Monday, August 20, 2018

18 Podcasts To Listen To

18 Podcasts To Listen To (something for everyone!) | I was really late to the Podcast game - I didn't start listening to them until about 2016, when I realized that they were totally free and full of amazing content. I started with some really short inspirational ones, and they'd mention others, and so my Podcast feed grew from there. I love to listen to podcasts when I'm doing chores, in the morning to start with an inspirational mindset, to get myself settled before (or during) meditation, or anytime I just need to adjust my headspace.

My favorites are inspirational, wellness-related, or book-centered. A bit of entertainment or education is mixed in there, too. Hopefully you can find something you love from this list!

Happier Podcast

Average Length: 40-45 mins (with 5 min "little" episodes once a week)
Main Topics: Happiness, Habits, Goals
My Thoughts: This is my very favorite Podcast (starting the list strong!) because I love Gretchen Rubin and all of her wisdom! She is such a happiness guru. Her 4 Tendencies have helped me to define and settle into my own personality, as well as work within that knowledge. Her podcast is always informative, and offers little tips and tricks for making your life a little bit happier all the time.
When To Listen: When you're doing chores or other mindless tasks. My favorite is to listen to this one while working on paint by number kits. The painting is calming, the podcast is entertaining and inspiring, and when I finish a project I think of all the great advice I gleaned while working on it.

Happier in Hollywood Podcast

Average Length: 30 minutes
Main Topics: Hollywood, Working Life, Work-Life Balance
My Thoughts: Despite not being a member of the workforce, I find that their stories and advice are practical in many walks of life. I find it fascinating to hear their Hollywood/TV writing perspective, and they apply many of the methods and beliefs first established in the Happier Podcast. Elizabeth Craft is on both podcasts, so the crossover is entertaining.
When To Listen: Anytime - I like to listen to this one while doing dishes or folding laundry because it has more of an entertainment factor to me.

The Daily Boost Podcast

Average Length: 9-10 minutes
Main Topics: Inspiration, Goals, Motivation, Dream Chasing
My Thoughts: This was the first podcast I ever consistently listened to. I have mixed feelings on the host himself, but I love his messages, and there's something about his opening and closing music, too, that makes you feel like you're listening to a really quick and motivating morning news show. This is a great one to get a quick dose (or boost!) of motivation from.
When To Listen: First thing in the morning, while you're waking up or during your morning routine. It has the perfect "morning news" feel, and it will give you something to think about and strive for as you go through your day.

10% Happier Podcast

Average Length: 1 hour
Main Topics: Meditation
My Thoughts: While these can get a bit lengthy, and I enjoy hearing about the many types and methods of meditation and how they impact people's lives. I have yet to establish a consistent meditation practice, but listening to this motivates me to do it and reminds me how important it is.
When To Listen: When you want to listen to positive speak (it's a good way to get a little boost in your vibes), before a meditation practice, instead of music while you're working, or anytime you feel like learning more about meditation!

Sexy Little Soul Podcast

Average Length: 10-15 minutes (that's a total guess)
Main Topics: Inspiration, Spirituality, Manifesting, Living Your Best Life
My Thoughts: Okay, so this is a brand new podcast, which is why I guessed at the length just based on the first episode. However, I follow Andrea on all the social media outlets and I've watched her live videos and specials with her business bud Amanda Frances for years now. I LOVE THEM! They are SO motivated, so in tune with source, and they have a wonderful way of wording the basic concepts that seem to be so easy to wander from thanks to daily life. Andrea speaks specifically of how spirituality and religion fit into her life and her business, and how everything is meant to work together for maximum success.
When To Listen: When you're feeling a little off-track or low-vibe, during your morning routine, before or during mindset work.

All the Books! Podcast

Average Length: 20-40 minutes (some quick 10 min episodes, too)
Main Topics: Books!
My Thoughts: I love this one for finding new book recommendations (like I need any more, haha) since they discuss each week's new releases. Their shorter episodes discuss books that are not new releases, so they cover it all!!
When To Listen: Whenever you're itching for a new read, or you want to hear a first take on the week's newest books. I like to listen to this when I'm doing chores.

Stuff to Blow Your Mind Podcast

Average Length: 1 hour - 1.5 hours
Main Topics: Deep exploration of interesting concepts
My Thoughts: The great thing about this podcast is that they explore some seriously interesting topics, but it's easy enough to just delete one from your feed if they're covering something you're not particularly interested in. Though I find that I am usually at least somewhat curious about every topic they cover! They are just chatting about the topic, too, so it's not too hard to follow along. This is a great one to use to learn something new - something you might not have ever considered before. (Check out the one about the intellect of animals!)
When To Listen: Whenever you feel like learning something new or thinking about a new topic. This one is on the entertainment side to me, so I like to listen to this one when I'm doing chores or mindless tasks.

Craft Your Life Podcast

Average Length: 15-20 minutes
Main Topics: Inspiration, Living Well, Self-Care, Personal Development
My Thoughts:This is a great, fairly quick podcast to listen to when you want to feel like you've got your crap together (or when you need something to help you get there). Her podcast is based on 5 Pillars of wellness that she uses to guide you through living a better, healthier life.
When To Listen: In the morning, before or during your morning routine, whenever you need a little "get my life together" boost, or to raise your vibes and feel motivated.

