Friday, January 18, 2019

So, about Matilda Jane....

...I have something to share.

As of last week, I've decided to end my time as a Trunk Keeper. Sigh! Bittersweet.

I will miss it. I will SO, SO badly miss it. I'll miss the excitement and thrill of trunk day. I will miss having insider info and sharing in the joy and fun that is MJC. I mean, sort of...because I'll still be stalking it ;)

And, for right now...Jane Parades aren't going anywhere!!

My upline has decided to stay on this season, and she's offered to bring the trunks to my neck of the woods so I can still see it all and shop away! Which means I still get to play with the pretty pretty clothes in my office and take pictures and make sizing notes for all of you - YAY!

I will be keeping an open show with her and you can still order through me, also! I'll just be your Jane instead of your trunk keeper - so make sure you choose me as your Jane at checkout!!!

I will get all the nitty gritty info from her and be the best TK-by proxy I can be! I know the ropes, so I'm still super-happy to help you get your MJ on.

But it was time to hang up my sales hat.

I needed more space in my house, more time in my days, and more money in my accounts. We are gearing up to move in the next year (WE HOPE!), my boys are getting bigger and need more focused attention, and I just felt ready to move on. My closet was practically screaming at me to stop. ;)

Also, for reality's sake, the cost of keeping a trunk was becoming unbearable. The price went up quite substantially, and it requires me to have a very large chunk of money set aside for months at a time. It's not a struggle for all TK's, I know, but my area is really tricky for MJ. Our seasons don't quite match up with MJ's target, and a very small community has even heard of Matilda Jane here in Buffalo. I tried, but for it to be successful in this area I really had to dedicate something akin to a full time job to it (and be real cozy with being sickeningly-salesy, which I'm not), and I just didn't have that to give.

So I gave it up instead.

I've dropped a lot this year, and I'm really excited for the space it makes for getting life organized, for regular practices like yoga and self-care, and for the amount of time I'd actually like to dedicate here to the blog. It feels super vibey.

I still want to talk about clothes! I still want to share my legit real-mom-style type fashion posts, and because my upline will be doing shows for me, you shouldn't have to miss my Jane Parades. So I truly, truly hope you'll stick around and it'll be like nothing much has changed! :)

Should we come up with like a special smoke signal for when my Matilda Jane posts happen? If you're signed up for my emails, I'll make sure to point it out in the subject in all caps so you know when to jog on over here. Buuut, you know, I'd love to have you all the time. ;)

I like to chat about clothes, my family, personal development, shopping (because duh), books, and basically anything that helps me in chasing a happy, beautiful life.

Stick around, pretty pretty please? <3

Two quick things before you go!

Earlier this week, Matilda Jane relaunched their updated Not-So-Basics line featuring coordinated layering pieces and neutral staples for all! There are two tee dresses (similar to the popular Navy Cruise Dress that I loooved this past summer) that you should definitely check out! Along with a whole new line up of dress and shirt extenders. Your order of $150 or more is 15% off through the 30th! Whoo!

AND...I have SO many samples to unleash on the world still! Like four full trunk boxes - yes, for real! I'm going to do a clearance sale in my VIP group this weekend (which is staying alive and converting to a MJC chat/share/BST group!) If you'd like to get in on that, click to join HERE. And then depending on what's left, I may post some things for sale here on the blog, so keep your eyes peeled!

Don't be sad! We still get to play dress up!! :)

- - -

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  1. Best of luck on your new adventures and thank you for staying available for parades and all things MJC love.

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