Monday, August 13, 2018

My Evening Beauty Routine

You know who I envy? People who can get away with swiping their face with a makeup wipe at night and somehow go through their days with flawless skin. I am very much so, not one of those people. "Blessed" with oversized pores, finicky combination skin, and an aversion to physical contact with baking soda  - this face of mine requires constant upkeep.

I have a few friends with the same fair, freckled complexion I have, and together....through many-many conversations about frustrations and trials with products, I feel like I have finally found a combination for my evening beauty routine that keeps things somewhat in check. (I still can't do anything about hormonal breakouts - which I seem to have in spades. I'll stop being a teenager one of these decades.)

Evening Beauty Routine Products for Sensitive/Problem skin

I should also add that I am a stickler for using somewhat-natural products. I don't relish the idea of absorbing chemicals, but a lot of natural products contain baking soda - which causes my face to swell up like a blimp and I don't recognize myself in the mirror. SO, I have found out the hard way that I kind of have to stick with mid-range natural products. The ones that don't have any of the scariest ingredients, but may still have some "hmmm, we're not sure about this" fillers. You'll see that almost all of these fall into that category. So here's what I do!

Bliss Pore Patrol Scrub

Step one: Wash off make up with Bliss Pore Patrol Warming Scrub
This stuff works so great, and it's only $10 at Target! It really clears away my makeup (a lot of natural products leave A LOT behind), and it lightly exfoliates, too. I use this in the shower as well as during my evening routine with zero negative reactions. I recommend it, 100%!

Thayers Witch Hazel toner

Step two: Tone with Thayer's Witch Hazel
I love this stuff! Lavender is my favorite, but the Rose is great, too. It clears away any forgotten makeup and calms and evens out my skin. You know that tight feeling you can get after washing your face? This completely takes it away - I sometimes forget that I still need moisturizer after using it! It's only $8 on Amazon, and it lasts forever.

Tea Tree Oil to treat acne

Step three: Treat breakouts with Tea Tree Oil
I am not brand loyal, here, this is just what I have at the moment. I often order oils from my sister (who sells Young Living), but this works, too. I still sometimes use salicylic acid for a really bad breakout, but this usually knocks out most things.

Pixi skin treats overnight glow serum

Step four: Pixi Overnight Glow Serum
THIS. STUFF. is a game changer. If you get nothing else, GET THIS!!! If I am washing my face during the day or before putting on makeup, I use moisturizer instead of this stuff - this is only for use overnight. Partially because it can increase the chances of sunburn. It has glycolic acid and a bunch of soothing ingredients that actually does make my skin glow! It heals all sorts of problem areas, has shrunken my pores, and has given me a more even complexion than I've ever had before!! I LOVE this stuff! I got mine at Target, and it runs about $24.

Castor oil for eyes and lashes

Step five: Treat eye area + lashes with Castor Oil
Castor oil works wonders on damaged skin (so use it on scars and things, too!) as well as hair. It repairs and encourages growth. I use it to control my under eye circles, in the creases to prevent wrinkles, and on my eye lashes to encourage growth. Vegan cold-pressed castor oil is only like $8 on don't have to drop hundreds on eye serums!!

Optional: Antibiotic Ointment
If I have a bad breakout or any issue that involves the skin breaking (like, ya know....if I just can't help but pick at that one annoying thing....) I put antibiotic ointment on it and it heals virtually overnight!! This is one of my favorite little skin tricks!

LimeLife face mask, yes to tomatoes facemask

Once a week: Deep Cleaning Face Masks
These two pictured are my favorites! LimeLight has rebranded to LimeLife, so you'll notice the product I'm linking to is a little bit different. This Masque of Zen feels SO good when it's on, and my skin feels like it's been totally whipped into shape after washing it off! I also really like the Yes to Tomatoes charcoal paper mask - you can really feel this one working!! I use a couple of others, too, but these are the two I usually rotate between.

And that's it!! One of my other skin fixes was to find a breathable foundation that still looks good on my problem skin - it has helped to not create a lot of the problems in the first place! I'll talk more about it in another post, but Tarte products have really been serving me well!!

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