Tuesday, January 1, 2019

It's Okay to Take It Easy (but here's some challenges anyway)

It's okay to take it easy in January! | www.enrychment.com Hi, 2019! How are ya.

Okay so super quick chat about New Year's Resolutions: let's not over do it, yeah?

I mean, I can't help myself...this brand new year makes me giddy with possibility, and I like to sort of focus where I'm headed. And I'm determined - DETERMINED, to make this the year when I finally get my sh*@ together.

Sh*@ together: not being late to absolutely everything, my house not in cluttery chaos at all times, not resorting to terrible for me convenience foods constantly and drinking more water than just what's in my morning coffee (and maybe skipping the afternoon coffee), committing more deeply to yoga, stabilizing my emotions, and not shrugging off self care just because it's another thing on the to do list.

So, yeah, I really wanna do all that right freakin' now.

But last year, in this energized January mode, Danielle LaPorte (author of The Desire Map) posted something on Instagram that really resonated with me. (Read it here.)

She basically said, it's totally cool to just keep on hibernating right now as nature intended and get to those big shiny goals later on. Go inside, be quiet, snuggle up, and charge up for all that booty-kicking you'll get to when the world defrosts.

Laid Back New Years Resolutions

You wanna know what's kind of crap, though? I already felt that way and I'd beat myself the heck up for it. I would be SO MAD at my inability to shove through my goals at a time when my body was like stooooop and let's snuggle up like we're suppoooosed toooo. It took a best selling author to tell me that's okay. Why do we need that? Permission to let sh*@ be okay without anyone else's input GRANTED.

(Omg I am so clueless. A few years ago I was like "I'm gonna wake up at 5:30am and work out every single day" and I started on New Year's Day. Four days later I was on my back sick and piiiiissed that my body failed me. HELLO it was telling me that my goal was bullsh*@ and it's totally fine to put your feet up in January. You can read the whole dumb saga in my Jan 2016 archive if you care to witness my failure, hahaha. GAH 3 years ago me was so dense! It's okay, we're learning, it's all good.)

So ya'll, my point (I lived in Charlotte for 5 years so I can say ya'll 5x a year).....

...don't run yourselves ragged trying to do it all this month. Unless you live somewhere like Charlotte or even further south than that where palm trees line your streets, then do whatever you want! Here in Buffalo, I'll be wearing my huge-as-hell fuzzy slippers and praising fluffy blankets while I tackle micro-goals and drink tea.

It's all good.

(It's Jan 1st and I almost used up a second ya'll already! <- that one doesn't count.)

Okay, okay, SO.

Micro-goals. To me, this means.....a lot of planning. Envisioning what's to come, knowing what my end-goals are, taking baby steps to get there. I mean I wanna do some BIG shit this year, including MOVE (ahh wish us luck) and tone my body in the sexy way yoga can. But I gotta start in simple, slow, habit forming ways.

So I found these challenges. Challenges where the guesswork has been taken out for me, and I will get sweet little emails sent to my inbox so I have super convenient links to click and support communities to access. They are FREEEEE (the best part), so there's zero budget concern, but full of great content. (Hashtag not sponsored or affiliated just want to get my sh*@ together and thought you might also like these.)

Just click the links if you wanna join me!

Dedicate - a 30 day yoga journey by Yoga with Adriene. Her videos are all free, all easily accessed on YouTube (Matt and I tee them up on the TV through our xbox for a bigger screen), and during this challenge you'll get emails every morning. There's also a calendar to follow along with, too. Her practices are anywhere from 7 minutes to 50 minutes (most of them fall in the 15-25 minute range), they are easy to do, and you can stay cozy in your own house for all of it. Also, she is witty and fun to watch.

Declutter like a Mother - a 30 day decluttering challenge by Allie Casazza. This one works in zones of your house (one per week for 4 weeks), and during that time your objective is to declutter in that zone for 30 minutes a day. There are bi-weekly emails, a FB community for support, and tips and tricks along the way. Matt and I have been decluttering like crazy (and donated 15 boxes and bags to Veterans in December) to get the ball rolling for our impending (hopeful) move so this will be crazy helpful. I can't wait to see what my house looks like after all this!

Focus on Finances - a month-long finance challenge from Fun Cheap or Free. So here's the deal...this is old. There's no new content, ongoing commitment, or Jan 2019 specific support group. HOWEVER, Jordan from FCorF is super-super fun to follow on Instagram, and her ideas are great. I'm going to edit this calendar (because we have a birthday in there and certain things don't work exactly for us), but her plan is a great jumping off point. I figure if I'm focusing internally with things like yoga and decluttering, saving money will be a natural, welcome side effect. Her ideas and guidance can only boost that. EDIT: I lied!! No I didn't, but the day after I scheduled this post Jordan re-vamped her site for 2019. She has monthly challenges and great simple tools to stay motivated and take baby steps. Click HERE for the updated version!

So that's it! That's my January and I'm coooool with it. (Ha, cool. January. Cold.)

I have some, ya know, sweeping goals for the whole year that I'll chat about soon, but this is how I'm getting started with all of it. Want to join me in any of it? I'd love to have buddies along for the ride.

And it might be kind of fun to see how I do. Will I stick with it, will I fall flat on my face, will I use up all my ya'll's before Spring? Time will tell!!!!

Whatever you're up to, HAPPY NEW YEAR, and I hope 2019 is your most luminous, buoyant, chill, kick-booty year yet!

- - -

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  1. I can't wait for some sunshine. It's rough on us who grew up with it and now do not have it. But I hear ya and keeping cozy and not beating ourselves up constantly. :) Organization is one of my goals and I am almost done cleaning out my closest!

    1. Good for you!! We've been purging a lot lately but we still have a long way to go! I grew up here and I'm used to long grey winters, and it still takes a huge toll on me! So I can only imagine how it feels for those who aren't used to it!! I could def use more sunshine over here, too :)