Monday, July 23, 2018

Henry's Birthday Recap

Every summer, Henry's birthday is a milestone for us. Before it is the busy stuff of summer - vacations, plans, parties, and projects. And after is the gloriously open-ended lazy hazy days we crave all year. With Henry's big day and now his party behind us, the rest of summer is ours to relax into!

But here's how we celebrated our guy. ;)

On the day of Henry's actual birthday, he had swimming lessons. We would have skipped them, but he actually loves them (and just moved up a level), so he actually really wanted to go. When they got home, I made pancakes and sausage for breakfast, and then we sat down to open gifts.

(I don't know if it's because both of these days I captured were gloomy, but I could not get a sharp image! They are all grainy and slightly out of focus...probably not enough light. Oh well!!)

We got him a water bottle with the little spray feature (which he's carried around every day since), a couple Dogman books he actually didn't already have (this one and this one), a build-your-own Slitherio set, a new beyblade, and a super silly shirt. His favorite gift, though, were these pizza slippers!

They're so silly, and impossible to walk in, but he doesn't care. This kid LOVES pizza!

We didn't really do much with our day - at Henry's request. However, we went to Red Robin for dinner (birthday boy's choice) and it was SO GOOD. I can't believe I didn't take a single picture while we were there! When were all completely full, we came home and had cake and sang to our boy.


One left!! lol

Henry's actual party was a week later. We were in the middle of some house projects and we were super behind on booking a bounce house, so we thought it best to put it off a week. I usually have some sort of theme or extra-special plans going on, but I did pretty much nothing of the sort, lol.

Luke and I picked out lego themed party supplies at the dollar store, but that's pretty much it! I can't explain why, but I just wasn't feeling it this year. No one minded a bit ;)

My sister and her family were the first ones to arrive, and it was kind of nice for our kids to just have fun on the bounce house and running around the yard together.

Luke played badminton with the big boys.

Annabel (my niece) told me she was pretending to be the princess of the castle. She played her part well! lol

Once the rest of our family arrived, we sang to our birthday boy and opened up our make your own sundae bar!

That last photo reminded me - Henry's cousin Liam (coming up behind him in the picture) leaned over and exclaimed "you're the best!" at the end of him blowing out his candles. So cute lol

The kids had a lot of fun loading up their sundaes with sugary ridiculousness. I'll never understand gummies on ice cream! They get so hard with the cold ice cream, is it even enjoyable?! They were happy, though!!

Next up was presents, and the boys always have each other to help out ;)

Here's a quick list of things Henry loves: Gozilla, pizza, funny cats, dabbing, puzzles. He got it all, including this shirt with a dabbing pug on it - too funny!! He also got a set of pizza lights (which he already hung on his bed), Godzilla comic books, Star Wars puzzles, a Godzilla plush, gift cards and candy. He was a happy guy!

I was kind of the worst at taking photos the rest of the night! I sat activating glow stuff for the kids to play with for what felt like an eternity, haha. They were all glowing as they bounced in the bounce house and ran around the yard, stopping only to make s'mores around the fire. I did, however, happen to catch the sunset as our fire got underway. It was SO pretty!

The last few party guests were relaxing around the fire with us around 10pm, when Matt decided to check the weather (it had sprinkled on us a few times throughout the party), and the radar showed a HUGE rain system moving in! It hasn't rained here in like a month!! So we all jumped into clean up mode and put away everything in record time. As we cleaned up and got ready for bed, Henry got into bed himself to read one of his gifts. This boy loves a good Dav Pilkey!

We had a great week of celebrating our sweet little middle! Thanks for helping us celebrate, family!!!

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