Monday, June 18, 2018

Rych Fam: Camping 2018

Two weekends ago, Matt and I took the boys camping to our favorite local spot. We've been renting the same cabin since 2013, next to a spot where my Dad parks his RV - giving us a great big yard for the kids to run around in and have fun!

If you're local to WNY, check out the KOA in Medina, also called Wildwood Lake. It's a quick dive, and has lots of great amenities for the kids including 3 playgrounds, a jumping pillow, 2 swimming pools, an arcade and activity center, and lots more! There's even a little bar now featuring local craft beer and locally made wine - we loved that this year!

We always get there on a Friday afternoon - we arrived just in time for dinner this year. We made hobo pies on the fire with a side of quinoa salad and chips. My Dad passed out ice cream bars to the kids and we had some cookies for dessert, too. The kids were really tired that night, so while we did get some time around the fire and they played catch with a glow in the dark football, we went to bed fairly early (at least on camping time) and didn't do much else!

The next morning was maybe my favorite thing about camping - breakfast on the fire! My Dad always makes pancakes on our first morning, and while there are plenty of gluten free mixes out there, we much prefer making them out of oat flour. So I mixed up the dry ingredients at home and we mashed in a banana and mixed in almond milk and eggs when we got there. My Dad added blueberries, too - it was all soooooo gooood!

After breakfast, the boys got dressed and I went in the cabin to get ready for the day myself. Matt took them up to the arcade to play for a while, so with my extra time I sat down to read, which was so nice to have time for!

My sister and her family came up to spend the day, and they arrived around lunch time. My dad made these awesome vegan white bean wraps that we ate together before heading up to the main activity areas for some fun. The kiddos all started out on the jumping pillow, which always makes for great photos!

Just as they were winding down, an inflatable water slide was being set up. My kids swore up and down that they wanted nothing to do with swimming while we were there (there's usually so much else to do that they just don't care to!), so I didn't bring them any swim stuff. They didn't care!! They went down the water slide in their regular clothes anyway.

After their trips down the super-dirty slide, they were seriously grimey. This picture of Henry's feet and crazy hair kind of totally sums him up!

We played on one of the playgrounds for a bit, and then went up to the snack bar for some ice cream. We sat on the patio of their new bar to eat, while the adults sampled some drinks and my Dad got chatty with some local brewers that he knows. (He knows a lot of brewers and bartenders around here! He always chats them up like old friends!!) We spent a little time just sort of wandering around after that...showing our cousins the mining sluice and the frisbee golf, and then we went back to the campsite.

For a while, we just hung out doing our own things. The boys played yardzee with their uncle, Matt taught our neice how to skip stones, and then she spent some time drawing. I read my book while my sister characteristically snoozed lol (I won't share the picture my Dad snapped in secret!), and then it was time to work on dinner.

My Dad made steaks and turkey burgers on the fire, and we had salt potatoes, green beans, and quinoa salad on the side. So good!! My sister and her family stuck around long enough for a s'more and some glow necklaces, and when they set off for the evening, we huddled around the fire for more marshmallow roasting. The boys wanted to spend their last night camping in our new tent, so they set that up, too. I opted to stay in the cabin ;)

The next morning, my big guys were up fairly early, while Jake snoozed and snoozed away. Even as I packed up our things around him, he went on sleeping. All of that fresh air makes a little man tired!! I had to wake up him to join us for breakfast - which was eggs, bacon, sausage, and leftover salt potatoes made into home-fries with some leftover steak mixed in. Yum!!

After breakfast, I walked around a bit to take some pictures. It was such a beautiful morning, and I love all of the trees and the creek near our camping site. It's so beautiful!!

There was a lot of packing and cleaning up to do before we left, but we did it surprisingly quickly. So before we took off, I followed Jake around while he explored the creek a little bit. He kept saying things like, "I just love it here, I wish I could own our cabin and just stay at this place." So sweet! He reminded me so much of my Grandpa with the way he walked along and held his arm behind his back - my Grandpa does the same thing! (We almost named Jake after him, actually...sometimes I still wish we did!!)

The last thing we did before leaving was take a picture of the boys between a set of trees just off the cabin's porch. We've done it every year since we started going, and I had to put a little collage together this year because I loooove seeing how they've grown!!!

It was SO good to be back, and we had SO much fun! Matt and I kept commenting about how much easier and relaxing it was to be there with slightly older boys. We always enjoyed ourselves over the years, but it's certainly a different experience when there's no diapers to change, and they are big enough to not be SO scared of them falling in the creek (which Henry totally did this trip). It was fun for them to have their cousins along, too, so they could show them all of their favorite things!

They're already talking about next year! It's a perfect kick-off to our summer, and I hope we make many more happy, fun, outdoorsy memories just like this!

(I haven't always been good at documenting these trips, but here's my posts from 2014 & 2016!)
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