Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Summer 10x10 Challenge

Back in April, I attempted my first 10x10 challenge and didn't quite succeed. I had a feeling summer's version would be a little more fun (what, with more interesting choices than sweater, sweater oooor sweater), so I've been watching for it on Instagram since the spring. It just wrapped up this past weekend, and I'm happy to report....I did it!!

If you don't know what the heck I'm talking about, the 10x10 challenge is a style challenge. It tasks you to pick 10 pieces of clothing to then make 10 outfits out of over 10 days. Of course this means it's smart to pick a lot of neutrals, and I do, but I like some color and variety in my life, so this is actually a pretty difficult challenge for me!

These were the 10 pieces I went with....

Summer 10x10 outfit challenge

(Left to right, top row to bottom)

1. Marled Vest from Target
2. Navy Tshirt Dress from Matilda Jane
3. Green Floral Tank from Matilda Jane
4. Black Swing Tank from Gap
5. Fuchsia Fitted Tank from Target
6. Black V-Neck Tee from Old Navy
7. Striped Ruffle Sleeve Top from Matilda Jane
8. Green + Black Striped Maxi from Target
9. Distressed Skinny Jeans from American Eagle
10. Cuff Hem Dark Wash Shorts from Target

Here's how I did!

Day 1 - green + black stripe maxi, black Gap tank, sandals + long necklace
Day 2 - jeans, black tee, vest, natives + bow necklace

Day 3 - shorts, pink tank, black tee + natives
Day 4 - jeans, Matilda Jane top, navites, bow necklace, and mixed finish silver bangles

Day 5 - jeans, black tee + sandals
Day 6 - matilda jane tshirt dress, sandals

Day 7 - shorts, black Gap tank, Natives, + rose quartz lariat necklace from Nasty Gal
Day 8 - jeans, MJ tank, Navites + same Nasty Gal necklace (it was raining, had to photo inside)

Day 9 - shorts, pink tank, marled vest, long necklace (from paparazzi) + Natives
Day 10 - striped maxi, black tee (knotted), long necklace from Lia Sophia, espadrille wedges
(plz excuse the cat hair, lol...oops)

Success!! Here's my notes and thoughts this time around:

1) Keeping up with this and taking pictures outside was way more fun than trying to dress for frustrating chilly/half spring!

2) As with last time, a few of these days I only wore the outfits for part of the day. I often changed into more comfy lounge around the house stuff (since we were at home most of these days), and I dressed up for an evening trunk show on day 5.

3) My new Natives were a perfect shoe to add to this! Not only are they incredibly comfy, they looked super cute with pretty much everything I paired them with, and I got tons of compliments on them!

4) I'm not sure that I have a favorite outfit! Maybe #4? I remember feeling the most put together in that. Although I was pleasantly surprised by how many of these I liked!

5) I'm the most disappointed in outfit #6...I would have normally worn more of a heel, a longer necklace, and more accessories...but I had a trunk show and had to do a lot of packing and hauling stuff around so I was trying not to annoy myself with accessories!

6) Hilarious BTS husband decided to fix the leaky seal on our washer the week of my know, when I'd have to wash things from night to night. It didn't go well, and sat un-fixed for many nights. I had to send clothes with him to work (he works out of an unused room in his parent's house because they're travelers and it's quieter there than our house) so he could wash things for me in order to keep up with the challenge. Never a dull moment lol.

7) I love how the challenge was bookended by the maxi - not planned!!

10x10 Outfit Challenge

So tell me - what's your favorite outfit from my challenge? Have you ever done one of these?? Let me know if you'd be interested in joining me this fall - it's the most exciting time for styling outfits!!!

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