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Day In The Life: August

It's a little bittersweet knowing that this is my last summer DITL post for the year, but it's also pretty cool to see a year come full circle. August was the first month I shared a full Day In The Life (click here to see it!), and while this day looks quite a bit different since we were out of town for most of it, many aspects of life are still exactly the same!

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So for August, I tracked yesterday - August 26th, and we were at "the lake"! If you ever see me mention that around here, "the lake" to us is Keuka Lake. Matt's parents own a cottage there and we visit it a handful of times a year.

I was up pretty late reading the night before (what else is new), but Matt was getting out of bed and asked if I wanted coffee. OF COURSE I did, so I hung out in bed for a little bit trying to wake up while he brewed it. The bed isn't back hurts every time I wake up on it, but we usually stay in this room when we visit and I love its cozy cottage feel.

Okay so I guess I laid in bed for quite a while trying to wake up, lol. I also had to wait for the bathroom to be free so I could brush my teeth and grab coffee. Then I took a new book out to the deck (I'd finished The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo with my late-night reading the night before), along with coffee and my blanket (mornings are getting chilly here!) to enjoy my favorite part of the lake - the slow mornings! Henry woke up and joined us after a little while.

Matt's mom made a breakfast casserole so I grabbed a plate - it was really good! The kids are always anxious to get right down to the business of having fun while we're there, so I didn't get to sit for too long. I went and grabbed my shoes to go down to the dock and noticed how pretty the morning sun looked. I've always liked the view from their little porch here.

Jake wanted to play on the boat for a bit, and then I looked for some rocks that would be good for painting. I have a craft night coming up this weekend and we usually default to painting rocks (which is surprisingly fun!) when we can't come up with other crafts or we get sick of what we're working on.

I refilled coffees for Matt and I and then met him out on the dock.

As we sat there I suddenly had the urge to do yoga. I dunno if I was just feeling like I needed to stretch, or if the sound of the lake was making me feel like it would be a great place to practice, but I didn't even care that I didn't have a mat or if anyone thought I was crazy - I just got up and started moving through poses. Matt joined me as we tried to balance on the shakey dock, and then we sat to meditate to the sound of the lake, which was so peaceful and we both loved it. Matt took pictures of me while I was sitting.

Our dock yoga and meditation felt so good, and so did the morning sun, and I sat there with my boat hair and my freckles on full display (which I don't mind, but I'm normally not caught on camera with zero make up) and I just felt so content and happy and me. Close to source. It was the best. Matt grabbed a piece of drift wood to roll out his muscles - haha! He has an actual muscle roller at home to help him stretch after tae kwon do, but he had to get resourceful!

Jake joined us on the dock to check out the fish for a little bit.

And then it was time for a boat ride! I'm not really sure where that hour and a half went...I can't remember what we were up to, but there was a lot of suiting up and getting ready for time on the boat. When they were all set, I sat down with my book on the deck to watch them take off.

After a ride around the lake, they came back to grab their new seat raft to take the kids tubing. It's nice because they're actually able to stay upright and on the raft without getting totally tossed around into the lake (which still scares my boys). So they all tried it!

It's not a clear picture, but my MIL sent me this last night of 2 of my boys and my niece.

I got a couple chapters into my book while the boys rode and tubed, and then I got ready for the day and started packing up all of our stuff to make it easier to get on the road when they were done. With everything packed (and it wasn't too much since we only went for one night), I went out to sit on the dock and watch them swim for a bit.

Swim swim swim! The look on Luke's face in the second picture, haha. He thinks it's hilarious to blow water through the noodles.

It was getting pretty hot on out the dock, so I went back up to read some more. Who's shocked? haha Then Matt started grilling burgers for lunch and I sat with him to keep him company.

Burgers and salad for lunch with my big guy :)

It took us a little bit to get cleaned up, pack the van, have everyone go to the bathroom and say their goodbyes before we hit the road. We promised a stop at Seneca Farms for some ice cream before we really left, though, so we went there next. They make their own homemade ice cream and it was probably the best homemade ice cream I've ever had! Henry always looks so sad or mad in pictures somehow but he's the happiest guy! lol

We'd been on the road for a bit and decided to stop at a rest stop for some coffee. We were feeling the lake exhaustion and though it was kind of late in the day, we needed a boost! The boys also decided they needed to go to the bathroom again (for real, the "go to the bathroom before we leave" thing never works).

Just off the thruway and on the way to my mom's house, we ended up behind this hilarious Bills van that clearly left the game early. We were trying to figure out how you got up there and what the point was, but the paint job was pretty impressive!

Finally at my mom's to pick up our Galli girl! She missed us - we have the excited scratch marks all over our arms and legs to prove it! haha

After driving home, unpacking the van, and greeting the cats, I went right to throwing a load of laundry in. We had a bag full of wet bathing suits and beach towels since we hit the road soon after swimming, so I threw all of those in.

You'd think we'd have other priorities having just gotten home, but the weather was so beautiful that we all wanted to take a break outside for a bit. Luke and I read while the little ones played on the swings and Matt prepared for his first fantasy football draft which was starting shortly.

Knowing we'd be light on groceries, I made a quick shopping list and took the first volunteer to join me on a trip to Target. I saw that they had a 20% off cartwheel on Annie's snacks (which we buy a lot of for school lunches because they carry a lot of gluten free products), so I thought it would be a good chance to knock out some dinner and start school stocking. Jake begged me for this grass block lunch box (which is pretty hilarious), but he doesn't take lunch to school yet and it was SO big! It looked hilarious in his hands.

Back home with the goods and SUPER LATE (seems to be a theme of our summer), we threw a frozen gluten free pizza in the oven and some gluten free perogies in a pan. We weren't super hungry, but needed a little something. I also opened a card from a book group I'm in that came while we were gone - one of the admins sent me some pretty bookmarks for my birthday - so sweet!! And then I moved our bathing suit laundry over to the dryer.

We ate our "sort of dinner" while working on a puzzle that's been on my table way too long! I keep telling the kids we need to finish it so I can have my table back! lol

We rushed the kids through a late bedtime routine, though "rushed" is relative because even when done quickly I feel like their bedtime routine takes forever! Thankfully the kids were so beat that they went to sleep quickly and didn't go through their usually getting up 20 times with complaints routine.

With them tucked in, I went to wash my face and do a face mask. I'd forgotten to bring my scrub or even a make up wipe to the lake so I just washed my face with warm water the night before and I was feeling it!!  I sat with my new planner while I waited for my face mask to work its magic.

With my mask washed off and all the bedtime routiney things finally finished, I sat down again guessed it, my book. ;) I don't have any clue when I actually went to sleep because I totally forgot to take a screenshot of the time and I passed out at some point :)

And that was our super busy, super late, last-summer-hurrah! Sigh. This is our last week before school starts, and I'm feeling torn about it. So much to do, and so sad to see the summer fade away, but also ready to get back to some routine.

Anyway, Julie and I would love it if you'd join us!! Track any day in your life, turn it into a post anyway you'd like, and link up with us below anytime in the next couple of weeks!!!

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