Friday, August 31, 2018

34 Discoveries From My 34th Year

It's official - I've wrapped up my 34th year. Hoooly moly, that feels big and adulty and I can't even believe it. At what point do you feel like an actual adulty-adult? 40? 50? Will I ever? haha

This has been an amazingly transformative year - in big and small ways. The biggest way being that I feel closer to my true self than I ever have before.

I thought it would be fun, on this 34th birthday of mine, to make a list of all of the discoveries I've made as I've navigated these past 12 months. Some profound, some material, some silly. There's been realizations of all sorts this year, and I think it's smart that I write them down and keep them close.

34 discoveries from my 34th year |

1. What I want to do with my life. I KNOW, big one to open the gate with, huh? But the notion of purpose plagued me for years (and years), and while my goals and dreams have a long path to follow, I feel resolved in my purpose, now. Finally.

2. I'm not just a Virgo...I'm a Virgo Sun, Scorpio Moon, Sagittarius rising with my North Node in Gemini in my 5th house. (And it makes SO much sense!)

3. La Croix. So late to this party I realize, but I'm in love with lime and it's a silly thing that makes my days happier.

4. The difference between spirit/higher self-lead intuition and human worry.

5. The joy of participating in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale! was my first year, and I loved it!

6. How to make vegan hot chocolate that's legit good.

7. How to actually feel energy from my crystals, and how to incorporate them in my life in a meaningful way. (Here's a post on much of what I've learned.)

8. The feeling of being published in a book and being sent an advanced copy from the publisher. Uh, dream come true. It set me on the path to harness that feeling in a bigger way - with my name on the cover!

9. What it's like to gut-wrenching sob over not one, but TWO TV shows. My favorite show, probably ever, New Girl ended, and so did Once Upon A Time (in my top 5 of all time also), and I ugly cried to the point of headaches and swollen face during and after their finales. Maybe I should be embarrassed about it, but I'm not.

10. How to drink my coffee black. Does this make me a true coffee drinker now?

11. That it's okay to combine holidays a little. Merging the decor and the feel of Thanksgiving and Christmas fit my schedule last year, but then I found that I really liked the aesthetic, too. Those two holidays tend to collide and blend together anyway, so it felt natural and exciting and I think I'll do it every year, now!

12. Rae Dunn mugs, and the intense hunt for them. Late to this game, too, but I jumped in with both feet and checked my Home Goods for new ones every Tuesday morning! People get REAL over these!

13. Lara Bars! The chocolate chip brownie or peanut butter chocolate chip get me through my afternoon chocolate craving without totally nutritionally bankrupting my day.

14. I'm a little bit google famous. JK, that's stretching it, but for real....type in "Matilda Jane" followed by any piece we've had in the past 3 years, and then click Images. Hello! lol It's funny, because most of my blog readers are here because of that (heyyy!), and friends and customers send me screenshots all the time of people using my photos as an example if they're searching for something or have fit questions. It's a fun job, man.

15. S'well bottles are actual magic.

16. Chickpeas make incredible cookies!

17. Buttermint tea (from Twinings). It just came out this Jan/Feb and I gave it a shot because it sounded like something I'd enjoy. It quickly shot to the top of my tea favorites list!

18. My face swells up like a blimp when it comes into contact with baking soda. Fun discovery.

19. Lebanese food is delicious!

20. How much FUN clothing challenges are! It's great to get use out of your entire wardrobe and to be creative with what you put together, but it also helps me keep my life together a little bit - knowing what outfits are coming and taking the guesswork out of getting dressed. (Here's all of the challenges I've done since my last birthday: Sept Style, 12 Days of Holiday Outfits, Spring 10x10, Summer 10x10)

21. That as much as I'd like to be, I'm not really a magazine person. I love the idea and the beauty of them, but I got 2 subscriptions through a school fundraiser and they piled up into a huge stack that I still have yet to go through. Acceptance found with this one.

22. I am somewhat intuitive and I have psychic dreams. These abilities are not new to me, but the knowledge of what they are was a revelation this year. (I understand this won't resonate with everyone, but that's okay.)

23. What a Canadian Butter Tart is, and that it is seriously delicious.

24. That you can use castor oil on basically any hair or skin issue and it works like a dream. (Including growing out your lashes and healing scars!)

25. I gained a deeper understanding of the connection between the color green and its vibration, its prevalence in nature, and its association with the heart chakra. It blows my mind when I dwell in those thoughts.

26. The excitement and accomplishment of participating in Booktube-a-thon. I seriously enjoyed the entire experience and I'm so glad I did it!

27. Core Life. Sooo gooood!

28. How amazing it feels to meditate outside.

29. Pixi Overnight Glow Serum. This has been a serious game changer for me!

30. I like chardonnay. I always liked a slightly sweeter wine, but when Matt mis-ordered for me at a wedding I realized how much I actually like chardonnay (and the lack of a sugar headache after it!)

31. Natives. Just like with MJ, I thought they were just for kids, but once I discovered them for myself I was instantly crazy about them! I wear them constantly, and they get SO many compliments!

32. I made oodles of discoveries relating to yoga, and I'd list them all here but they'd take up my whole list and I'm working on a yoga-related post that will be up soon. For now I'll just say that I've made tons of realizations through my yoga journey, and lots of good ones in this 34th year of mine.

33. Used Book Groups on Facebook. So much fun!! People buy sell and trade their used books in these kind of hard to find groups and the chatter is all books all the time. Where have these been all my life?!

34. Corn tortillas. Don't laugh that I'm ending this with tacos, but for a really long time I avoided the soft-style corn tortillas because I thought their texture was gross. As soon as I started throwing them in a frying pan before using them (ya know, like you're supposed to), I became obsessed. OBSESSED!!

It's been a good year. :)

I'm off to enjoy my day (and this wonderfully long weekend), so I'll see you next week! xo

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  1. Used book groups?? Fun! I am checking out natives now. Also, you're 34??? Wow you look so much younger imo.

    1. lol, I get that a lot!! :) It used to bother me but since crossing into my 30's I'm loving it so THANK YOU! hahaha Yes the used book groups are SO much fun - but trouble!! And get some of those natives!!! They are SO great!

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