Monday, February 25, 2019

Currently February

Current Book(s)
Every Breath by Nicholas Sparks
When I Pray for You by Matthew Paul Turner
The Greatest Love Story Ever Told by Megan Mullally & Nick Offerman
Shasta of the Wolves by Olaf Baker
Move Your Stuff Change Your Life by Karen Rauch Carter (still reading, it strangely gives me anxiety so I read it in little peices)

Current Music
Omgggg Ariana! She's killing it right now, and it's so so good. I love ALL of the thank you, next album, but my top 3: break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored, fake smile, and NASA.

Current Focuses
Working through my 19 for 2019 list and getting my 100 years of children's lit challenge underway - though this is a very low-key, sleepy time of year, I feel like chipping away at these are fulfilling little things I can do while staying cozy at home. However, I'm slowly switching into "get the house ready to sell" mode, and I'm also working hard at my blog lately, so I expect my focuses to have flipped a lot in a month!

Current Random Happenings
I accidentally bought 4 of the same dress but in different patterns. Only it wasn't at all an accident and more of an impulsive "holy crap these are perfect and only $8 and I need every colorway" moment. The deal has since ended, but look at this perfect little sillouette!

Current Guilty Pleasure
I think children's books are going to be my guilty pleasure for the next year, lol. And I guess maybe Rae Dunn mugs and bowls, and too many cups of coffee.

Current Celebrity Crush
Ah, I don't think I have one right now! Weird.

Current Nail Color
This is boring, but I'm still basically swapping between Licorice and Buy Me a Cameo. I predict a change next month with vacation looming. (BTW as of this writing, licorice is on sale - I usually buy a new bottle of black every 6-12 months so, if you need a new one there you go!)

Current Outfit
At this very moment it's dark grey MJ leggings, and a dark grey oversized sweatshirt with gold polka dots. #cozymode Lately it's all about the cozy warmth...jeans or leggings with hoodies or big chunky sweaters. It's that boring, endless time of year.

Current Slang
Maybe it's obvious to say thank you, next, but that's where I'm at. ;)

Current Drink
Black coffee, water, vanilla lattes, flat whites.

Current Food
I said recently that I wish we could just have like, nutritionally sound food replacement drops to put in coffee and just drink that all day long. Thinking about and planning for food, shopping for food, cooking food, getting your kids through eating the food, and then cleaning up after food is TOO MUCH WORK.

Current TV Show
Netflix documentaries. Just flew through the ted bundy tapes and now working through the keepers. Both of which make me sick and fascinate me at the same time. PS, I grew up in the catholic church, in a catholic school no less, and the keepers is creeping me out hardcore.

Current App
Netflix, Marco Polo, Fairway Solitaire

Current Pastime
Researching children's lit and then reading it. Checking too many books out of the library. Watching movies while folding laundry.

Current Wish List
-this dress, and this one in tall (both look so easy to wear in summer)
-this MJ top, and this MJ dress (I really gotta knock it off with the dresses)

Current Needs
Our vacation. I need the warmth, I need the break, and I need the change of scenery. Baaad. It's not TOO far away, but far enough that I'm getting desperate.

Current Bane of My Existence
Dressing for winter (how sloppy it is outside determines the boot, the color of which determines the coat, which determines what's on under it and what won't be too hot or bulky - UGH so annoying!), and meal planning/grocery shopping. That will be a thorn in my side so long as I have kids living at home, I'm sure of it.

Current Quote

Current Picture

Current Blessing
Getting to spend a lot of these winter days at home...warm and cozy. I'll never stop being thankful for that. And also the library. Always.

Current Excitement
Vacatiooooon. Hurry up!

Current Mood
Getting pretty done with winter! So, what is that, stir crazy? Annoyed? Probably those. ;)

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