but when we've been together for a while (like on a break) they get extra-mushy. Henry especially writes me something lovey on the daily. He even branded his folder with a declaration of his love this week!

Matilda Jane Sales
I mean, obviously! But this one in particular is MY sale that I wanted to share because I'm hosting a women's-only Mother's Day sale next week! It's in my MJ/fashion group, and I'll be sharing close to 100 pieces ranging from size 14 tween all the way through XXL in all conditions, but lots in NWT & EUC. SO if that's your thing, put it on your calendar!!! It's gonna be fun!!

matilda jane women's sale

I've had a lot of cats in my life, but none have been so flexible and caring as Odin. I was going to say go-with-the-flow, but he is terrified in the way many cats's just that he adjust to new situations pretty easily, and I'm always shocked by how well he settles into a new normal. He's moved with me 7 times, gone back and forth on 12 hour road trips more times that I can count, stayed in hotels, had two different cat BFFs and lived with a bunch of others, lived with multiple dogs, gotten used to 3 kids being added to the family, and also been an only pet at times. He's done it all with us, and he's still just as sweet, loving, and playful as ever. He's been super sweet and cuddly lately, and I've just really been appreciating him a lot since we lost our Edward. He seems to be a little closer with us lately, too, since he lost his cuddle buddy. I just love him!!

Bubble Wrap
Okay, weird one. I also realize this is the opposite of environmentally conscious (I'm sorry!!) Luke got a HUGE roll of bubble wrap as a birthday gift. He'd sort of jokingly asked for it, and one of his aunts actually got it for him! We all laughed about it, but truth be told....we've all been sitting around and popping bubbles like it's our new favorite past time. It's this weird, meditative, relaxing practice and I can't seem to get enough of it. Like maybe I'm addicted? haha

This is my third re-watch since it was on TV, and I still find myself noticing new things and having different impressions about the story lines. Isn't that funny? I can say the same about Gilmore Girls, The Office, and New Girl. I'm so happy that even though these shows have ended, we still have access to them!

The Tut,Tut Raincoat
I finally got my hands on this beauty and I LOVE IT!! It's so pretty, and the perfect weight and material for this rainy May we're having. It adds some serious brightness to gloomy, grey days and it's so comfy! It's still on the website for a discounted price right now, $20 off!! If you grab one, look for me as the Jane at checkout!

New Growy Things
I always get so excited about my yard coming back to life in the spring. It's been making me nervous, though, because we've had so many dreary and cold days that I'm afraid these baby blooms won't survive. I need leaves on the trees in the worst way!!! It's made me so happy to see my forsythia blooming, and I noticed that my sage is doing really well already - I can't wait to make some great smudge sticks this summer!

Henry's New Smile
The evening before Easter, Henry finally lost a tooth while brushing his teeth! He lost 2 teeth in Kindergarten, and he hasn't lost any since! (He's in 2nd grade.) Jake, our youngest, passed him in teeth lost a few months back, and it's been driving H crazy!! He was SO happy that the tooth fairy was going to join the easter bunny on the same night! And his new little gap-tooth smile is so stinking adorable, I can't get enough of it it!

You know what else would be my favorite? Sunshine! We haven't gotten more than a peek around the clouds for weeks so if you could send some sunshine my way, I'd love you for it! ;)

I'm linking up with Friday Favorites today - have a happy weekend!

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