Sunday, July 15, 2018

Henry is 7!

My little middle is 7 years old today!!!

Henry has always been the one child in our brood that is content with just being a little guy. He loves life, he loves to have fun, and he's in NO rush to grow up. He'll even tell you that he likes being cute, and I swear he's willing it into lasting as long as possible. He still has the sweetest little voice, and the most pinch-able cheeks. So it's hard to believe that he's 7 now, and headed for 2nd grade!

Look at what this cute little muffin grew from...

Can you even?? Baby Henry makes me want to ugly cry! It just went way, way too fast.

Watching him grow throughout the years has been bittersweet, of course. He's always had that extra-cute something about him.

My sweetie! He is just the sweetest, snuggliest, sweetheart who isn't ashamed to pronounce in front of his whole class that he loves his mama. (For real - at the start of school last year during show and tell, he pulled out a picture of me and told the class that he calls me his "love" and that we love to snuggle. I mean, my heart!)

Henry loves to swim and climb more than almost anything else in the world, but he also loves to draw and read graphic novels (especially Dogman). He also adores Godzilla, Spongebob and anything super-silly. He is an excellent reader and swimmer, and he's always looking for the next fun thing. He's maybe the only kid who never stops jumping the entire time he plays video games - not counting things like Wii Fit or Wii Sports, have you ever known a kid to break a sweat from physical activity during video games? hahaha....That's our Henry!

I'm always happy to celebrate this sweet guy! And he lucks out in the birthday department pretty much every year. You know how people warn that the middle child gets the shaft with a lot of things? Well not when it comes to parties! Because of his middle-of-July big day, we use it as an opportunity to gather lots of loved ones together (it's tough here in Buffalo's winters!), and for the last few years, we've been renting a bounce house to make it extra-special. Here's all of Henry's super fun summer birthday parties over the years:

1st Birthday: Red, One & Blue
2nd Birthday: Bot
3rd Birthday: Campfire
4th Birthday: Disney
5th Birthday: Mickey
6th Birthday: Beach

Happy Birthday to my sweet little Henry James!!!!

- - -

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