Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Apple Picking & Getting Lost

We made our annual trek to Ransomville to do some apple picking the weekend after the boys started school. You never know what you're gonna get those first couple weeks of September - equal chances it'll be summer or fall! This year, it was SUMMER. Like...July, summer. It was about 86 degrees and full sun. Yikes! lol

But we still got lots of good apples and had fun! We jumped right into the picking when we got there, and we picked pretty quickly this year. Dodging under trees to catch some shade and picking whatever was nearby probably contributed to our speed. ;)

We paid for our apples and put them in the van, and then we took the boys into the corn maze. I don't think we really considered how HOT it would be in there, and we were letting the boys direct us, so we were stuck in there for quite a while!

When we finally made our way out, we found a shady spot under a tent to cool off while the boys re-hydrated and tried to find the energy to play in the bounce houses for a bit. They did, but it didn't last long, and I didn't even get up to take any photos this time. It was SO hot! So we loaded up on some goodies from the market and then set out for home.

It was a quick, hot trip this year, but I'm always so glad to keep up this tradition. It's the official kick off to fall for us, and the apple-everything that follows definitely gets us in the spirit! Even if they were basically already roasting on their branches. ;)

Also, look at how little my babies were just a year ago! HOW!! Not to mention all the other years, which are linked at the bottom of last year's post. I love having these saved through the years, but it sure does blow my mind how quickly they change!

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