Friday, November 16, 2018

Friday Favorites

It's been a while since a Friday Favorites has graced the blog!!! But life has been good to us lately - with lots of little excitements and the energy of impending holidays. I have a lot of favorites lately!!


Take Your Wife to Work Fridays
I've been spending the time that my littlest guy is at preschool on Fridays at work with my husband. We share cups of tea, and I sit in the cozy chair in the corner of his office to write while he works (though I scoot to the room next door if he has a meeting on the phone), and it has come to feel like such an indulgent time. It gives us quiet, it gives us more time together, and it gives us a great practice in productivity. I've loved adding this to my weekly life (though it doesn't necessarily work out every single week).

Target's Christmas One Spot
I can't get enough! And even in saying that, my obsession and actual purchase of what's in there is about 1/15th of the crazy ladies in my bullseye's playground group on FB. (And yes, I know it's actually called that now, but I still hear employees call it the one spot so there!) The Christmas stuff has been legit, and I stalked it for a good 5 days before finally hitting the jackpot. And I may or may not have been back multiple times. At multiple Targets.

The Fall Clearance Is Pretty Bomb, Too.
My Target tends to not only be 2-3 weeks behind the rest of the country in switching out its seasonal stuff, but it's also the last one in our area. So while I was searching and searching for Christmas to hit the shelves, I made out pretty well on left over fall + Halloween stuff. I got this super cute pumpkin sign for $.10 - TEN CENTS! The set of bubbles was $.50, and I'll pass them out in Kindy next year, the little pumpkins were $.10...I mean, the cuuutest stuff for just dimes.

New Stockings (FINALLY!)
I've been hunting for new stockings for three Christmases now!! Our collection of them was actually handed down to us, and they were just spare cheapo and felt ones that had gotten stained and worn out over the years. For whatever reason, I couldn't justify the cost, or couldn't find the ones I wanted from year to year, and I just didn't get them! One day on a Christmas one spot hunt, though, I noticed that they had all of our letters there, and they were 20% off that day. If it were truly truly up to me, I probably would have gone with trendier buffalo check ones or some of the adorable Hearth & Hand ones, but everyone else loved these and I was cool with them. (This was just a test run, these aren't actually up yet!)

thank you, next
OH my gosh this song. I am so in love! The first time I listened to it I actually teared up (at the part about her walking down the aisle holding hands with her mama - wahhh), and by the second listen I  thought...this is the best anthem ever! For breakups, for relationships that are no more, for growing, for learning, for seeing the lessons in life. It's so good. SO GOOD! If you don't have it yet, what are you waiting for?!?!

Matilda Jane Finns
'Tis the season to wear your fanciest lounge wear! I all but live in leggings during the cold months, but lately I've been enjoying the comfort and color options of my finn collection! If you don't know, finns are like fancy yoga pants. They are the coziest around-the-house pants ever, and they come in basic black (in 2 lengths), and great matchable colors that release every season. There are 4 types available right now (plus one for girls) - see them HERE!

Starbucks Reusable Cups + Holiday Drinks
Did you get your free reusable holiday cup?? A couple weeks ago Starbucks gave these out when you ordered a holiday drink, and when you bring it back you get money off your drink! Yayy for that! Plus, I'm into these reusable cups as it is (I got a set around my birthday this year that I love!). And three cheers for Peppermint Mochas! On a shopping trip last week I overheard the barista say that grande holiday drinks were only $3 and it was snowing of course I had to!

Friendly Odin
This one is kind of bittersweet, but ever since we lost our Edward, Odin has been exceptionally friendly. I think he was getting a lot of his affection and cuddles from Ed so he had asked for it a lot less from us over the years. He used to be all over us constantly - it's been a lot more like that lately. While we enjoy it a lot, I feel like he must really be missing having a buddy all day. It's been nice when he jumps in our laps anytime we sit still for more than a few minutes, though!

Coffee From My Guy
On election day, Luke was up early so he was excited to go vote with Matt before school. They were up SO early, that I was still sleeping! I woke up as Luke was sneaking out of my room, and I found a fresh cup of coffee with a sweet note on it from him. It was such a sweet way to wake up!!

This Christmas Sweater
I mean, obviously, right? It's so perfect!! I love love love the yoga reference, and tree pose is my favorite! My sister is hosting an Ugly Christmas Sweater party next month and I'm so readdyyyy! (You'll never guess where it's from! lol)

Thanksgiving Party Supplies
I've been co-hosting Thanksgiving since the very first year Matt and I started dating. Since we moved back to Buffalo, I'd cook most of the dinner and get things to dress up our table with like centerpieces or coloring table cloths for the kids, and I'd bring it to my mom's house for our celebrations. Last year was the first year I hosted at my house, and while I LOVE putting Thanksgiving together and cooking all the yummy things - doing dishes afterwards is not my idea of a good time. Especially when there's so much Christmas shopping to do!! So while I love the idea of nice china for a holiday, I bought disposable everything and it was SO GREAT!!! I did the same thing for this year and I'm super excited about all the cute things Target had to offer! (I swear this post is not sponsored by Target, I just live there part time, lol!)

Oval Plates (I have this kind, too) | Gobble Gobble Plates | Turkey Gobble Plates | Gold Cutlery
Gobble Napkins | Leaf Dessert/Beverage Napkins | Coloring Placemats (we used these last year)

Everything else is is from the one spot! I'm gonna run the chalkboard paper down the center of the table and have chalk out for everyone to write what they're thankful for :)

BTW - I highly recommend the big oval plates!! They are both big enough and sturdy enough to handle a full Thanksgiving plate!

I'm linking up with the usual suspects for Friday Favorites today! Have an amazing weekend!!!! I'll have a really fun gift guide next week to give you some shopping ideas - be sure to come back for that on Wednesday! <3

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  1. The dollar spot is my fav spot.

    1. Same! lol Are you in the Bullseye's Playground group on FB??