Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Back To School 2018

Late much? I knowwww, I'm super out of the blog loop right now.

I've been trying so hard to get a grip on this school year, and it's been a struggle. Setting some things aside (like blogging) has been helpful. But I miss it, and I miss reading your blogs, and every time a milestone passes us I think "oh man, that's another thing I'm behind on!"

The first big deal I missed out on was the boys' return to school. This year, Luke started 4th grade (his LAST year at the elementary school - what?!), Henry started 2nd grade, and Jake started Pre-K.

The big boys started back the day after labor day, and it was a crazy transition. We had been in laid-back summer mode for so long and the weather was still sweltering - it felt so strange to be heading back to school. It was a busy morning with a few tears, but we made it through!

That's the best one I got of Henry after many tries, because he really felt like this....

Can't really blame him, lol.

We walked the boys to their classrooms and made sure they were settled. Henry was close to falling apart, but Luke was all smiles. He is in class with his 2 besties again, along with some other friends he knows, so he was READY! And Henry cheered up quickly - he was all smiles and energy after school (which are 2 words that almost always describe H.)

After drop off, Jake and I went to our annual Boo Hoo Breakfast to help out. I was stationed at the welcome table with a school mom friend - we greeted guests, gave them name tags and goodie bags and directed them to their tables. Jake patiently waited at a table behind us while he read airplane books and looked at airplane pictures on my phone. (Dude likes his aviation!)

When the event was underway and breakfast was served, volunteers were invited to join in so I got to enjoy a breakfast with my guy.

As we sat and ate, it dawned on me that this was the last time I'd have a little one at home with me on the first day of school. Sigh....bittersweet moments.

That evening, we celebrated the boys' first day with a trip out for frozen yogurt. It was so nice out that we sat on the patio, chatted with the boys about their new classes, and even saw friends from Jake's school. Luke went a tad overboard with his toppings....a common froyo mishap, lol.

Jake's first day was about a week later. Our last first day at our beloved preschool!!! More bittersweet! It was a rainy gloomy day, and it was coming down on our way into school. We didn't get to take our usual outdoor photos, so we had to settle for the foyer. I didn't notice until I made it back to the van that the 1 had fallen off the sign (he started on the 10th) so I had to add it in later, lol.

Cutie pants!

So, clearly, we've been back to school for quite a while now and the boys have mostly settled in. We're still adjusting to the increase in school work sent home and getting Jake to be a bit more self-sufficient in preparation for Kindergarten next year, but we're on our way!

It's been nice having some space to get things done during the day. But I'm sure gonna miss my little buddy when he's gone all day like his brothers are!

Sorry in advance for the abundance of posts on their way while I get caught up ;)

- - -

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