Monday, June 25, 2018

Day In The Life: June

Happy Summer Vacation!!! I feel like this is the first time I really get to say that - and yes, we are FINALLY on summer break!

Today I'm sharing a DITL from our last day of school last week! It was an interesting day for sure - Matt was out of town again, it was the first day of summer, and the kids and I celebrated all day with our annual Last Day Field Trip. (Those are super fun, try one!!)

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Okay, onto my day! This was Thursday, June 21st!

I mentioned that Matt was out of town again, and whenever that's true I have to get up extra-early. He's the one that makes the coffee, feeds the pets, and wakes up the kids, so unfortunately I miss a little shut eye when he's traveling. I was up late reading the night before, so I set myself a couple of alarms - and apparently I needed them, lol

I took a few minutes to check in on my phone, then made my bed, opened curtains, fed the pets, and then hit start on the coffee maker on my way to the bathroom for my morning routine.

I went outside with Galli for a few minutes while she went to the bathroom. I love stepping outside in the morning to just hang out with the birds while they're the most energetic and get some fresh air first thing!

I didn't have much time to sit around, but I poured my coffee and sat down (Galli's always at my feet!) to post a few things online and delete some old pictures to make room for more. My phone is always full!

The kids were up, brushed their teeth, and had a special celebration breakfast of Beach Bash Crunch (they begged, I caved to celebrate summer) while they read comic books, and I sat down to make letter boards for their last day photos. When they finished eating, they all got dressed and ready to leave.

All ready to go, I took their last day photos (I'll share next week!) and we were off to school! I accidentally left my phone at home, so I don't have any photos of drop off.

When we got back, I made breakfast - I love Udi's new GF Ancient Grains bread. It tastes just like Ezekiel bread, which is what I used to eat for breakfast most mornings before I went gluten free!

I sat down at the computer for a few minutes to eat - yumm. This is like my ideal every day breakfast.

While I picked my outfit for the day, Jake was playing with Edward. Poor kitty! lol He was just sitting there accepting his fate.

Next was hair and makeup. I kept it suuuuper simple - just a pony tail, and this super flowy-breezy MJ top from last spring.

I got Jake dressed next (do you Konmari your drawers? I'm not sure how I dealt with clothes before I started doing it like this lol), and then packed a picnic lunch for the boys and myself.

Finally, Jake and I scrambled around grabbing sunglasses, my MJ picnic blanket, some packages I had to mail out, and other last minute things, and I stuffed these envelopes into the cooler for our last day field trip. They contain clues about where we're going next, and I always think the boys will find it boring since we make the same stops every year, they never do!

Jake and I went to school to get in the pickup line (it was a half day) and we waited for the boys to come out for our day of fun!

Hilariously, Luke came out wearing this fake mustache since he's moving up to 4th grade, and everyone got a kick out of it - teachers were taking photos with him and it was kind of hilarious how well it fit his little face! hahaha

We hung out near the school entrance so we could be there to wave goodbye to the buses. It's SO fun - all of the teachers and staff and lots of parents stand around to wave and cheer while the buses drive around and around the parking lot, honking their horns on their way off. It's one of our favorite moments of the year!

Next was the playground where the kids had lots of friends join them to play. Hilariously, a student set up a little mobile lemonade stand in their wagon and was selling cups for $.50. Luke loves lemonade and often sets up stands at summer parties (my little entrepreneur) so he was super excited! Though he wasn't totally skilled at drinking lemonade with a mustache - haha!!

Everyone was getting a little hungry, so the kids opened their next envelope and we were off to the park. There we had a picnic and then played on the playground there for a while. I thought they wouldn't have much interest having already been to one playground, but they played for quite a while, actually!

The next stop on our list was ice cream - everyone's favorite! Henry enjoys his treats to the very last drop...he ended up with a chocolate beard - it was even all over his neck! lol

Our final stop was the library to get some books for summer reading and to play on the computers in the kids area. For some reason, theirs are more fun than ours! We also grabbed some movies for the weekend - I'm not sure why we don't do that more often!

We took our finds home for some rest and video game time. The big boys played games while Jake and I relaxed and read books.

I remembered at this point that Matt told me to text him when were finally made it back home, and when I did he told me to check the basement for a surprise. There was a bag of chocolate suckers from Watson's and a gift card to our favorite gluten free pizza place! I had already planned to make the boys pizza as part of their celebrations, but this was amazing!! No dishes, and take out is just somehow a little extra special! Since it was officially summer vacation, though, I let them eat dessert first!

I ordered our pizzas online and then sat down to read for a bit until it was time to pick them up. I didn't take any photos, but we left just after 5 and made it back home around 5:20 to another surprise - my mom was waiting for us in the driveway.

We decided to put a blanket down in the living room and eat our pizza picnic style while watching The Lion King (which we'd gotten at the library that day - my boys had never seen it!)

When it was over, my mom showed Jake some airplane pictures from a recent trip she took - his favorite!

My mom left, and then we all went outside for a just a little bit. I watered the gardens - this was the first time I'd really noticed some growth! The kids played on the swing set, and Matt called to chat for a bit since he was back to his hotel room after dinner.

I pulled weeds from the patio cracks while we talked, and Jake tried making friends with a bunny.

Back inside, I sat down to read more! (yay for that!) The kids asked if they could stay up late for their first night of vacation - I asked them until what time, expecting something crazy like midnight, but they said 9. I happily agreed to let them play until 9.

As I passed out pajamas, I noticed that the sun was giving us another beautiful sunset, so I rushed out there to take a couple photos. Our skies have been SO amazing!

With the kids fast asleep, I got ready for bed myself and then went back to my book. Not before checking out the status of this bear that had been roaming the neighborhood, though! This is NOT a common occurrence for Western New York, so this was pretty intense! lol I was terrified that the dog would ask to go out overnight!!

It had been a long day, and I'd kind of forgotten that when my eyes were drooping shut earlier than I expected them to. So I sent Matt a quick goodnight message and took this screen shot before going to sleep!

And just like that, we are on summer break!!!

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  1. Your boy in his mustache is so darn cute!!!

    1. Isn't it hilarious?! lol He wore it for a surprisingly long time, too! He was cracking everyone up!!