Friday, April 19, 2019

We're Moving! (Someday.)

Wait, what? It's April? And it's already halfway gone? I've been the most terrible of bloggers - neglecting all sorts of posts I had planned. But I have some fairly good reasons.

  • We vacationed, and I pressed pause on basically everything that wasn't books or fresh air.
  • We overhaul-level cleaned this house in a way we haven't in YEARS. Like 20+ bags and boxes of garbage/recycling/donate level cleaned it. (And no, we didn't Konmari 'cause screw that crazy bonkers lady. If you click through that link, pay special attention to numbers 4-6.)
  • We started the process of listing our house and buying a new one. (!!)

That last one is a doozy.

Especially because, though we bought and sold a house before, we've never had that sticky situation where we have to sell and buy at the same time so that, you know, we don't end up homeless. We also happen to live in the most competitive neighborhood in the entire area, which is good for selling our house but super terrible for buying the next one. In short, it's complicated. And it might take us a year or more to pull together.

So don't get too excited for me! Well, I mean, you can...just don't expect to see any posts about packing up and hauling our life to a new place just yet.

Meanwhile, I'll be eating myself alive with anxiety and frustration. Cool!

While I've been super busy with all of that, Spring finally arrived. Which is really, the best news of all. I'm writing next to an open window and breathing actual real live fresh air, so my body has reanimated. I'm no longer a shivering wax figure of myself, huddled under blankets with slippers fused to my feet. The grass is turning greener, there are buds on the trees, and my forsythia is blooming. Three cheers for renewal!

Let's see, the kids...things have been pretty normal since I've neglected all updates. Luke lost his first molar and learned the truth about some, uh, fictional childhood characters (post coming on that one). Henry turned into an actual fish and now swims life-jacket-less in the deep end of the pool and he's soared to the top of his class in math. Jake is registered for Kindy and has (as of the last maybe 2 months) become my most outgoing child - saying hi to literally every single person he passes and opening doors for them. I would not have predicted this.

And uh, between constantly cleaning and working on my house and reading all the books, I'm still over here just shopping too much. Maybe I'll show ya stuff once I get my act together.

Until then, if you know anyone in the market for a ranch on an acre of land in a cutthroat school district of WNY, send them my way, wouldya?

Talk soon, promise!

- - -

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