Friday, May 4, 2018

Springy Friday Favorites

I think it's finally safe to say that spring has landed here in Buffalo, and so very many spring things are my FAVORITE right now! I'm pretty sure I've been an angry mama bear, stuck in hibernation mode, waiting for sunshine and birdsong and fresh air to bring me back to life. I feel awake again!! And here are some of the amazing reasons why....

My new doormat is my favorite!! I listed this in my spring shopping guide, and I was so excited to spot it in person at my Target shortly after. I love that these little $10 additions to my door set the tone for the season and add some happiness right at the threshold. This one has gotten lots of "ooh's!" from visitors!

Watching Henry at swimming lessons is my favorite! He was a swimming holdout among my boys - he was terrified of the pool and threw fits if we even suggested it. We convinced him to give it a shot with some light bribery (lol) and now it's his favorite thing ever! He tells us he's going to be a competitive swimmer when he grows up now.

This book (affiliate link) is my favorite! It's one of those happy reads that just make you feel good about the season of life that you're in. It has so many little "extras" inside that inspire you to stop and make time for some creative thinking and expression. It's the perfect read for mornings on my patio swing.

These energy bites are my favorite!! It's such a simple but healthy recipe, and having these on hand is great for a busy day - or when I'm ready to just GET outside and need a little something to eat first thing in the morning! Eating them frozen is my favorite!!

Luke's chorus concert a couple weeks ago was my favorite!! He loved the whole chorus experience, but I could never get him to sing for me! He kept telling me to wait and be surprised. When we were there, he was all smiles and he sang his little heart out - it was so cute!!! We joined some friends for ice cream after the concert and it was my favorite to see them all together!

My kids have suddenly gotten a lot more interested in reading, which is oooobviously my favorite!!! They've been pretty heavily into graphic novels at the moment, but I don't mind - they read them obsessively, even at breakfast a lot of mornings, and until the very last second at bed time. We also read The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe (affiliate) together at bedtime last month and watched the movie after we finished it, and they loved it!

The school held the kids' yearly art show recently, and I love how excited they are to find their art up on the walls and share it with us. They're so proud of their work every year, and I love watching how it evolves. Anytime my boys are creative is my favorite!!

Being outside for spectacular sunrises and sunsets is forever a favorite of mine. During the warmer months, I start my day on my patio swing for as long as I can get away with it, and then many evenings we end them with a fire. I love looking up at the art that is the sky at all times of the day - it is my very favorite canvas!

Those backyard fires with my boys are my favorite-favorite!

This new Matilda Jane bag is my favorite! I have so many MJ bags, when a new one comes out I'm I really need this? I somehow find a way to say yes every time, lol. This one is truly great, though - the feel of the fabric is unlike any of their recent bags, and it has places for a water bottle and yoga mat or beach towel, and it comes with a huge attachable pouch. There's also cute little tassles to make it a little extra fun. I love it!!

My springy sink is my favorite!!! I love adding little flowers and plants to it, and pulling out the lilac soaps to bring a little spring inside. They make chores a little bit less awful! My spring sink this year has lots of purple, white, and blue with some extra greenery and I love it!

And on the topic of happy decor, I love the springy decorations on my dining room hutch right now! It's so nice to have greenery (even if it's fake) and lots of sweet "bringing the outside in" pieces. (The birdhouse and hydrangea bunches are from Home Goods, the fake plants and picture frame are from Target, the milk glass vase was gifted to me via thrifting, and the runner is Matilda Jane.)

Forsythia are my favorite! We have one little forsythia bush in our yard, and the yellow blooms are so fleeting! I enjoy them every single day that they are here, though. I also finally got a forsythia wreath after years of wanting one so I can make the forsythia love last a little bit longer!

Eating breakfast outside is my faaaavorite! There's something about starting my day with the sunrise and the early morning birds that just sets my day up to be the happiest kind of day. I am so happy to have my swing back in action so my mornings can get their start in my awesome backyard (which is also my favorite!) Now all I need are some leaves on the trees!!

I'm linking up with Friday Favorites today!! Have a beautiful, springy, happy weekend! xo

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  1. I am loving that door mat! It's so springy! It's finally feeling like spring here in my area of NY too. Not like last week when summer arrived for a couple of days! I also read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe with my son and then we watched the movie. I love that even at almost 10 he still enjoys reading with me. Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you so much!! Our weekend was lovely! That door mat makes me happy every time I come home :) Thanks for stopping by!!