Wednesday, January 9, 2019

19 for 2019

19 for 2019: a short and sweet collection of realistic and fun goals for the new year | So last week, we chatted about resolutions and how it's totally completely cool to be chill in January.

2019 is more than just January, though, and I've got some things I wanna do.

Some big, some small, some silly, some milestone-y. And I loved my 18 for 2018 list. I did pretty darn good with it, really. So I'm looking at these 12 expansive months with the same lens, and I plotted out 19 awesome goals for 2019.

19 for 2019: a short and sweet collection of realistic and fun goals for the new year |

1. Organize the kid's papers and artwork.

I'm a documenter and I've been saving the kids art and school papers for years and they are scattered and unorganized. I want to get a good system going (like this and this) so they have things preserved and we don't have piles of sentimental papers all over the house. I already ordered the bins, so it's going down!

2. Start a daily yoga practice.

I've started this one, yay! I'm working my way through Yoga With Adriene's January challenge (and as the name suggests, I'm totally Dedicated!), and then if I can keep it up for maybe 5 days a week after that, I'll count it. An honest effort and a regular practice is my goal. Plus, I take classes once a week in person with the best instructor I could have ever asked for!

3. Sign up for piano lessons.

This one both scares and excites me. I've been wanting to learn how to play the piano for years and years - it's just such a beautiful instrument. But it's scary learning something like this as an adult - I know I'm going to open myself up to feeling dumb and untalented, but the prospect of being able to play a song for my kids really excites me!

4. Visit Lily Dale.

I wasn't able to pull this off in 2018, so I'd really like to plan ahead and make it happen in 2019! It's only an hour away from home, it's really crazy that I've never been!

5. Try Robinhood.

Have you heard of it? It's an app that was mentioned on a podcast I listen to and it's a wildly easy way to invest in the stock market. I will not be playing with large sums of money, but throwing a little bit into it here and there and seeing if anything grows can't hurt!

6. Schedule no-spend challenges.

I love-love-love the idea of month-long spending freezes, but looking at our calendars we have a birthday, vacation, or family gathering every single month. There's not an easy way to work around it will likely be 1 or 2 weeks at a time, maybe once per season.

7. Start every day with water.

I tried to set an Oz goal, but, for's not gonna happen. And it's way too hard for me to track. I don't like to waste precious time and willpower track my water intake. This is a habit I've worked hard to set, so I'd love to make it the entire year with water being the first thing to hit my stomach every single morning this year. So far so good!

8. Keep a regular cleaning/decluttering/domestic routine.

I'm trying so hard to keep my house and daily life more organized, so I'm hoping that very simply scheduled things will help me hold it all together. I assigned one thing to each day of the week to tackle in addition to the regular tasks of dishes, picking up the floors and table, and making meals. Monday is dusting, Tuesday is bathroom wipe down, Wednesday is Errands + cleaning out the fridge, Thursday is floors, Friday is the kitchen, Saturday is bedrooms, and Sunday is for laundry and prep for the new week.

9. Honor a weekly self-care day.

I'm not good at sticking to schedules and routines, even ones that are good for me, but I'm gonna shoot for one day a week where I do allthethings for myself. Right now I've got my eye on Thursdays and I'm plotting out what my self-care day will include. I hope to get this one off the ground soon!

My 19 little goals for 2019. |

10. Share our 3 H's at dinner every night.

At dinner, we go around the table and share our Hard Part and Highlight of the day, and our Hope for tomorrow. It opens up some good discussion, gets the kids thinking about gratitude, and helps them recall important things (which helps them with the writing at school, even.) We've already started this and we're loving it, so I want to remember to keep this going all year!

11. Sell off my Matilda Jane samples.

Um, well, I have some things to share about this soon, but...I have oodles of samples still that will do no good in my house (#nodaughtershere), and I need to unload them and give them happy homes! Not to mention, get some of my investment back. So I'm determined to start 2020 with no more leftover samples!

