Monday, November 12, 2018

2 Cakes for Jake

I'm still catching up over here, but I'm trying!! Busy weeks make this a labor of love, but I swear I'll get there ;)

A couple weeks ago, our Jakey Roo turned 5! It was kind of surreal - realizing that I no longer had any kids under 5. Such a milestone! All of the care-intensive years of raising littles are now behind us, which is so incredibly bittersweet.

Jake was, however, perfectly ready to hit this milestone. He is independent, strong-willed, and TALL! I mean - huge. It's so unfair that my baby is my giant!!

On the morning of his birthday, we let Jake pick one gift to open while he had his breakfast. He chose Fruity Pebbles for his birthday, which was not a shocker. This kid loooves cereal! And anything goes on a birthday - even the sugariest!

If you didn't know this about our Jake, he is OBSESSED with airplanes. His un-ending love for all things aviation started when he was just 2 years old on our family trip to Florida. He is particularly obsessed with Southwest, but he's taken to studying and identifying all types of airplanes and airlines, so for this birthday we got him a bunch of different ones. He was SO EXCITED to get a Spirit Airlines plane! lol

We had a relaxed morning after the boys were off to school, and then Jake and I made plans to have lunch at our favorite gluten free restaurant with my sister and nephew. While I was choosing something to wear, Jake noticed one of my shirts in my closet and exclaimed, "MOM! Wear that one, it matches my new Spirit airplane!" Hahaha...had to oblige the birthday boy :)

At the restaurant, Jake and Cole (my nephew) drew pictures, played with Jake's airplane, and ran back and forth to check out the treats in the bakery. Jake drew a runway for his airplane - so cute! He was so excited and silly all day...he loved being the Birthday boy!

After lunch, we picked up the boys from school, and then came home to make cupcakes for our guy. After Matt got home, we had dinner, Facetimed with his Grandparents while he opened gifts (including some that they had sent him), and then we gathered back around the table to sing and have cake.

I just love him!! :)

A few days later, we had some family over for cake and ice cream. It was a really small, simple gathering, and I don't have many photos from it, but he loved having everyone over and playing with his cousins.

He got lots of airplanes and sugar to celebrate - I think it's safe to say he enjoyed celebrating his 5th year! And he's certainly done a fantastic job of being our cute little caboose...even if he is growing way ahead of schedule!!!

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