The Guy Finley Podcast

Average Length: 2-5 minutes
Main Topics: Inspiration, Spirituality
My Thoughts: This one is GREAT for a super fast dose of thought provoking inspiration. He delivers no-nonsense nuggets of wisdom for a moment when you just need to shift your thinking.
When To Listen: First thing after waking up to adjust your mindset, before or during your morning routine, or anytime you need a mindset adjustment.

Ted Talks Daily Podcast

Average Length: 15 minutes
Main Topics: Anything goes! (Though typically inspirational)
My Thoughts: I love a good TED talk, and I stream them on YouTube often. But these are also great, especially if you're doing a task that keeps you from constantly looking at your screen (like dishes, laundry, or cooking). And of course, if you have episodes downloaded, you don't need an internet connection to listen to them. TED talks are great for getting inspired, exploring a new way of thinking, or learning about a new topic. You can pick and choose the episodes you love since there's such a wide array of speakers and topics.
When To Listen: Anytime! Depending on the topic and length, you can pretty much use this podcast anyway you'd like!

What Should I Read Next? Podcast

Average Length: 1 hour (with some shorter episodes sprinkled in)
Main Topics: Books
My Thoughts: This one is a fun book-related listen that's more about the conversation and exploration of books than of finding new ones (although there's some of that, too!) I love to chat books in any way shape or form, and sometimes hearing someone's specific take is enough to make me pick up something I wouldn't have otherwise.
When To Listen: Whenever you're feeling bookish, craving some book club chatter, or you're looking for a new read. This is a good chore listen, too, or right before bed when you're looking for something calm and easy.

Gypsy After Hours Podcast

Average Length: 45mins - 1hour+
Main Topics: Astrology, Inspiration, Living Well
My Thoughts: Danielle is my favorite astrological resource, because she knows her crap and she knows how to tie it all into living well. She has a way of explaining what's going on in the sky and how it relates to what's happening here on earth that motivates you and gets you energized to live your best life. A few of her podcasts have given me some serious ah-ha moments.
When To Listen: When you want to know what's up in astrology, you need a vibe shift or an inspirational kick in the pants.

Meditation Oasis Podcast

Average Length: 15-20 minutes
Main Topics: Meditation
My Thoughts: I love to explore the many different types of meditation, because I feel that one kind doesn't work for me every single time (and/or I haven't quite found the one I've fallen head over heels for just yet). This podcast is just different types of guided meditations to help you out anytime you need it. There's even a meditation for birthdays, which I am TOTALLY going to use next week on my birthday!!
When To Listen: Anytime you  need a little assistance with meditating.

The Lively Show Podcast

Average Length: All over the map! (5 mins to 1 hour)
Main Topics: Also all over the map!
My Thoughts: So, this one is a little bit scattered (can you tell? lol) and she has a lot of quick little episodes from her travels that don't interest me exactly, but her longer, in-depth episodes about things like crystals, quantum physics, holistic living, and wellness are wonderful! You kind of have to hunt through her feed for them, but they're worth it. I loved the one on crystals!
When To Listen: When you're feeling curious about wellness topics.

By The Book Podcast

Average Length: 30 mins - 1 hour
Main Topics: Self-Help Books & Personal Development
My Thoughts: I am somewhat self-help obsessed, so I LOVE the premise of their show. They read personal development books, and then follow the advice in them exactly as prescribed. They then report how it helped or changed their lives and exactly what they thought of every practice they try. So fun!
When To Listen: This one is mostly entertainment (especially if you love the self-help genre), but I think it's great as personal development, too, if you're looking for opinions on something to try to improve your life.

Armchair Expert Podcast

Average Length: 2+ hours
Main Topics: Celebrity Interviews
My Thoughts: I know this is a LONG one, but I listen to this one in chunks when I'm doing chores. You should also know that there's a lot of swearing and some crude language in here, so it's not one you can listen to around the kids! I love the casual way he interviews celebrities, though, and it's pretty funny! I have a secretly (not-so-secret among my inner circle) dirty, teenage boy sense of humor, so the jello story in the Mila Kunis episode was HILARIOUS to me!
When To Listen: When you're doing chores or other mindless activities, and for sure - when the kids are NOT around!!

My Seven Chakras

Average Length: 1 hour
Main Topics: Yoga, Spirituality, Living Well
My Thoughts: When I'm feeling strong in my yoga practice, or when I feel like I need a little boost, this is a great podcast to propel me forward through some of the ethical limbs of yoga. It's support and exploration for any state or status of my practice.
When To Listen: Before a yoga practice, or as a non-asana part of your practice.

Claim Your Excellent Life Podcast

Average Length: 10 minutes
Main Topics: Inspirition, Living Well
My Thoughts: These are great, quick little episodes to give you a good dose of inspiration or help you shift your thoughts to a positive, motivated state.
When To Listen: When you need some encouragement or inspiration, perfect for a morning routine.

Do you listen to any of these? Am I missing anything that you think I'd love? Let me know, let's chat podcasts in the comments!! xo

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