Monday, July 2, 2018

Let's Talk Summer Schedules

Here's a fun fact about me: I HATE schedules.

They drive me batty, and no matter how flawlessly I try to plan them, I fail hard and blow them up 98% of the time. (At least.)

I'm sure this has everything to do with being a rebel (see here and here and here), because I am lead by what I feel in the moment and really nothing matters to me as much as that does. Henry, our middle guy, is the same, and the jury is still out on Jake. However - Lukas, our oldest, is the exaaaact opposite. He will even say to you, "I like rules, and I like to follow them." I don't know where he came from or how the heck to deal with that, but I try - haha.

SO I at least attempt to make a schedule for his sake every year. Luke ends up following it longer than the rest of us do while we look on like....yeah you keep going energizer bunny, we'll sit here and read books (#momfail).

(PS, I am NOT a task master. Like not even a little bit.)

Summer Schedules - A chat about balance and planning in a family of varying personalities |

Last year we tried this nice, loose, open-ended schedule with 4 routines and 4 time blocks. There were no time restrictions for them, and no specifics about what exactly we'd do within them. (Well, there's a PDF on that post where I tried to detail what each routine and time block would contain, and as expected, only Luke tried to really stick to them, lol)

I mean, it was an improvement from 2016 when I tried REALLY hard to get organized (and failed). And while I might have called it "flexible" in 2015, it certainly didn't feel that way.

But you guys - as much as I avoid schedules and reason that we fail so who cares....Luke needs it. He falls harder than the rest of us when he doesn't know what to do and when. And as he's finishing up his first decade, I really want him to feel confident in managing his own time and getting prepared for middle school.

So I came up with something. Something with flowing options and time frames - something with time set aside for relaxing, choosing activities, and rest. Something that includes self care and flexibility based on the weather (I'm weirdly dictated by the weather - story for another day). It looks VERY detailed and very managed, but I think it's actually one of those things where having a plan actually allows for more freedom, ya know?

Ready for this madness? (It looks like madness to me, all you type-a-ers won't think so lol)

summer schedule

As much detail as there is...I'm actually not completely afraid of it.

Luke has some sports scheduled this summer, too (golf + archery), and they will fit perfectly into our rotating activity block. I'll also be babysitting my niece and nephew once a week again, so there's an easy built-in playdate. I think it will work fairly well.

Also, I am not fooling myself to think that they'll be asleep by 9 or 9:30 all the time....things like campfires and camping and fireworks and family parties and drive in movies often have us all up until 10 or 11. It is summer vacation, after all.

We'll also have random invites and opportunities, and last minute trips to the lake, and on those days this will get thrown out the window. I see us using this on the days at home, where we have nothing on the calendar and no where to be that we'd otherwise just spend in PJ's in front of the TV or lost in a book.

Do you make a summer schedule or do better without one? Any tips for me on managing a kid that likes to have an agenda when you're a parent that doesn't? ;)

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