Friday, February 8, 2019

February Friday Favorites

Haaaaappy Friday, friends. It's been a long one.

Five actual weekdays with actual real life stuff to do feels like a lot after 3 back-to-back snow days. But we made it! So let's get that Friday feelin' going and chat about some favorites, shall we?

About those snow days - we had an actual blizzard last week with about a foot and a half of snow and subzero temps. It was so incredibly cold that we didn't leave the house for daaaays. The icy designs on the windows and the snow on the trees were my FAVORITE parts of the crazy weather.

Rae Dunn Bowls

Rae Dunn mugs have been a thing for me, but lately I've gotten super into the bowls. Partially because I've been softly forbidden to bring anymore mugs into this house (phssh), but also because I want to build up a collection to eventually take over for my chippy china. And how stinking cute? These are my FAVORITE bowls to use!

matilda jane tiered green maxi brand new day maxi

This new maxi from Matilda Jane is my FAVORITE!! It's hard to pick a favorite piece from the February release (because I have 7 or 8 favorites, eek!) but this maxi miiiiight be it? In the photos above I pinned an XL to photo, but I have an XS on its way to me this weekend - eeeee! And if you're wondering: YES! My Jane Parade for February is ON ITS WAY!!! Many pieces were delayed because of the blizzard (including half of my TK's trunk) so it took us a while to coordinate, but it's coming on MONDAY!

when i pray for you children's book turner

Okay, I have like a truck load of stuff to say about children's literature coming down the pike, but for now let me just share with you my new FAVORITE children's book: When I Pray For You by Matthew Paul Turner. It's such a gorgeous book! All full of bright, colorful, playful illustrations and the sweetest parent-to-child sentiments you can imagine, it's easy to see how it's racing to the top of mamas' favorites lists. It's currently only available for preorder (it releases Feb 19th!), BUT the awesome thing is that if you pre-order it, you can get a FREE copy of When God Made Light by the same author. Just purchase When I Pray For You from any book retailer you prefer (but I suggest Target because it's slightly cheaper there and you can get an extra 5% off and free shipping with your red card), and then fill out THIS form to get your free book! It makes the books cost like $4.15 each or something like that - awesome for gifting!!!

Henry is my resident crafter - of all my boys, he's the one that will just pull out craft supplies and have fun. His drawings are so super cute, but the sweet little messages that he leaves for me are even better. This one that he made for me last week with a scratch art kit is my absolute FAVORITE!!

Luke had his first orchestra concert this week, and oh my gosh was it my FAVORITE! Hearing how all of the instruments work together after witnessing his practice at home (and how sweet it has grown over the past five months) was such a cool experience. I was SO proud of him!! And so impressed with how quickly they all caught on!

Cozy days at home are my FAVORITE! I'm a total hibernator in the winter months, and we've had so many days to just wrap up in blankets and dive into books. We've shared so many snuggles and mugs of hot drinks, and while I truly miss green leaves and warm breezes, it's been pretty great! This part of winter makes my introvert heart so happy!

Essie buy me a cameoessie rose gold nail polish

Super digging this rose goldy polish from Essie right now. They had a gorgeous metalic from a couple years ago and included in a holiday metals collection I got on black Friday. I didn't realize it was from a few seasons ago and was no longer in production - I was so bummed! I was so excited to find something similar at the drug store! It's much more translucent and less metallic than the original color (relfection perfection), and it requires more coats - but it still gives me that rose gold feeling!

I'm linking up with Friday Favorites today! Have a happy weekend!! xo

This post contains just a few affiliate links at no cost to you! If you click or shop through one of them, I may make a teeny tiny commission. (For real, it's pennies!) But it still makes me super happy, and I'm over the moon grateful for your support! xo

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