Thursday, November 1, 2018

Rych Fam Fall Things

I've been attempting to catch us up on all the big milestones I've missed out on over the past month or so, but there are lots of little fall "things" we've done that don't really call for their own post. SO, here's some of the fun things we've been up to lately :)

The Boys' Day Off

In September, the older boys had a day off school for Yom Kippur but Jake still had school. Matt was traveling for work, too, and since we had to be out and about to take Jake I thought we'd celebrate some time together. We went to Panera to get their gluten conscious cookies and lemonade (coffee for me) and we sat by the fire and chatted with our treats. When we were finished, we went to Target to explore all of the Halloween stuff. They didn't leave any button unpressed! We also found some must have Harry Potter clothes!

Buffalo Niagara Heritage Museum

Every September, the Smithsonian Magazine offers a free museum day. I'd always wanted to visit this cute little historical village nearby, so we took the opportunity to grab some free tickets and explore it. While the boys thought the tiny old houses (that were carefully transported together and restored to create the little village it is today) were pretty cool, after the first couple they were pretty much over it. It was so cool to learn about the history of our area, though, and to walk through some of the oldest houses from our area. The church had the most beautiful stained glass windows in it!

Hike/Buffalo Rocks

We took Galli for a hike through the woods one afternoon, and we ran into some Sweet Buffalo Rocks for the first time ever! It was so much fun to find them and snap pictures to share in their group on Facebook. Funnily enough, another family had found the same ones shortly after we did and shared their pictures, too!

Jake Lost a Tooth

He's about a year ahead of his big brothers with this one!! It shocked us all to find that he had an extremely wiggly tooth, and a day and half later it was out! He really hated it and was trying to get it out for a couple days. I've never had a kiddo loose a tooth in preschool before. He was super excited for the tooth fairy to come and he talked about it pretty much non-stop the whole week. :)

Homecoming Game

Another thing we've talked about doing for years and just never had was taking the boys to see a football game at their future high school. It's seriously less than a minute's drive from our house and we hear the announcer calling games from our backyard all the time. So we made plans with some school friends to go to the game together. It was one of the coldest days of fall at that point, and I cannot believe we actually made it through the whole game! We were all really bundled up and still shivering!! Luke had a blast playing in the open fields with his friends, though, and I'm really glad we went!

Grandma's House

I thought about writing a whole post for this one, but most of the photos I have were taken from the listing online and I didn't want to steal all her pictures. So Grandparents built their house in the late 1950's, and it's the house that my Dad grew up in. I spent lots of time there as a kid and made endless memories, and my Dad cleared it out and sold it when I was living in Charlotte and pregnant with Luke. I never got to say goodbye to the house or have any real closure with all the memories and experiences we had there. About a month and a half ago, a post started circling Facebook that showed photos of my Grandma & Grandpa's house post renovation. The current owner went Chip and Joanna on it, and it is GORGEOUS! We were all sort of an emotional mess about it, and I vowed that if there was an open house for it (it was about to be put on the market) I would go and see it. Sure enough.....there was, and I went. I posted about it on my Instagram if you want to know more, but I did tell the owner my Grandparents' story and showed her pictures and there was this incredible full-circle connection thing that happened. I will remember it and cherish it my whole life!


Knowing our month (and especially weekends) was going to be crazy, we picked a random Wednesday night to go in search of pumpkins. We set out in hopes of stopping at a few nearby farms, but almost as soon as we pulled out of the driveway, it started hailing and downpouring! So we ended up a a huge produce store that's well-known around here and picked pumpkins out in their greenhouse. It maybe wasn't the full pumpkin experience, but it was still fun! And we took home some cute little pumpkins. :)

Fun Run

The boys' school consolidated all of their usual fundraisers into one huge runathon this year. I was excited to be there to help out and see them running their laps! It was a little chilly out, but not too bad, and I was helping out in Henry's grade so I got to see him fly around the track over and over again. He was the cutest! We had to mark the laps on the kids shirts so they could cash in their pledges and Henry would speed around the track and come to me for all his tallies (with a cute little smirk on his face, of course). It was such a fun event!

Sooo as you can see....while I've been blog neglectful, we've been up to our eyeballs in activities, fall fun, and some pretty cool life moments. The best part? We have finally hit peak fall - all the trees are finally turning and slowly dropping leaves, and I can't wait to watch it unfold this month as we inch towards Christmas season. Which, technically starts today, right? ;)

PS - Matilda Jane October + November Jane Parade is on deck for tomorrow!

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  1. How fun about the house!!! If you post pics of the inside or the listing of it, tag me on FB. Also, where are your cute little fall decorations? lol! I know you always do the little banners and just sweet little things by your sink. We did pumpkins from the dollar store... they got wet and leaked paint everywhere so I need new suggestions! ha!

    1. I did share them on FB once, I'll tag you on the post! It's gorgeous!! I know...I'm super behind on so many things! My house has not exactly been in the right shape for photos lately! LOL They are up, though! Maybe I'll get some photos snapped this weekend ;)

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