Friday, June 15, 2018

Friday Favorites: Signs of Summer

Compared to most people in the blogging community, summer vacation has an impossibly late start for us! Jake, my preschooler, is already on vaca - but my other boys still have another week to get through!! The weather has certainly turned summery, but I'm still over here packing lunches and signing agendas (soooob, make it stop!!!)

Despite school taking forever to wrap it up, we've had some glorious signs of summer lately that are my absolute favorite!

Reading on my patio swing is one of my favorite things do during the warm weather months, but having a buddy join me for some evening before-bed reading is my favorite, favorite, favorite!

Seeing all of my kiddos jammed into the tiny little turtle sandbox is my favorite, because it gets more hilarious every year. They still ask for this thing to get filled up every summer - I wonder how long it'll be fun for them!

Our little pool went up and the excitement over swimming the boys have had is my favorite! As much of a hassle as it is, there's something about the smell of chlorine and bright beach towels lying around that just makes life feel truly summery.

We made our first trip to the drive-in already, which always screams summertime! It was so warm that night, we didn't even need a hoodie until it was time to leave. We had so much fun!! The drive-in is always a favorite!

On that note, the silly mosquito repellent commercial from the 1950's that they play at the drive-in are one of my favorite summertime things :)

Before preschool ended for the year, I took Jake on his farm field trip - something I've done with both of my older boys over the years, so it's always so much fun to revisit those moments! Preschool traditions are totally my favorite (don't even get me started on how sad I'll be with our last year at our favorite preschool this September!!!) (PS - riding the pony was totally Jake's favorite! And his Matilda Jane boys' shorts are my favorite!)

Luke & Henry celebrated their field day last week, which they call Super Fun Day. Being there for it is my favorite day of the school year! I wish I could share more pictures, but there are a lot of little faces in them that we don't know personally, so I don't want to put them out there without their parents knowing!!

We went to the farmer's market to get all of our garden plants the morning after Super Fun Day, and having my little plant babies in the ground with the promise of a yummy harvest is my favorite!

I've been having fun with summery outfits lately - I probably say this every season, but my they are my current favorite styles to play with. Everything bright, colorful, and breezy! Lots and greens and yellows for me right now!!

We have had a lot of amazing sunsets lately! The blazing colors of summer skies are my FAVORITE!!!

These silly summer "uniforms" my kids end up in are my favorite. We usually run outside early in the morning - just add sandals to their jammies to complete the outfit ;) And ya know, worn out glow necklaces from last night are the perfect accessory!

We went camping last weekend after taking a year off from visiting our favorite spot! It was so good to be back, and we had so much fun!! (Lots of details to come on that!)

While we were gone, the roses along our fence bloomed, and their striking red color against the blue sky is my favorite!!!!

Getting extra one-on-one time with my littlest dude is my favorite. Since he's been on break, we've been playing outside a lot, having epic cuddle sessions, and sharing lots of interesting conversations. Picking a four year old's brain is the BEST!! This photo is my favorite because 1, he's wearing Matilda Jane (eeek!) 2, he thought an R2D2 hat would pair nicely with it (love lol) 3, his Grandma gave him a box of mints and he carried them around like they were gold, told everyone he saw about them, and shared and shared them until they were all gone. He is so curious and explores everything and finds passion in the smallest things! Lately he's been sorting money...over and over again. I know this is the stuff I'll look back on when my boys are big smelly teenagers ;)

Summer is my FAVORITE!!!

It's partly the freedom and escape from routine and obligations, partly the time spent outdoors and the fresh air, and partly seeing my kids come alive - playing, exploring, and letting loose more than they tend to do in the other seasons of the year. I'm so happy it's almost time for months of open-ended fun with my guys!

I'm linking up with Friday Favorites today!!! Have a great weekend! :)

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  1. Happy Friday! Summer 2018 looks like it will be a fun one for you guys. Love all those herbs

    1. Yes, it's shaping up to be for sure!!! I'm so excited about the's on my list of goals this year to grow a tea garden! Yay! Thanks for stopping by - Happy Friday to you, too!!