Monday, February 4, 2019

19 for 2019: Month 1 Check-In

Okay 2019, we're finally hitting our stride, hmm?

Ugh, January had the most difficult, slow start for me. I was so determined to be ON IT this year, and it was incredibly frustrating to be so sick and held down. I had to learn to let go of the whole "January 1st" momentum to make room for my own path, and things are finally coming together. Let's ignore the fact that we've now entered the harshest part of winter. It's a fast month, right? We got this.

19 for 2019 Month 1 Check In

I'm really energized about my 19 for 2019 list, so I thought it would be worth my time to check in with it every month. This way I'm not only celebrating my wins, but reminding myself of what's left on the list. And I gotta say....for only being a month in, and most of my momentum running from like April-October every year, I'm doing pretty kick-a@@!

Okay, here's where I stand!

1. Organize the kid's papers and artwork. (done!)
It took a while for the bins to come in, but as soon as they did I primed some hanging folders, and I spent an hour sorting things by kid, and then another 2 hours sorting them by year - and it's done!!!! I feel like I still have some piles hiding around the house because it seemed way too easy to complete, but it's all set up and ready for anything I come across!

school papers organizational bins

2. Start a daily yoga practice. (i mean, accomplished?)
I wrote "start" here, and start I did! I've done yoga every day since January 2nd - woo! And I've been LOVING it! Some days I'm more into it than others, but I'm definitely practicing every single day! I did the entire 30 days of Yoga With Adriene's Dedicate series (and loved it!) and now I'm working through her February calendar.

yoga with adriene dedicate series

3. Sign up for piano lessons. (not yet, waiting for warmer weather!)
I know my status sounds weird, but I'm a hibernator this time of year and don't ask much of myself in the way of leaving the house for unnecessary things.

4. Visit Lily Dale. (on hold for summer)

5. Try Robinhood (done!)
I'm still getting the hang of it (I know very little about the stock market), but I downloaded the app, put some funds into it, and got a free stock! I'm excited to see where this goes!! I've "made" $3 so far...which I know doesn't really mean anything until I sell, but I'm just having fun figuring it all out!

PS - I can get you a free stock with a referral if you want to try it - leave me your email in the comments or reach out to me (jenn (at) enrychment (dot) com) and I'll send you an invite!

6. Schedule no-spend challenges. (not started)

7. Start every day with water. (in process)
I guess I can't count this done until the end of the year, but literally every single day, water is the first thing to go in my body!

start the day with water habit

8. Keep a regular cleaning/decluttering/domestic routine. (fail so far)
I've been terrrrible about this!!!

9. Honor a weekly self-care day. (also fail so far)
I feel like life has been all over the place and I haven't been diligent because of it. We went from sick, to Matt travling, to Luke's birthday, to a blizzard that kept us all homebound for 5 days, and I'm just finally settling into a rhythm! Perhaps this week?

10. Share our 3 H's at dinner every night. (in process)
So far, so good! We love this part of our dinners! I just can't count it done until the end of the year, I suppose!

11. Sell off my Matilda Jane samples. (in process)
I'm at around 34 pieces gone so far in 2019. Loooooots to go, still, though! (Like...140 to go! ah!) I started a new Instagram to try and sell them off if you want to check it out - @jenn.rych.closet

12. Get my heels on the ground in downdog. (not even close)
Still working, though! I noticed that I got them lower than ever before during a practice last week!

13. Change my political party. (done!)
This felt sooo gooood. I'm so glad that I'm all set for the primaries!

14. Plan a new family vacation. (not started)
15. Get our house on the market. (on hold til spring/summer)

16. Try 12 new instant pot recipes. (2/12)
So clearly my goal here was to try 1 new recipe a month, and I'm super impressed that we're already on track! We made baked potato soup in January (this recipe) and ramen (this recipe).

baked potato soup instant pot recipe

homemade ramen instant pot recipe

17. Read at least 25 books off my TBR shelf (and at least 20 books from the library). (2/25 from TBR shelf, 3/20 from the library) I'm so bad about getting distracted by the library!!! lol But I'm getting there. I've got 2 more books in process, too - 1 from my TBR shelf and 1 from the library.

18. Marathon the thank you, next movies or watch them on back-to-back nights. (not started)
19. Find & practice 2 new hairstyles for my long hair. (not started)

Bonus: Make $60 from my blog. ($20/$60)
Whoo hoo! This is way better than I expected...and I know that sounds pathetic because it's such a small number. But now I'm actually thinking I'd like to up it to $120. $60 to pay back the cost of this year, and $60 to have in savings to cover next year. I've done 2 small paid gigs to earn doesn't count any affiliate commissions because they don't pay out until you hit certain thresholds. (That I have no yet hit. So when I mention on posts that I get a tiny commission - I mean tinyyyy lol.)

So 3 totally done, 7 in process - not bad for one month! Killin' it, 2019!

Do you have a 19 for 2019 list in process? Or any other goal lists? I'm a sucker for this kinda thing, so share with me if you do!!!

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