Friday, July 13, 2018

Hosting a Gluten + Dairy Free Tea Party (Recipes + Swaps)

Last Month, I shared the details of an old fashioned tea party I hosted for a small group in honor of Mother's Day. That post really focused on the details and organization of my little gathering, but I wanted to go into a little more detail about what recipes and ingredients I used to make it a much healthier than normal affair.

Everyone in attendance was either gluten free, dairy free, or restricted on one or both of those things. While I wanted this party to be a treat, I didn't want them to go home feeling bloated and over-indulged, so I tried my best to keep things simple, small, and GF + DF. Here's how I did it!

gluten and dairy free tea sandwhiches

Tea Sandwiches
For these, I just used Udi's Gluten Free Sandwich Bread, which has the texture of regular bread. I don't know how they do it, but it's hard to even guess that what you're eating is GF! (I used an affiliate link to show you which one I mean, but oh my gosh please don't pay $28 for 2 loaves of bread! lol)

I made three different varieties:

traditional cream cheese and cucumber
- I used Daiya Vegan Cream Cheese to make this dairy free, mixed with dill, and layered with thinly sliced cucumbers (again, link for reference, do not invest $58 into cream cheese! haha)
egg salad
- While not vegan, this was already dairy free (mayo is made from eggs and oil)
pesto and tomato
- I used a small tub of pesto from the grocery store and topped it with sliced grape tomatoes

gluten and dairy free vanilla cake

Vanilla Cake
I am much more of a chocolate girl myself, but I wanted this cake to be very simple and sweet and fit the delicate tea party theme in both taste and appearance. I kept things very simple, and used Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Vanilla Cake Mix, and a dairy free tub of vanilla frosting. I had to cut corners somewhere! haha But even so, this was GF + DF!

gluten and dairy free cutout sugar cookies

Tea Bag Cookies
I think the design of these cookies was the best part, but they were also GF, DF, and made with 1/2 the sugar that had added fiber and probiotics in them. So these were probably the healthiest sugar cookies in existence!! I used my family's famous sugar cookie recipe (that we make our Christmas cutouts with), as well as Earth Balance Vegan Butter (it's $4-5 in grocery stores), and Sugar 2.0 for those healthier swaps. I hand-cut the tea bag shape, made a hole with a straw before baking, and then tied little tags on with some twine.


Chocolate Chip Scones
I love this little scone recipe! They come together super quickly and are SO good. The only problem is that they are not allergy safe so if you have tree nut allergy in the family, you might want a different recipe. They are gluten and dairy free, though! They are made with almond flour. I used Honey 2.0 to make them half the sugar, too!

dairy free chocolate covered strawberries

Chocolate Covered Strawberries
You wouldn't think you'd need any alternatives for this, but to make them dairy free, you need to use a vegan chocolate. I used Enjoy Life Mini Chips (again, not a great price!) to melt down and coat them with, and they were SO good - you couldn't tell a difference at all!

And that's it! It was really easy to swap out certain ingredients and make everything fit everyone's diets! I hope this helps if you have diet restrictions, too - I find that when I plan a gathering, it's hard to find ready-to-go GF + DF recipes or instructions. So go on and have a guilt-free tea party! ;)

This post contains affiliate links, though I am just using them as a reference to help you find these swaps, but they are not the best price! At any rate, if you use them, thank you for supporting my blog! xo

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