12. Get my heels on the ground in downdog.

After years of yoga, I still can't get my heels on the ground in downdog. My calves are wildly tight (always have been), and it's a struggle. I can wind myself into a pretzel (pretty much anything my hips are asked to do, they can), but my calves are wildly inflexible. I'd love to stretch them out. Even as I say this, I have my doubts that I can do it...not because I'm not confident in working with my body, but every body is different and capable of different things. My calf muscles might not be long enough. We shall see!

13. Change my political party.

When I registered to vote at 19 (there was no election the year I turned 18), I was very unsettled and unsure and I registered myself as undeclared. I prided myself on my flexibility and open-mindedness, but things have changed for me. And in NY (I lived in NC when I registered), you have to be affiliated with a party in order to vote in primary elections. I was basically voting on one side, anyway, and after the 2016 election I decided that it was time for me to be steadfast in my morals and bring both feet to stand with the party that aligns with those morals. I haven't done it yet, but need to before the primary election.

14. Plan a new family vacation.

We have traditional vacations every year, but we had SO much fun on our family trip to Toronto in 2017 (and we're not quite ready for another journey to Disney - we're waiting on the Star Wars area to be done!), so I want to plan another quick getaway in 2019.

15. Get our house on the market.

This is a big one! And not just because it means big things, but because it will take a lot of work to get to the point of listing our house! It's going to be a challenge....but we're determined.

16. Try 12 new instant pot recipes.

I wanted an Instant Pot for so long, and I finally got one for my birthday! I was amazed by it and love it for making hard boiled eggs......but I did not need this fancy contraption for eggs! lol I feel like even when I follow the directions meat always turns out dry, and there are SO many recipes out there that I get totally overwhelmed....and I just end up not using it. So I'm going to shoot for 1 new recipe a month!

17. Read at least 25 books off my TBR shelf (and at least 20 books from the library).

I have SO many unread books on shelves and in boxes around my house. Not only do I not want to move them (which I assume we'll be doing in the next year or so), it's just time for me to start working my way through them instead of getting totally distracted by library books!

18. Marathon the thank you, next movies or watch them on back-to-back nights.

Just because they are iconic and this song and its video are a couple of the best things ever made, I want to re-watch these fun movies and totally indulge in the whole thank you, next experience! When I accomplish this, I want to tackle an 80-90's movie challenge next. There's A LOT of iconic movies that I didn't see from back then because my mom wouldn't let me watch them!! lol

19. Find & practice 2 new hairstyles for my long hair.

My hair has 4 modes: down and curly, down and straightened, high pony tail, messy mom bun. The end. I'd like to have a few more things in my arsenal, but I never take the time to find something new and mess with it when I'm not rushing off somewhere in a hurry. Hopefully if I make time to play with it, I'll have some other "standard" hair modes to rely on.

Try choosing 19 attainable goals for your 2019 & see how it lights you up. |

Is it cool to have a bonus? 'Cause I do.

Bonus: Make $60 from my blog.

It's a low goal, I know. And I hope (hope hope hope) this doesn't come off like I'm saying "please pay me!" But bloggers sometimes blog as a sidehustle, yanno? It would be a dreamy dream for my blog to be my legit job, but after years of pushing and not feeling the results, I'm totally cool with it being a hobby. The problem is, it seems to get a little more expensive every year. And right now, I need to come up with $60 to pay off the basic costs of keeping this blog each year. That only works out to $5/month, so....I think it can be done. Wish me luck! :)

Okay so, I'm totally into this sort of thing and I love seeing other 19 for 2019 lists! I haven't spotted many of them yet (lots of 18 for 2018's out there, though!). If you have one, I'd LOVE to see it! Drop a link in the comments and I'll come stalk it. ;)

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  1. I start every morning with a few huge swigs of water. LOL! You've got some great goals there! Way to go. I need to continue my list but so far I do have drink water on my list as well as avoid the drive thru for fast food and clean out my closet all which so far I have accomplished. Yay we can do this!!!

    1. Whoo hoo, yes we can!! That's awesome, it sounds like you have some super-motivation going on so far this year! :)