Friday, August 17, 2018

Friday Favs: Birthday Wishlist!

I can't even believe that I've gone this far into August without mentioning that it's Jenn month. Signs that I'm getting old? Perhaps :)

I like to make a birthday wish list vision board each August - mostly because this is one of the few times of the year I have some money to play with, mixed with labor day sales, and I end up wanting allthethings. My list is surprisingly small this year....most of the things I want are $10 or less. I guess that's a sign that I've been pretty blessed, lately! Though to be honest...if the fall stuff was out, there'd be a lot of it here.

(Did anyone else hear that stores are trying to back off from early holidays? I've heard that Target pushed their holiday decor back a couple weeks from last year, interesting.)

birthday wishlist

I've got my eye on....

+ This Universal Thread triple compartment bag in cognac. Isn't it the perfect color for fall outfits? And it's organized in such a great way so I don't loose all my things all the time.

+ I know it's silly to put a $1 item on a list like this, but how gorgeous is this Greenroom folder? You can't buy them online, but they have them at my Target and I want to get a few to organize with.

+ I'm not the best at using a planner, but this gorgeous watercolor one by BlueSky juuust might make me want to use it consistently. I've got big plans to get myself in order this school year!

+ I have been looking forward to Sweetener all summer! And to be honest, since it's out today, I've probably already downloaded it by the time you're reading this. ;)

+ I pretty much exclusively use Essie nail polish, and I discovered a new color they came out with this summer called Mercury In Retrograde. UM, need it! I was born under a mercury retrograde, and while it makes everyone feel crazy, I actually feel like myself during them!

+ And yes, I'm one of the few people that have yet to own an Instant Pot. I WANT ONE!!!

+ I also found this set of black and white gingham napkins from Hearth & Hand, and I loooove theeeem. Fall and Winter are a bit of a buffalo check explosion up in here.

I'm also hoping to use my 40% off at Tony Walker on a new North old one just doesn't wash well anymore, and I'd really like it to have a hood.

These are some of the things that would have been on my list had I not already scooped them up and fell in love with them :)

friday favorites august

+ I got this s'well bottle during the Nordstrom sale, and you guys...I LOVE IT! I had no idea this was missing from my life!! Not only is it the prettiest shade of millennial pink, I can fill it up with ice water before bed and it's still cold by the time I eat lunch. (Why yes, I am that bad at drinking water.)

+ I joined a lot of used book groups on Facebook recently and I noticed that they all kept talking about so I went to investigate. They get wholesale discounts and carry "scratch and dent" copies of new and popular books, making them anywhere from $.79 - $12 (they might go beyond that, but nothing I saw yet has.) I bought a box of new, mostly YA novels for $35 and now I'm obsessed! (Also, their warehouse is in Buffalo!) (Use THIS link and get $10 off your first order! It's a referral link so I'll get some points towards free books, too.)

+ Tarte Shape Tape is a dream. come. true. I use both the concealer and foundation, and they are so gorgeous yet still breathable - I love them! They are vegan and free of all the extra-nasty stuff like parabens and phthalates, and I love them both to pieces!

+ I wrote about this in my PM routine post from Monday, but this glow serum is one of my favorite things in life right now, no lies. SO. GOOD.

+ This set of reusable cups from Starbucks is the CUTEST! It was only $9.95 for the set, and I love them all! I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to gift a few of them....I may even buy a second set to give out at Christmas with a little $5 GC inside for a drink. It comes out to like $1.65ish per cup, so it's such an affordable (and adorable) thing to give!! But I'm also ridiculously obsessed with them for my own use. ;) OH and you get a discount at Starbucks when you bring them in to be filled! (Don't buy them at the link I shared, they're almost 3x the price - check in your local Starbucks for them!)

I'm linking up with Friday Favorites today - happy weekend, loves!!!

friday favorites
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  1. Definitely need to try the concealor and glow serum. Glowing sounds good!

  2. When is your birthday?! Mine is Tuesday!! We are alike in so many ways...I love it!

    1. 10 Days after yours!! lol I remember figuring that out last year but I didn't remember until you posted about it the other day!! haha

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