Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Rych Fam Halloween 2018

Halloween was about as good as it could be this year. And I know that's a very sunshine-and-roses thing to say, but it's true. Leading up to it, the forecast looked a little dismal, and not only did that turn out okay, all of our celebrations were a lot of fun.

This year, the boys decided to be characters from Halo (a video game - that they don't even play, but they thought the guys looked cool). Their costumes arrived a week or so before the big day, and Jake + Henry especially wore them daily.

Halloween started super early, with the packing of their festive lunches. Don't be fooled....their daily lunches are full of packaged things that get thrown together quickly. I don't get enough sleep to Pinterest their lunches more than major holidays ;)

We got the big boys off to school, and then took Jake in for his school party. He was pretty amazed that he was allowed to wear his costume (that he'd already been wearing constantly for a solid week) to school.

The celebrations at Jake's school start with a quick costume parade through the church, and then they gather onto the altar to sing us a few Halloween songs. He was so cute walking in and looking for us on his way into the church...and then he noticed us and totally hammed it up. ;)

Their songs were so cute, and I loved the way Jake kept looking over and smirking at us ;)

After their little presentation, the parents all gathered in the lobby and we stood in a giant circle for the kids to walk around and trick or treat to us. They were all super cute, and Jake was so interested in what was in his treat bag and what fun was waiting for him in the classroom that he barely had time to say goodbye to us. Sugar is apparently more important! lol

I had to rush off to the next celebration anyway - which was Henry's class party. I'm not a room parent for him this year (but I was the last 2 years), and he was a little disappointed that I wouldn't be there. Thankfully, one of the room parents asked me to come in and help out, and I was so happy to be there.

I was in charge of the class pictures since I'd brought my camera along - I didn't want to post many since there's lots of littles I don't have permission to share, but they were all being very silly and of course, doing all the Fortnite dances they could.

They read a Halloween story, had Halloween snacks, and started playing some games, but I had to take off to go to...yes, the third celebration of the day! I actually AM a room parent for Luke this year, so I had to be there to help run his party. There we played Halloween Bingo, had some Halloween themed game centers, and passed out Halloween snacks.

Don't be fooled by his face, he was being intentionally serious ;)

I didn't totally blur this one out because I know their moms well - these are Luke's 2 best buds. He's been in class with them every single year!! And he's been along for the ride with one of them since preschool, when they were 3! They all turn 10 in 2019...I'm not sure how that happened!!!

This is their last year of really being together - they all go to middle school next year, and one of them is going to a different middle school. Of course, regardless, they switch classes all day and have a totally different school experience, so we were all a little sad snapping this photo! (And yes, Luke is much shorter than them! lol They are both quite tall, but Luke is also still catching up from being sick all those years!)

Next order of business was picking Jake up for school, stopping at home for a quick lunch, and then heading back out to pick up the big boys from school. Then we packed up costumes and some chilly weather clothes (even though it was warmer than we expected!), and made a gluten free pizza to bring with us to our friends' house. We borrow their neighborhood every year because we don't have any sidewalks or many kids in ours!

She made some awesome treats to round out our dinner!!

After we ate, we forced the kids to pose for some pictures for us, and then we were off to trick or treat!

The kids' highlight of Halloween every year seems to be trading candy and then playing at our friends' house after. We don't even have to stay out trick or treating very long!! This year, though, we FLEW through it!! We were kind of amazed at how quickly we made our way up and down the street and over to the next one - I guess that's what happens when you don't have any toddlers left!

We played for as long as we could allow, and then we had to wrangle the kids together to get home. It's a bummer when Halloween lands on a school night! But in every other way, Halloween was a total success this year!

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