Monday, July 30, 2018

Day In The Life: July

A Day In The Life: July | #DITL

It's been a theme of mine here on the blog - to mention the fact that we have officially sloooowed down and now have a lack of plans for the rest of summer vacation. So it's only fitting that July's Day In The Life is exactly that: a lazy, slow, doing nothing kind of day!

I documented July 24th, and it was lovely :)

I've been much better at sleeping in than this, but for some reason I was more awake than I expected to be. I've been up reading really late and sleeping until well after 8! Not being in any sort of rush, I played around on my phone for a while, and then eventually made my way to the bathroom for my morning routine.

Coffee time is the best tiiime. Especially when Matt brews it and it's waiting for me :)

I took it outside with my current book, and after grabbing my swing cushions and getting settled in, I read and sipped coffee with the birds.

I'd gotten a solid 40 minutes of quiet reading to myself when the kiddos finally woke up and emerged - it was amaaaazing. I love my guys, but the morning rush and their cranky-hungry demands for food are getting intense these days, haha. I swear the bigger they get, the worse it is!!

After serving them up, I decided it was time to feed myself, too. I made an egg and PB banana toast. We only had the tiny sliced loaf, so it was a double toast day.

I took it to my room to eat and finish my book. We were in nooooo rush today, so I thought I'd use the morning in my favorite way possible: relaxing and reading! The kids came in and out while I read so I'd stop here and there, but I read for, uh....a seriously long time.

I did pause to look at Matilda Jane's Christmas in July sale, and considered (for like the 100th time) buying their stockings. We've needed new ones for like 3 Christmases and I'm being ridiculously picky!

I finished my book and took its photo for my book Instagram (@jennsbookshelf if you didn't know about it!) and then added it to the stack to return to the library.

Laundry time! With all of our busy plans lately - vacations that include packing and unpacking, and days just not spent at home - our laundry has gotten seriously neglected. This is one chore I'm usually pretty darn good at keeping up with, but it was loooong over due. This was our first home-all-day-with-no-plans day of our whole summer vacation so far (FINALLY!) so it was the day.

After sorting laundry and switching things around in the machines, I came upstairs and got some water to settle into folding.

I don't know about you, but Harry Potter is my laundry folding jam. This totally makes it okay. Luke watched it with me while the other boys watched Shark Week in the living room.

SO MUCH LAUNDRY. (Do you think my guys would be embarrassed to know their undies are online? lol)

Luke asked if he could make lunch...he does that every now and then and it's WONDERFUL! I of course said yes, and then I made myself an avocado waffle. Which I KNOW sounds weird and ridiculous, but we are seriously low on groceries. I loathe running errands with all 3 kids in tow, so we have not been going regularly and it's been HARD finding things to eat during the day!!

Off to fold another load!

With laundry a few loads in, I stopped here to make coffee. I love a good afternoon coffee!

While it brewed, I did some dishes.

And then, not that you can see because this photo did not work out so well....I sat down with my coffee, a leftover birthday cupcake, and blogged (and read other blogs) for a while.

I started a podcast to listen to while I got some stuff done, and this one was SO funny. It's a bit crude, but I love Mila Kunis - it was fun to listen to!

While I listened, I gathered some books to be returned to the library and stacked them up knowing Matt and I would be going there later.

Next, I went to pick my outfit for the rest of the day. I know, late start...but it was a lazy day with a fun ending, just how I like it!

Then I folded some MORE laundry! Told you I was behind!!

I packed the boys' overnight suitcase for a sleepover at their Grandma's, and then piled up their pillows and blankets so they were ready to go.

Shower time! I didn't take any other pics, but this time included hair and makeup and all that as well.

Matt came home and we loaded the boys and all their things into the van and whisked them off to his mom's house for the night.

Dinner for us! We went to New York Beer Project for dinner, and it was soooo gooood. It was so fun to just be out and chatting and watching storms roll by us in the distance (foreshadowing lol).

We had some dinner drinks, and you doesn't take much. I don't drink very often, and I hadn't eaten very much all day, so I was loooving my chardonay, haha

I had a burger called the "Williamsburger" that had pears and arugala and cranberry aioli and all kinds of good stuff on it, and they had gluten free buns! SO GOOD. The fries were killer, too. I loved every single thing about it.

