Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Luke's 9-3/4 Birthday!

Happy Halloween!!! I hope all of your festivities today are spooky and sweet!

I'm preparing to run on fumes all day (I'm volunteering in all 3 classrooms and then making dinner for us to bring to a friend's house before trick or treating - it's gonna be crazy! lol), but I thought I'd share a little bit of fall fun this morning before the crazy gets underway.

A few months ago, Luke realized that he would be turning 9 and 3/4 this October. Which I know sounds like a silly number, but if you're even a little bit of a Harry Potter fan, you'll know why this is significant! And if you don't, it's the number of the platform Harry needs to board in order to ride the Hogwarts Express to school. The platform is invisible to muggles (non magic folk), and you have to cross through a brick wall between platforms 9 and 10 to get there.

Luke was so excited to celebrate this number that he wrote it on the calendars in the house and reminded us over and over again that we HAD to take a picture on his big day! And really, that was all we'd planned to do. But as the day arrived and I had some free time, I made a last minute decision to bake a little cake, buy him a little Harry Potter gift, and make a movie afternoon out of it.

He had no idea :)

He got home from school that day (he'd worn his Ravenclaw shirt to school to honor his big day!) and we added his Hogwarts robe and an old photo prop to stand in for the glasses. I printed a Platform 9-3/4 sign I found online, and we brought his stuffed Hedwig in for a few shots, too. And of course, we had to stand in front of the bricks to mimic the actual platform entrance!

I told Luke to pick which of the 8 movies he wanted to watch (we steer them away from the 8th, it's a little scary for the littler guys, still) and to put it on while I did a few things. The boys settled into a cozy movie afternoon while I frosted Luke's cake and wrapped his present - unbeknownst to him!

I set everything up on the table which surprised and delighted him - and also teased him since I told him he had to wait for his dad to get home. :)  (And yes, Happy is misspelled intentionally!)

He had to wait until after dinner to finally dig into his cake and open his gifts, but he was thrilled with them. I think everyone enjoyed having something to celebrate in the middle of an ordinary week!

This was such a fun thing to celebrate, and it was truly thrown together simply and quickly. I put only a couple hours of forethought into it, and it required minimal prep. We will probably do something for his 11th birthday, too (I mean, what kind of Harry Potter family would we be if we didn't??) but I think honoring all of their 9-3/4 birthdays is my new  favorite Rych fam tradition!

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