Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Cinco De Mayo Celebration!

Here's something you might not know about me: I took 7 years of Spanish classes. And while I have almost nothing to show for it, I always think back to the class parties we had where we tried flan and talked about culturally significant holidays and traditions. And, ya know, once in a while a word comes to me. (Don't ask me to correctly conjugate a verb, though...forget about it.)

I usually make tacos for dinner every year on Cinco de Mayo, but I thought we'd take it a step further this year and turn it into a little cultural exploration (with some really good food).

Target's Bullseyes Playground foodie paper goods

Target nudged me by having some of the most adorable taco paper goods in history in bullseye's playground. I don't think this was planned for the holiday, though - they have a whole "foodie" line with pizzas, donuts, ice cream, beer, burgers, and fries. (I grabbed a bunch of the pizza stuff for Henry's birthday this summer!)

glittery avocado wrapping paper home goods

And then, because I was knee-deep in a theme, I grabbed this glittery avocado wrapping paper from Home Goods to join in the fun. No turning back now!

In the morning, I tried my hand at making flan. In all the times I'd tried it in Spanish class, I never really liked it. I am for sure a..."if I'm gonna commit to the calories there better be chocolate" kinda girl. But in the name of celebration and sharing with the boys, I decided it was worth it. I used THIS recipe, and then popped it in the fridge to chill until dessert.

cinco de mayo coloring pages for kids

This was such a last minute celebration that I didn't have a lot of time to get any books or plan a craft or anything (like we did when we studied Canada over the summer), but I did look up a kid-friendly YouTube video to explain to the kids what the holiday was all about. Most Americans don't know, aside from eating tacos and drinking beer. ;)

Then we sat down with some coloring pages and crossword (that I found here) to spend a little more time on the topic and make some easy decor for dinner. We told Alexa to play some Cinco De Mayo music while we worked and she found a whole playlist that we listened to all day! The kids got a kick out of it. Henry, however, was a little moody about the tacos I was making because they were chicken...can you tell he doesn't like chicken tacos? lol ;)

We spent a lot of the day cleaning up and getting ready for the week ahead, and then I got dinner going in the crock pot. I made verde chicken tacos and yellow rice (my kids won't eat Mexican or Spanish rice, really, so this was sort of a compromise) to have with chips, guac and salsa con queso. I dressed up the table for our little celebration while I waited for dinner to finish up. It was not fancy! lol

It wouldn't be cinco de mayo without margaritas, so I made a pitcher of those, too, and then got the taco fixings together to get ready for some serious eating! I set everything out on the hutch for everyone to build their tacos.

Dinner. was. so. good!!!

Maybe not EVERYONE agreed with me - haha. And yes, he wore a helmet to dinner...what you can't see is that he's also wearing roller blades. I interrupted his hockey game with dinner, thus the 'tude.

We jumped right into flan after dinner so the boys could get back to their game. I'm not even going to pretend that I did a good job with the flan. I'm not really sure how I failed, but I did. It was the weirdest texture, and it was not at all pretty!! The flavor was good, though. I had the leftovers with my coffee the next day and it was yum!

The boys went back outside to continue their hockey game as soon as we were done. They always pick a team name and draw their symbol on their "center ice" in the driveway, but today they kept the cinco de mayo theme going!

Meanwhile, I sat out back with my festive little cup...soaking up the very last of the sunshine and reading my book.

We had such a yummy, sunny, fun spring day! And I'm not mad about the leftovers ;)

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