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Rych Fam: See Ya Later, School!

I know I already shared a lot of our last day celebrations on Monday's post, but I feel like I didn't fully wrap up the school year. There were a whole lot of special occasions to mark the end of this school year, and while we had an amazing year, we're all so happy it's finally O-V-E-R!

Jake's last day of preschool was the 7th, and we celebrated with a picnic at school. There was lunch, a bounce house, a bubble machine, and lots of outside play with friends.

On Monday of last week, Luke had his 3rd grade picnic at school. It was a hot and muggy day, but thankfully it was overcast so we didn't get scorched! Jake and I came to celebrate with Luke and his class - they had snow cones and lots of yard games including giant kickball.

The next day it was Henry's turn, and Matt and I went to help out at the 1st grade picnic. They had a story and lunch in the classroom, and then we went outside for playground time and a petting zoo. Jake came to this one also, and he was so excited to pet and feed the animals. Henry loved the chickens!

Finally, on Thursday, it was the big boys' last day of school! I took last day pictures before we left, of course!

I love looking at the comparisons....Luke's seems SO drastic to me this year! I can't believe how much he has grown up!! He looks so much more mature and so much less little kid! They've ALL grown a lot in height this year, too....I'm a weirdo and studied the bricks to get a sense of how much taller they are, and I can't believe it - they've all gained like a brick's worth of height!

I mean.....Luke went from sweet little dude to pre-teen this year. What. the. heck.

Their last day was a half day, and at pickup Luke came out wearing this hilarious fake mustache! It was so funny - he got a lot of attention and he wore it with confidence

With the kids dismissed for their final day, we waited for the bus wave to kick off our annual last day field trip. I'd started doing these in 2015 when Luke was graduation from Kindergarten and they are a hit every single year!!! (See how I do it here.) The bus wave is so fun and sweet - everyone waves and cheers while the buses ride around and honk their horns in farewell. We love it!

When the buses are all gone, we went to the playground to play. Lots of kids stick around on this final day, so mine had a lot of fun running around and playing with their buds. One kid even set up a mobile lemonade stand in his wagon and the kids were so excited about it.

After about an hour had passed since dismissal, everyone was getting hungry and ready to move on, so we set out for our next destination - the park! We sat down under a tree with our picnic lunch to eat while I read over their report cards and the kids would run to the hill and roll down it between bites. It was bright and breezy, and there was an overall buzz of excitement over summer vacation!

I wasn't sure that they would want to play on the playground at the park very much since they'd already done that at school, but this playground is super cool and has very different features, so it was still just as exciting for them!

Another hour had gone by since we'd arrived with our lunch, and we were onto our next stop - ice cream! I'm pretty sure that this is everyone's favorite stop! Everyone got sprinkles (of course), and Henry enjoyed his with more than just his mouth. ;)

When the ice cream was gone and Henry was cleaned up, we set out for the library. The goal is always to pick out books for summer reading, but the kids also see it as a time to play on the computers. I also asked them to help me pick out a movie since we usually end our field trip with one.

The next thing on our list was a couple hours of video games. It doesn't sound all that thrilling, but the boys don't get weekday video games or videos, so it was a highlight for sure!! This also gave me some down time after all the craziness so I was able to read and relax with Jake.

Next was dinner, and we almost always make or order pizza for the last day of school. I'd planned on making it, but Matt surprised us with a gift card to our favorite gluten free place, so I happily placed our order and ran out to grab it - no cooking or dishes, yay!

When we got back, my mom joined us, and we ate dinner picnic style while watching The Lion King. I watched that movie SO many times when I was a kid (when I was maybe 9 or 10?) and I couldn't believe my kids had never seen it!! They seemed to like it - especially all of the sillier characters like Timon, Pumbaa & Rafiki.

That was the end of our celebrations for this year, but I did let them stay up a little late! It wouldn't be summer vacation without blowing bed time!!! :)

Happy Summer Vacation!!!!!

(Here's our field trip from 2016 - the only one that managed to get its own post, apparently!)

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