Monday, December 31, 2018

Rych Fam Christmas Video

Happy New Year's Eve!

Crazy that 2018 is coming to a close today. I'm not mad about it.

It wasn't a bad year. It was a learning year, for sure. And I'm ready to get busy with all I've learned (and still want to learn) in I'm ready to close this chapter.

I know that we all expect NYE exactly one week after Christmas, but in our family we also expect Luke's birthday exactly 3 weeks after. Which means in 2 weeks I'll have a 10 year old, and have been a parent for a decade. It's bringing up surprising emotions.

And the holiday season was just...bonkers.

I've been quiet here. I guess just sort of rearranging and figuring out life and trying to make the most of the year ahead of us. I know I'll be back more often when the right things click into place. And I have some things bouncing around in my head regarding the new year and resolutions and goals that I'm surely going to share very soon.

For now, while we work towards Luke's birthday and I process another unexpected milestone of parenthood (there are SO many!), I wanted to share this year's Christmas video!

It's LONG, so you may want to watch it in pieces unless you've got an hour to spare and you like vlog-type home movies :)

I hope you've all enjoyed a gorgeous holiday season, and we'll chat soon!!! xo

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