Monday, November 26, 2018

Day In The Life: Black Friday!

Black Friday is one of my favorite days of the year! So I thought it would be the perfect day to track this month for my Day In The Life! I had so much fun shopping, and the rest of the day was so relaxing and fun - we did nothing on purpose, and it was perfect! :)

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Day In The Life: Black Friday edition! |

For once I was not mad at my super early alarm! ;) One of my favorite parts about black friday is being up and out while it's still dark and sleepy - it's like we have the world to ourselves!

I spent about 10 minutes looking at deals on my phone before getting up...just trying to wake up a little. Matilda Jane had $15 dresses....too bad I already had them all! lol Then I got up, brushed my teeth and grabbed a glass of water, got dressed, straightened my hair, and put makeup on.

Ready to go! Excuse the bathroom photo..but this was the only picture of me from the day. Pro tip: I always wear leggings under my jeans on cold black helps a lot when you're walking in and out of stores in the cold. And it was COLD this year....16 degrees or so when we first got out there! (Yes, I mean 16 degrees F!)

Waiting at an extremely long red light on the way to my sister's house to pick her up. It was SO cold, but at least I had a blanket and Christmas music to keep me company!

Since Target wasn't opening until 7am and that's usually our first stop of the day, we picked a place in the same shopping center that would be open - Old Navy. It's usually somewhere on our list anyway, and we found some super cute stuff! This was when we finally got in was the longest and most frustrating line of the day! But we had an awesome view of the sunrise from where we waited, at least.

Finally through the line & waiting for my sister. Yep, it took that long for a few sweaters and a pair of leggings - boo!

Next order of business - coffee! Which we got in the Target Starbucks. I'd brought my reusable cup along and got the Christmas blend - yum! (Ignore my chipped polish, plsthx lol)

We shopped the store for a while and it wasn't very busy - I'd actually seen it busier during the day lately. The only crazy area was the electronics department, which we were staying faaaaar away from!

We decided to hop over to Best Buy next and grabbed a couple of blurays they had the best deal on. They made the line to the register out of  We went to Lowe's next to scoop up their battery deal, and then I dropped my sister off at Carter's and took a break in the van while I waited for her (my kids are kind of over Carters). I forgot to take pictures during all of that!

Next up was Five Below where we grabbed a few things, and then a quick stop at Home Goods where I found one lone Rae Dunn mug and a squeaky dog toy for Galli that looks like a taco.

I hadn't eaten a thing all morning, so we decided to stop at Panera for lunch - YUM! This is my favorite combo...the fuji apple chicken salad and the autumn squash soup. SO GOOD!

12:14pmHome! With a trunk full of goodies. The boys were all downstairs playing when I got here, so I was able to unload my goodies and get them sorted and hidden away, thankfully.

Some packages had arrived at the same time I got home, so I went through those, too. My sister is having an ugly sweater party soon and I'd gotten these socks to go with my sweater.

The boys had a quick lunch, and then we were all kind of beat. Matt and I lounged around for a bit...we were low on sleep, high on activity and needed a rest pretty badly! No matter that my shopping bags were still on the bed, lol.

Yes, we really did waste 2 hours! Except Matt started getting ready to go, as well as helping Luke out - the two of them left for the Sabres game around this time. They were SO excited to attend one in the middle of this winning streak we're having! So while they were on their way out the door, I made some coffee and sat down to shop more deals. Just couldn't quit Old Navy on Friday!

I put my credit card away and went back to bed to veg out some more and I watched Gilmore Girls on my laptop. The little boys were having a blast playing - they'd come up and down the stairs, switching up their game over and over. I love that they play so well together :)

I forced myself to get out of my cozy little nest and make dinner for the little boys and myself - which was just Thanksgiving leftovers, and I was not complaining!! (The boys were a little bit, lol)

The boys and I put the end of the Sabres game on TV so we could see how it was going - we were down one when we turned it on, but we ended up winning in over time!!

I pulled out my paint by number and worked on it a bit while we watched the game.

Matt and Luke were home, and we were running on holiday timing, so we were all cozied up in the living room watching TV a bit before bed. Bedtime routines started shortly after this, and then Matt and I headed to bed ourselves and watched a Hallmark movie.

And just before falling asleep myself, I remembered to snap this screenshot :)

And that was it - a totally relaxing, fun, indulgent black friday!! I wish we could have a black friday every week ;)

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