Friday, July 20, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, happy weekend!

Our summer has been super-duper busy, but after this weekend we are PLAN FREE. Seriously - wiiiide open summer vacation for the next six weeks. Yesssss! It's been fun, but I'm not a fan of busy. Here's what I've been loving during this busy season!

+ Ariana
Since I'm listening to her while I write this, I figure it should go first. I am SO EXCITED for her new album...3 weeks! I have loved every song so far (I could do without the weird voice-over guy in the light is coming), and have it on repeat constantly. Her stuff is so upbeat and happy and feel-good and I too old for a 25 year old's music to make me feel those things? lol

+ Summer Fruit
With our climate the way it is most of the year, we wait a looong time for fresh produce. Then June and July hit, and we get everything at once!! I'm loving all of the fresh fruit - ya know, fruit that actually tastes like it's supposed to?? We're going blueberry picking on Sunday - CAN'T WAIT!!!

+ YA books
My favorite books to fly through in the summer are fluffy, summery, YA romances. YES! PLEASE! I've been reading a lot of them lately, and loving every second of it. Young Adult lit appeals to me because while their themes can sometimes get emotional and occasionally heavy, things aren't so dark and dismal and disturbing. I like my vibes nice 'n high!

+ Booktubers
Since we're talking books, one of my favorite resources to find new books is from that sweet little corner of YouTube where book addicts like myself talk books all day every day. My happy place! It's great, because they get a lot of ARC's so they can tell you what's coming up, and they usually have a great summary to share - one that usually sells me better than a GoodReads teaser. My favorites lately have been Bookables, Hailey in Bookland, and Chelsea Palmer.

+ Udis Ancient Grains Bread
In the summer, I like to keep my breakfast suuuper simple. One of my favorites is to just have PB + Banana toast with a scrambled or hard boiled egg, and maybe a small handful of berries. When we went gluten free, I couldn't eat Ezekiel bread anymore (which was my healthy favorite), but Udi's came out with a few varieties of ancient grains bread and I LOVE them!!! Just like Ezekiel bread!

+ Golf and Archery
It's moreso that I love what they have done for my Luke! He is not a typical sports kid - he's tried them all and struggled, and part of the problem is that he has exercise asthma. Anything that involves running is difficult for him, and I totally feel him, because I had asthma as a kid myself. So this summer we thought out of the box and signed him up for a week of both Golf & Archery. He LOVED them. He talks about going to play golf all the time now, he went on a special driving range adventure with his Grandma the other day, and he has SO much confidence when he's at archery!

I've never seen him like that before. He is always so timid and unsure when he plays a sport, but watching him at archery was like watching a different kid. He always had a smile, joked around with the instructors, and he walked around with a little swag while he fist pumped after a good shot. He even won a competition on the fourth day! He was SO proud of himself. And I am so proud of HIM!!

+ Sales
Between Nordstrom, Amazon + Target this week....I have spent A LOT of time window shopping online. It seems like every day this week, a new site is offering some sort of crazy discount....making way for fall, I'm sure! I'm loving it! (Here's my post from Wednesday about some of the sales!)

+ Fall Fashion
Speaking of. I've had tons of fun organizing my closet and getting things sorted for the coming fall season. DON'T GET ME WRONG! I am NOT wishing summer away - I want alllll the 80 degree days, still. This is cannot rush this warmth away, you won't get it back for like 8 months, lol. But....fall fashion is the most fun ever, and I've started collecting some pieces. I can't wait to share them! Also - Matilda Jane is getting ready for their first fall release, so I'll have lots to share from them super soon!

+ Hufflepuff Mug
I took the boys for a quick trip to Target for some necessities and ran into this mug. Um, LOVE! Hufflepuffs get a bad rep, but I happen to think we're kind of the glue that keeps the rest together, yaknow? I get into HP all summer (especially while folding clothes or tackling organizing projects), but in Fall I get very Harry Potter + Gilmore Girls crazy, and I've gotten a few things lately for my upcoming obsessions - this is one of my favs!

+ Puzzles
I love puzzles, always have. Henry is the kid of mine that has inherited the most of my qualities, so we have a lot of similarities. Our eyes, our hair, our freckles....and our love of puzzles. I can always convince him to break away from screens to tackle a puzzle with me (never fails!), and then he'll do the same puzzle over and over again to see how fast he can do it. I decided to break out one of my own this week (unsurprisingly, it's Harry Potter), and he's helped. This one is tough!!! (Pretty sure we are missing that blueish piece on the top right!)

I'm off to get my house clean for Henry's family party tomorrow - bounce house incoming!! Linking up with Friday Favorites today! :)

I hope you all have a great weekend!! xo

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