Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July, friends!

I'm sure everyone is off celebrating (us included), but I thought I'd do a quick share of some of the patriotic parts of our life lately.

Decor is super-super simple around here, and basically all from Target and Dollar Tree. The majority of it is here, on my hutch. It's a little busy, but it shouts summer!

I have a reeeeally simple set up on the table. I made the little granny square placemat, spray painted that little basket from a garage sale, and it's filled with little hydrangea bunches from Home Goods and little flags from Target.

I did very little with my sink, but it still adds a little festivity to doing the dishes!

Behind the sink, hanging in front of the back door, I dressed up Charlotte, my 15 year old spider plant!

I also have these banners/garlands up in the entryway between our living room and dining room....there's basically always something up there!

Pardon the video games on TV! We have a free time mid-day (see my schedule post from Monday!) that the kids can go to town during, and that's my free time for blogging, MJ, and any other projects I've been meaning to get done - like taking pictures for posts! ;)

I let the kids add some stuff to the front windows, and threw a few other little things around the living room. (Spot the picture frame still waiting for a photo, haha)

We popped some little flags in some of the plants and gardens outside, too. Behind the big Rae Dunn pot, you can see all the flags stuck in the garden in the background, too.

And that's really it!!

I hope you're all enjoying a FUN, safe, happy 4th! xo

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