After dinner, we went right to the library. I had a short list to hurry up and find (I usually request my books so I can just pick them up at the counter, but I noticed that 4 of the ones I wanted for my Booktubeathon list were there and waiting for me!) So I could have taken any number of more interesting photos in the stacks, but I was in a whirlwind of excitement, lol. And then I got in line to pick up 2 books that I actually did request, thus the photo.

Our library shares a parking lot with a senior center, our police station, and the entrance to an awesome walking trail around a large pond that's full of fish and turtles. We walk it often, through all seasons, and usually with Galli. But since it was right there, we decided to take advantage and go for a sweet date night stroll. It's so beautiful there!

Here I am, walking along, my North Face windbreaker tied around my waist in case it sprinkles. There were storms nearby, but only small bits of light rain anywhere near us, and it looked like it would miss us completely. I brought it along just in case - mostly because Matt said, "if you bring it, it won't rain." Sounds about right.

We passed this "guitar gazeebo" and I took a picture thinking it was really cool that this neighborhood had a place specifically set aside for amateur musicians to play, and then we kept following the trail that wound through a cul-de-sac and another side street, passing little playgrounds as we went, wondering what it would be like to live in that neighborhood....when I felt a few sprinkles. I put my coat on just because, and Matt mentioned that he had no idea how to get back other than turning around and I said okay let's turn around.

It started POURING. We tried to hang out under some trees, but it wasn't enough, so we kept sprinting back towards the gazeebo. We were running and laughing and getting completely soaked, and as ridiculous as that was and as sloshy as my feet felt in my shoes, I felt 10, 20 years younger. Matt and I didn't get the whole teenage romance thing together - we shared that with other people, while he and I were on the fast track to adulting together. But for those 10 or 15 minutes, we got to be teenagers, walking through a neighborhood on a date and getting caught in the rain. There was another (much younger) couple seeking shelter in the guitar gazeebo with us, and I told him if it weren't for them we could have really made it official and kissed like teenagers while we waited for the rain to slow down :)

I'll always remember it. How soaked we were, how our clothes stuck to our legs and our feet squeaked in our shoes, how our laughs sounded while we ran, the older couple that had to be in their 70's or 80's that walked by us holding hands just calmly allowing themselves to get soaked, and the younger one sitting in the gazeebo with us. We were the couple in the middle - the balance between the other couples we saw that night. It was kind of magical.

Back in the van, soaking wet, we talked about maybe stopping for tea or dessert, but I really just wanted to change into leggings and dive into my new stack! We settled for making tea at home.

Changed and comfy at home, we had to put some laundry away (I mean, you sawww the mountain that I'd folded all day!), and then we settled in to read.

I went to wash my face and brush my teeth and do all the nighttime things when I realized I hadn't really made it into any photos all day, so hello! I'd put my soaked hair up when we got home, and I liked the way it dried into sort of messy waves - I could never pull that off if I intended to! lol

I couldn't help myself, and had to keep reading! I'd picked up the third book in a series I've been loving lately, so I stayed up and kept reading.

I finally cut myself off from my book here and made myself go to sleep! I've been doing this a lot lately....staying up waaaay too late with books. Thank goodness for summer! I have a feeling this will be happening a lot all week with Booktubeathon :)

And that was my amazing, slow, lazy day with a fun, magical ending! I think that's my favorite part of doing these DITL gives me snapshots in time to hold onto, and they always seem more beautiful looking back.

Julie and I would LOVE to see a day in your life this summer!! Our linkup is open for two weeks, so take your time chronicling your day anyway you like, and then share your post with us when it's ready!

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  1. 1. I love all your laundry!
    2. That avocado waffle looks it?!
    3. I love how you and I are obsessed with the library!
    4. It's so cute that you and your hubby had a little date night.
    5. I, too, love a good glass of wine. Too bad we don't live closer to each other to have wine together!

    I loved reading your day, as usual!!! :)

    1. I know, how much fun would we have just hanging out for a day?? Wine and books? YES PLEASE!!!

      PS, the avocado waffle is actually pretty good!!!