Saturday, June 23, 2018

Summer Bucket List 2018

I'm never quite sure how to go about making a bucket list for my family every summer. A lot of times, life comes at us in unexpected ways, and having too many plans or goals sort of gets in the way of enjoying the natural way summer unfolds.

Even so, I always want to make the most out of the 70-some days I have at home with my boys, so I try to at least put a little something together. This year, I've decided to make it more of a goal list for me as their mom. They always want to do the same fun things (visit their favorite playgrounds, go out for ice cream, see movies at the drive-in, etc.), so coming up with a specific list for them every year is kind of redundant.

summer bucket list for moms

I thought that it might be helpful to instead guide myself through a relaxed and fun (though maybe more organized) summer. (Spoiler alert: I suck at staying organized.)

So here's my Summer Mom Bucket List for this year.

1. Use the summer schedule - don't blow it off.
Post coming soon.

2. Keep the snack bins going!
I found a genius idea that I regret to say I now can't remember where it came from, but I'll share it soon to save you all from the constant summer snack requests!

3. Hold the kids to their chore lists and give them an allowance.
Believe it or not, we have yet to ever consistently give them an allowance!

4. Have an organizational project every week.
My school year lifestyle is so hectic and over-scheduled, and I'm the type that won't touch a project unless there's enough time to complete it without stopping. Ridiculous, I realize...but it's how I'm wired. Summer is the perfect time to tame my house.

5. Keep healthy habits including: morning yoga, self-care day once a week, afternoon meditation, and a daily ab routine.
Can't pour from an empty cup!

6. Plan the following gatherings:
-Henry's 7th birthday party
-A Full Moon Party for July's full moon
-A Family backyard Baseball Game (or two, or three, or another sport another day)
-A group backyard camp
-A playground meetup with preschool friends

7. Get creative with some summer treats.
I bought a couple of popsicle makers from Home Goods recently and I can't wait to wow the kids with some fun creations. I made a Pinterest board for inspiration!

8. Plan a couple theme days.
I feel like it's too lofty to commit to one a week (see: can't stay organized), but the kids enjoy when I plan a special day, and we had a ton of fun on our solar eclipse day last year. Not sure what we'll do - maybe we'll cover foods, or animals, or countries - but I'd like to plan a few!

9. Read, read, read.
I mean this for myself and for the kids. Summer grants me the most time to get through my TBR lists and closer to my reading goals for the year, and I have SO many I want to read right now! I also want to encourage even more independent reading for the kids (I'm terrible during the school year, we're just so busy!) and I'd like us to get through more family chapter books, too - particularly Harry Potter!

10. Get out of the house more.
We're home bodies. We're the stay in and read, watch a movie, or play in our own backyard types. That's not to say we don't like to explore - we do! But most of our summer vaca is spent in last night's pj's, somewhere on our own little acre. I'm gonna try to get us out and going a little more often this year!

What are your hopes for this summer? Do you  have any mom goals - or personal goals? It seems like goal setting is out of season, but these next couple months of freedom are where I get most of life's "stuff" done!

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  1. Oooooo, I am loving this list...especially your self-care day once a week! I want to hear more about this! Happy summer!

    1. I plan to write a post about it soon, but yes - it's a day full of pampering myself and doing all the good and healthy things I mean to be doing all the time! lol